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The Mystic is one of the two Level 45 upgrades of the Doctorate, the other being the Protector. Due to it being the last in its line, it does not upgrade further. Created by Zathsu.


Looks like an upside-down pentagon (where the point is always facing your cursor), with two circles on its sides, a barrel on the tip, and an Overseer barrel on the back.


  • Attack is like a Sniper, where its fast and dangerous. The speed/damage of the bullet is about on par with an Assassin with a few points in each of those stats.
    • Unlike many of its previous upgrades, this attack does not inflict a Debuff.
  • Can have two Drones at once, which cannot be controlled, much like the Hybrid or Overtrapper.
  • Can summon in a Buff Totem or Debuff Totem every 20 seconds.
    • The totem lasts 10 seconds.
    • You and your team (if on a team mode) will not be effected by your Debuff Totems, but ONLY you and your team will be effected by Buff Totems. In FFA, anyone can use any totem.
    • You choose which totem you create. Every 20 seconds, a list like the upgrade menu appears, and there you choose which totem to spawn in.
    • You can wait to spawn in a totem, but the 20 second timer won't restart until one is placed down, so you can't stack totems if you wait.
    • The totem is shot out a bit from one of your circles. The left side circle barrel will always fire your Buff Totem, and the right one, will always shoot out your debuff totems, so aim your sides correctly.
    • Your totem doesn't travel far, so if you want to throw a Debuff Totem right into a group, you have to get decently close.


  • Could probably use a balance, seeing all the attack types.
  • I can imagine strategies with this tank involving putting a lot of points in Health and Speed, then divebombing into a bunch of enemies to hit them with a Debuff Totem before escaping.
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