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Overdrive is a Gladiator Boss that has a 5% chance of replacing a Fallen Booster spawn. Created by Zathsu.


Overdrive isn't just any ordinary tank. He is a race tank. Competing in the most acclaimed competitions, Overdrive would always cross the finish line first. That is, until a band of his opponents came together and universally rigged the final race to guarantee him finish last! And apparently, one of those tanks is among you! And he's willing to kill everyone if it means exacting revenge. But when he kills, its in demolition derby...

BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y15DLHaZ5tA


Overdrive looks like a Booster that has one more barrel per grouping, and a Destroyer barrel on the back. On top of him is a lightning bolt. On his front is two Gunner barrels. When he moves, fire jets burst from his back barrels like a race car.


Phase 1

Overdrive doesn't fight you at first. When he spawns, the Arena expands by 20 tiles in all directions, but that those extra titles are surrounded by a fence made of Fortress walls. The only entrance is in ONE corner, a random one, where Overdrive sits. A notification at the top of the screen tells everyone they have 1 minute to get the corner he is in before "the race" starts. Once that minute passes, the corner closes and the race begins.

During the race, you must beat Overdrive, who moves as fast as a Booster (but once his back Destroyer barrel fires, he gets a push). His bullets cannot hurt you, and yours don't hurt him BUT they do slow him down. By the time you lap the arena 3 times, as long as one player is front of Overdrive, the race is won, and Phase 2 begins. If you lose, Overdrive disappears, and a notification is sent out telling everyone.

Phase 2

Overdrive and everyone is warped to the center of the map. Here he begins flashing, and the battle begins. Like every other boss, he will begin randomly selecting from attacks below.

  • Charge!: Will start slow, but move 2x faster a few seconds later as he rushes forward. Players hit suffer massive Body Damage.
  • Burnout: Will get the Broken debuff, spin slowly, and then release four streams of orange bullets that inflict Burning on to tanks hit.
  • Pit Crew: Will stop moving, get surrounded in traps, and release 8 Drones. They will actually go through and like, replace his back boosters, etc. When he emerges, he will have +300 health.
  • Swerve: Will rush his players, but in an unorganized, unpredictable manner.
  • Headlights: Yellow lights will be released from his front Gunner barrels at random angle sizes (but they will both be the same), and then 2 seconds later, a thick spread of bullets will be released from both.
  • On Sight: His Gunner barrels will flash purple, before releasing solid lasers from them, and sweeping a portion of the arena.
  • Why They Call Me Overdrive: His lightning bolt with crackle with lightning, followed by the screen slightly darkening. Overdrive's Gunner barrels will release bright red lights as the rest of him flashes (and his lightning bolt pulses yellow). He will take and do 3x damage during this attack. Lasts 30 seconds and he can use other attacks while this ability is active.
  • Cheering Fans: Six long thin barrels will extend from each side of the screen (and move with you if you move, so they're always on the side) before releasing a blast of bullets that rain downward. This attack is different for everyone. Drones will also begin flooding the area.
  • Powerdrive: Summons four miniature Boosters with maxed Body Damage. They will spin in place, then fire forward SUPER FAST in the direction they're facing, then vanish 3 seconds later. This attack is used 2-4 times in quick succession.


  • Most unique boss, in the sense you RACE it first. XD
  • The Slider have made a deal with Overdrive, and should he loose to the miniature green(and greedy) polygon boss, his score will be compromised!!!
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