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A scout created through the request of the Polygon Mother, this guy will always alert the others in case sieges are imminent, don't let it leave or it'll alarm the neighboring nest!


The Messenger is a blue-violet rhomboidal boss enemy with a couple of weapons. It has a unique ability to warn other strong enemies (including other polygon bosses) to aid support, making it a very dangerous enemy if fought nearby other neighboring Superior Nests in the Realm.

The Messenger is a scouting boss, seeking groups of tanks to solely alarm other polygons to seek and destroy. If under circumstances that the boss couldn't alarm others, it will not target tanks regardless of level unless attacked first.

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The Messenger is a slightly elongated rhombus with a single Auto Streamliner Turret place on the center of the body. Two back spawners are placed on the back two sides. The boss is around the same size as the Guardian of the Pentagons.



Boss Stats

The Messenger has 3,000 health. It will regenerate 3 HP per second, if left unharmed for one minute, regeneration boosts 500% faster. Messenger will deal 12 HP of body damage per hit, It moves 150% faster than the Guardian of the Pentagons by default. The boss has a very large range of visibility, in such it is comparable to a Ranger tank class. If the boss gets harmed, it will cause other polygon enemies nearby to follow the Messenger, then targeting nearby tanks. Certain bosses couldn't be lured to the Messenger such as the Nonation, Industrian, Distributor, and Conquistador. Only a max of three other polygon bosses can be lured, any more alarmed will stand their ground, since they can't just leave the nest undefended. Messenger will reward 35,000 EXP and points when destroyed, however it increases by 5,000 every time an additional polygon boss is lured, making the most possible score up to 50,000.

Streamliner Turret

A single Streamliner Turret is placed in the direct center of the boss's body. It has six barrels, as opposed to the five on the Streamliner tank class. Each barrel fires a medium-low penetration, high damage bullet with average speed. Like the Streamliner tank, this turret can form long thin streams of bullets that can be very dangerous when being directly forced into. It has a 360 degree rotation. It will target strong tanks regardless of distance. It has a 60 tile radius range.


The Messenger has two spawners on the back sides of the boss. Each spawner can create a max of one Split Crasher, and three Rhombus Crashers, making a max of 8 in total.

The Splits will follow the boss around, charging at players when they approach it. The Splits have the same stats as those spawning naturally. The Splits and the Splitlings will not reward any EXP.

The Rhombus Crasher is exclusive only to the Messenger. It takes the same appearance as the Messenger, but only the width of a pentagon. They move as fast as large crashers, and when getting hit by one, it will inflict slowness for 12 seconds. Each has 70 HP and deals 12 HP of body damage per hit. Rhombus Crashers are not the same as regular Rhombus polygons. They will behave very much like Crashers. If one goes too far from the boss, they will return. Rhombus Crashers will not reward EXP when destroyed.

An unfortunate Fighter who happens to have attracted the attention of the Messenger and its massive fleet of Nest Defenders and Crashers. Probably shouldn't have lead it past that polygon nest...


The Messenger will act much like normal bosses in the way it fights, but it has an ability to alert other nearby polygon based enemies. The fact that it can lure in almost all kinds of polygon enemies can easily overwhelm any tank intruder with waves of Crasher Variants, Nest Defenders, and even other Polygon Bosses. The rallying call radius is 150 tiles, anything within that will be automatically set targets to the tanks. The alarm radius will stay constant to the Messenger.

Nest Defenders can be lured, but they will still follow their own rules with defending a nest, in such should they go too far from the polygon nest even if the Messenger calls them in, they will go back to the respective nests. Rogue Nest Defenders will follow the Messenger regardless since they don't fit in a particular nest.

The Messenger will deliberately follow tanks even if they decide to run away, it will keep bringing the fleet of polygon enemies as long as the players are in range. If there are two Messengers, only one will be alarming if they are both in range of each other.

The Messenger must be fought with immense caution, it is probably one of the most dangerous polygon boss entities throughout the Realm.

If the Messenger has been killed, the remaining polygon enemies will still attack the tanks after two minutes. Polygon bosses that are too far from the players will revert to their normal range and return back to the places they originally were protecting once the Messenger gets killed. Crasher types that are too far from players when they were lured when the Messenger dies will turn back and return to their nests.


  • This boss was recommended by Chapsteck4yurlipis.
  • It is one of five polygon bosses that are four-sided. Others are the VanguardTrapperzoid, Armorboat and Constructionist. (Summoner would also count).
  • A boss that alarms other bosses, very dangerous! It might be nerfed if it becomes too crazy.
  • Rhombuses are cool.
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