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The Overcharm is a Realm Boss that spawns in Toil Ridge. It can spawn anywhere throughout the realm area, but is mostly centralized spawning in close proximity to the central chasm of the ridge.


The Overcharm is akin to the many other orange crystals found throughout Toil Ridge. The same used in Teleportation Shrines and Teleportation Amulets. However, the Overcharm is abnormally powerful, full of potent magical energy, more than any other crystal. It gathered so much rogue magical energy in fact, that it began tearing apart the landscape around it. Many mystics and clergymen of the Sect of Andromeda attempted to harness its energy, but in doing so instead fed it, and empowered the crystal. Now the Overcharm ravages the land, tearing up the ridge around it in order to defend itself from those who dare attempt to drain of it of its magical power.


The Overcharm is a large, glimmering, orange crystal shard. It is swirling with orange and white energy particles and streams as well. Tons of small brown rock-like projectiles rotate and whirl around it rapidly, forming a hurricane of weapons and a hearty ring of shields.

The Fight


Presence of the Overcharm will usually be indicated by the sound of rapidly whirling winds, and mystical glimmering sounds. These will only get louder and speed up as the player approaches it. The Overcharm will usually have around 10-20 rocks slowly orbiting it, closely. It moves rather slowly when unprovoked, slowly hovering around Toil Ridge, bobbing up and down. It can float over chasms, ridges, and many other obstacles player usually can't.

The Overcharm will become provoked once a player gets within 40 tiles of it, or attacks it. The Overcharm itself can become aggressive to a player on its own the longer players preside around it, making it dangerous to stand close to anyway. When the Overcharm becomes provoked, it will stay that way until there are no hostile players around it. The Overcharm will make chase after players that provoked it until they die (or they are VERY fast/escape to Imperium). The Overcharm pursues very quickly in its battle phase.


The Overcharm will stop moving, and then glow a brighter orange color with a bit of a white circular flash around it, and only graphically (not mechanically effecting the landscape) anywhere from 40-60 more rocks will be torn from the earth around it. After that, it will speed up rapidly, as the rocks orbiting rapidly pick up speed, becoming a violent, furious, hurricane of death.

These rocks will fling themselves around, blocking bullets fired at the Overcharm crystal core. They will also do pretty heavy damage, and most likely inflict a 3 second Stunned effect to those bonked by them, as there is about a 1/4 chance of it occurring. The Overcharm is otherwise very simple. When a rock smashes into a player, it is destroyed. So if one is really daring, to quickly defeat the Overcharm, one can tank the storm and slowly break away the shield by absorbing the blows. Keep in mind, these rocks can also be destroyed, very easily in fact. The average health of these rocks is around 75, but varies with size of the chunk. A powerful tank with high pierce can mow through this shield.

Rocks are not the only tricks up the Overcharm's nonexistent sleeves, however. The Overcharm will sometimes rotate and spin incredibly quickly, releasing flurries of orange magical bolts in the direction of the closest player. This is done with quick alternation of two series of three shots, one slightly to the left, the other slightly to the right. All of these shots pierce through multiple targets and inflict Cursed for 7 seconds. When really threatened, the Overcharm will glow a powerful white, as particles begin flowing into it's center with hastening speed before flashing white three times quickly. Following this, a grinding screech will ring out, as a powerful orange beam will rip along the ground in a line sweep, doing heavy damage to players caught in the ray and moderately pushing them back with it for more damage. The beam inflicts Slowed for 2.6 seconds to those trapped within it. Holographic orange-ish white runic alphabet letter particles will fly out from where the beam meets the ground as it sweeps. Occasionally, the Overcharm will slowly fade in an orange misty effect, re-appearing elsewhere. All the rocks orbiting around it will then stop, and quickly move in a huge cluster to its new location, where they will begin orbiting it again. This is relatively uncommon.

When the amount of rocks the Overcharm has falls below 20, it will stop moving, go Invincible, and undergo the start of the battle again, following through the same animation and tearing 40-60 more rocks from the ground. This persists until the Overcharm is destroyed, a cycle of trying to pierce the stones to hit it, and avoiding its magical flurries and lasers.


When its health reaches 0, the Overcharm will begin to form cracks around its body. Following this, pieces of its crystal structure will slowly begin breaking off and falling to the ground, crumbling into orange smoke. Every time a chunk of crystal breaks off, many of the stones are sent hurdling together in a direction in one cluster. Avoid these at all cost, since the stones do high damage as described before. Even so as it breaks down, the Overcharm will continue to quickly make chase, slowing down more and more as it falls apart. After about 30 seconds, all stones will be used up, the orange light will fade from whats left of the Overcharm, a small, rather shapeless chunk of crystal, as it becomes a dark lifeless gray, and falls to the ground, vanishing into dust about 20 seconds later.


  • The Overcharm has rather low health for its area, but it is also annoyingly hard to hit, with a replenishable wall around itself.
  • Piercing weapons, even ones that can just break down the shield if not hit the Overcharm as well, work wonders during fights with it.
  • It unfortunately fades into dust when destroyed, to the dismay of the Sect of Andromeda.
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