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The Panzergram is a unique game mechanic that provides the main and most clear use of Panzer Tokens. The Panzergram is basically a skill tree that you invest Panzer Tokens into, in which it will provide bonuses to you and your experience.


The Panzer Token, used in attaining Panzergram upgrades.

The Panzergram can be accessed via a mysterious figure draped in black robes, standing at an old invocation setup in Imperium, the safe haven for players and heart of the Tank Empire. When he is talked to the Panzergram can then be accessed.

He will refuse to talk to the player until they have received at least one Panzer Token in the past, meaning he can still be accessed with zero following spending it. From this figure, the Panzergram can be opened, and viewed.



From the Enchanted Cave 2, a representation of what the Panzergram would kind of look like, but much larger and with different shapes and symbols and stuff. Its a big web where you continue on by buying the upgrade before it.

Every Character created has its own Panzergram, which is identical in design to every other player and their Characters' Panzergrams. The Panzergram itself is basically a massive skill tree, with two kinds of upgrades: Lifetime Upgrades and Ancestral Upgrades. Lifetime Upgrades only effect the Character they are on until death, where it is lost forever with them, and Ancestral Upgrades last between Character deaths and can act as starting points for future Character's Panzergrams. The only thing consistent between every Panzergram created is its shape, and Ancestral Upgrade positioning. EVERY CHARACTER CREATED HAS DIFFERENT LIFETIME UPGRADE ASSORTMENTS. One character may have three Damage Boosts as its initial three Lifetime Upgrade options, while another could have two Tankit Drop Boosts and a Health Boost as it's initial three options.

Every character begins at the center, with three paths branching outward evenly spaced apart. These will eventually go on to branch further and further away with multiple ends to find, Ancestral Upgrades sitting at the end of most paths, and with Lifetime Upgrades leading to them. As explained, Lifetime Upgrade assortments and placement in the tree vary between Character (and players can of course have multiple at a time, even), but Ancestral Upgrades are always in the same place and effect all Characters current and future once unlocked. Ancestral Upgrades once unlocked can also act as STARTING POINTS when beginning new Characters or even for currently alive Characters. For example, a player that has unlocked the Postmortem Ancestral Upgrade, when starting a new or continuing off of an old Character, can choose to begin at Initial AND/OR at Postmortem.

Once an upgrade is bought, all upgrades next to it on the chain will become available for purchase. So when buying one of the first available upgrades from the starting point, the second upgrade in the chain becomes available for purchase, so on and so forth. If multiple upgrades branch off of the one bought, all of them will become available for purchase and their paths will become open if bought. When a Lifetime Upgrade is unable to be bought since an upgrade next to it is not purchased, it will be dark gray and faded. When available for purchase because an upgrade next to it is already purchased but the player does not have enough Panzer Tokens to buy it, it will appear red with its symbol in the middle. If it is available for purchase and the player has sufficient Tokens, it will appear white. If bought, it will be a glowing golden. Ancestral Upgrades behave the same way, but have larger boxes on the chain and release a red mist.

Note that Ancestral Upgrades will not ALWAYS be at the end of a branch in the Panzergram, but they will never appear in the middle of one either. Ancestral Upgrades will always be the last one in their branch.


Lifetime Upgrades

There are tons of each of these throughout the Panzergram. All Lifetime Upgrades cost 1 Panzer Token x their percentage efficiency. This means that three variations of each of these can appear, a +1% boost, a +2% boost, and a +3% boost all have chances of appearing for all of these, and remember that tons of them do. +1% boosts cost 1 Panzer Token, and it becomes obvious from there. The three upgrades that branch from the initial starting point all ALWAYS are 1 cost, 1% boosts in any of the below.

  • Health Boost: +1-3% health.
  • Regen Boost: +1-3% health regen.
  • Bullet Speed Boost: +1-3% bullet speed.
  • Penetration Boost: +1-3% Bullet Penetration.
  • Damage Boost: +1-3% Bullet and Body Damage.
  • Speed Boost: +1-3% speed.
  • Score Bonus: +1-3% score from all sources.
  • Boss Damage: +1-3% Damage to all bosses.
  • Tankit Boost: +1-3% Tankit from all sources.
  • Buff Power: 1-3% increased duration of applied buffs from all sources.
  • Debuff Resistance: 1-3% reduced duration of applied debuffs from all sources.

Ancestral Upgrades

Ancestral Upgrades last between every Character current and future, as a benefit between Character deaths (as Tale of Diep is a permadeath) that can help players grow between each one. Each one sits at the end of a branch, and if reached you can use it as a starting location next time. All of them START with a cost 20 Panzer Tokens, but for every Ancestral Upgrade bought, the price of the remaining increase by 20, making working for all of them a more career spanning task as players play the game, and has the player prioritize what bonuses they want early before it becomes very expensive and will take more work later.

  • Swarm King: All tanks with Drones or Auto Drones both present and future have +1 Drone or Auto Drone. Auto Drones are like those found with the Protector, and are Tale of Diep's Auto Turret.
  • Mend Aura: The player slowly heal allies around them for 1% of their total health each second.
  • Firstborn: All future characters created start at Level 15.
  • Fireskin: Anything that makes bodily contact with the Player will be inflicted with Burning for 2 seconds. (Melee weapons are not considered body pieces)
  • Juggernaut: Every twentieth hit, the player will take no damage from an attack.
  • Gift of Panzer: Every time the player receives a Panzer Token, there is a chance for it to instead be two Panzer Tokens.
  • Postmortem: Upon death, the player will release 8 Destroyer bullets in all directions, which can damage enemies and bosses for the team.
  • Amulet Keeper: When using a Teleportation Amulet, there is a 20% chance for it to not break on return to Imperium.
  • Pickpocket: Enemies have a small chance of dropping 1.5x their normal Tankit dropped on kill.
  • Divine Luck: Have a heightened chance of receiving special enemy and boss items/drops.

More will come. Suggestions appreciated.


  • This will be one of the main uses of Panzer Tokens.
  • Inspired by skill trees.
  • Lifetime Upgrades used to be called Temporary Upgrades, and Ancestral Upgrades were Permanent Upgrades.
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