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The Navigator is a tank that upgrades from the Lancer at Level 30. It is one of the many upgrade options from the Lancer, and can further upgrade to the Cartographer, Caravan, Labeler, Renderer, Innovator, Navirazor, Stabber, Defibrillator, Discharger, and Excalibur. Created by Zathsu.


The Navigator is a square with round edges, unlike most tanks. It has a shorter spike, and a yellow circle in the middle of its body.


  • Will be the only tank in the game that gets a mini-map. However, he cannot see all of it at a time, it's like a Snipers FoV, without actually seeing things that far away. More like a warning system.
  • Because the spike is shorter, it does the most damage of all three Level 30 Lancer upgrades.
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