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Meltdown is one of the Paramarchs to Septaur, the Disciple of the Heptagons. He is the younger brother of Septaur as well. Created by Zathsu. Battle dialogue created by Graviatar.


Meltdown is a giant glowing red heptagon with two glowing orange eyes and an angry mouth with his teeth bared. He has five small red circles with four spawners each orbiting him about ten tiles away, forming a pentagon shape. Orange lava-like cracks trickle down his body.


Note: For the sake of ease, we'll call large orbitals Meltdown Defenders, and smaller orbitals Meltdown Swarmers

Meltdown is a swarm boss. He has very low health compared to many other bosses, but creates a lot of smaller enemies you must focus down at once. Meltdown himself moves at a diagonal at 5 tiles a second (pretty quick), bouncing off of walls he hits. Occasionally he will stop doing that and idly move around, before going back on his diagonal track.

Meltdown's five Defenders summon smaller darker red squares with barrels on each side, called Meltdown Swarmers. These Swarmers rotate around the large orbitals, firing every second, until fifteen of them surround a Defender, where the Defender will release a red shockwave about five tiles out, and all Swarmers surrounding it will chase after players.

Meltdown himself can make his Defenders chase after players, as every 400 health he loses, he will send out a Defender to do just that, and Defenders will still summon Swarmers in this case, acting just the same as before but hunting after slow and weak tanks...

Randomly, Meltdown will enter an enraged state, where he will glow orange-red, speed up to 2x speed, have his Defenders orbit faster (and in turn have their Swarmers rotate faster), and ultimately make things more hectic.

Defenders cannot be killed. Swarmers have 100 health, the same as a Pentagon. Swarmers themselves move as quick as a charging Tear of Panzer, so be on edge! Those things move fast! Defenders are pretty slow.



Upon approaching Meltdown, it appears to be resting off of the corner. Shaky dialogue spills on the middle of the screen down. The he glances at the tanks... The letters appear glowing hot, doused in warmth from the inner hell of anger. They will appear according to the bullet points one at a time. As the dialogue progresses, Meltdown begins to glow more and more red and brighter...

  • "... Huh? Who are you guys? You look like... TANKS? SHE NEVER TOLD ME THIS!!! W-Why! I have spent ALL my time trying to feel cool about being a guardian, and THIS is what you came for?!"
  • "ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! I see what you're up to! TO DESTROY ME! Y-Y-You IDIOTS!"
  • "UGGHHhhhhhh!... NO, NOT AGAIN..."
  • "I..."
  • "AM..."
  • "HAVING A..."
  • ...

Five Defenders suddenly emerge from the behind of the body. He squints his eyes even more, glowing deeply with rage... the background music abruptly plays as the battle suddenly emerges!


  • "I'M A HEPTAGON, a-a-and I RECEIVE Four... I MEAN... FIVE DEFENDERS?! WHY?! WHO WOULD DO THIS TO ME?!?!" (Mentions it early on once during the battle as long as Meltdown isn't below 75% HP)
  • "Septaur, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO UNFAIR!!!! I NEED SEVEN DEFENDERS!!!!" (Shouted out after a few seconds following the above quote)
  • "WHY AM I REPLACING A SON OF PANZER?... NONSENSE!" (Mentions it early on once during the battle as long as Meltdown isn't below 75% HP)
  • "What... NO YOU JUST DID NOT! YOU KILLED A SQUARE!??! HOW... how.... how... DARE YOU!!!!!!! I WILL KILL YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!" (When a tank destroys a Yellow Square near Meltdown. This only occur once per battle.)
  • "I'M HAVING A... cool-down..."
  • "... *Deep Sigh* cool down... cooling... COOLING... I'M COOLING ALRIGHT!!!!! STOP MAKING ME MAD YOU CIRCULAR JERKS!!!!" (Shouted out after a few seconds following the above quote)
  • "OW!... WHY ARE THESE WALLS HERE?! I KEEP BOUNCING ON THEM LIKE A MORON!" (Once Meltdown begins the fight and starts bouncing off of walls.)
  • "Where are these MINIONS coming from! I DID NOT ASK FOR THIS!!!!!" (Mentions it early on once during the battle as long as Meltdown isn't below 75% HP)
  • "I think I saw a NECROMANCER!!! DIE YOU!!!" (When a Necromancer tank class engages battle. Can happen more times if more Necromancers join.)
  • "I... see... FAKE PENTAGON!! I REPEAT... FAKE PENTAGON!!!!" (When a Witch Doctor, Bloodmage, or Warlock tank classes engage battle. Can happen more times if more of these classes join.)
  • OH MY GOD, did you just kill a HEPTAGON ALSO!? SEpTaUr will KILL YOU!!!! (When a tank destroys an Orange Heptagon near Meltdown. This only occur once per battle.)
  • The circumference of a tank is HORRIFYING!!! AUGH!!!
  • SWORDS MUST SWING... BLOOD MUST... Uh... (Only said if the Seven Steps of the Sanctum are in progress.)
  • "BURN?!" (Shouted out after a few seconds following the above quote)
  • "Hey tanks! Have a FRIEND! I CALL IT... the... uh... TANK-KILLER! ... (After 5 seconds) ... What? You thought I have a better name for that? DEAL WITH IT! (Quote appears when Meltdown commands one of his Defenders to chase tanks around for the first time.)
  • "OKAY!!! HERE'S ANOTHER ONE!!! (Appears when Meltdown commands one of his Defenders to chase tanks around again, but will repeat from there on.)
  • "The Archprophet would be so MAD AT ME!!!!! I'm SORRY! I MAKE LOTS OF MESSES OK?!"
  • "YOU SLOW PI-BODIES, I CAN EASILY PICK OFF YOU!!!!" (As Meltdown targets slow, weaker tanks.)
  • "GRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!" (When Meltdown enters his enraged state periodically.)
  • "ALL OF THIS PRESSURE JUST MAKES ME WANT TO EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!" (When Meltdown approaches 10% of his max HP.)
  • "DIE, DIE, DIE!!!"
  • "ARAUGHHHhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (Happens in mere moments before Meltdown dies.)

Death Animation

Upon death, his eyes widen and glow as he explodes, sending a bunch of small red heptagons flying outward from his death point along with a slow-moving ring of tightly-packed orange bullets that inflict Burning for 3 seconds.


  • The younger brother of the Polygon Disciple, Septaur.
  • Meltdown would be orange like the rest of the heptagons, but years of rage and failed anger management classes made him almost permanently red with rage.
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