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An Alpha Pentagon with a vengeance since their massive kind have been tormented for so long. Dr. Lacus hooked it up with some special toys that should CERTAINLY make it indestructible. 


Penta-Powergon is one of four Mechagon Bosses found in Neverest Mountains. It is an Alpha Pentagon that has been transformed into a battle-ready monstrosity by Dr. Lacus. It is classified as a Polygon Boss.

Penta-Powergon has a few weapons, some of them were believed to be the bases of certain other Polygon Bosses that were non-existent before. It features five Dominator Auto Turrets, and one very special weapon named from Dr. Lacus himself -The Catcher. A Griever hook launcher with several modifications, including the ability to create an area nova, which can activate an internal switch in artificial pentagons surrounding to transform it into a Prototype polygon like Polyguard or Pentagon Champion.

Every time the Penta-Powergon is damaged, there is a 5% chance for a Prototype Pentagon to spawn around it, or a 10% chance for a Prototype Crasher to spawn.

This boss does not possess many attacks due to having many strong weapons on it.

Penta-Powergon is the last Mechagon boss Dr. Lacus has currently made so far. Dr Lacus felt sympathy for the poor Alpha Pentagons being killed off by these tanks. As Alpha Pentagons are one of his favorite polygons, he wanted them to get a second chance. So this mad doctor added some "toys" on the body for it to play with. He designed it to be the ultimate defense system for the mechagon nests in Neverest Mountains.


The Penta-Powergon takes on appearance of a normal Alpha Pentagon, but it has thin gray armor on all sides, it has metal plating akin to the War Machine. Penta-Powegon has five Dominator Auto Turrets placed evenly on five sides. The Catcher is placed centered on top of the hull, on a platform. This boss is slightly larger than an Alpha Pentagon. A very large metal plating is placed off-center. It has two yellow lights that rapidly blink.


Penta-Powergon has 19,800 HP, it will periodically phase into Armored during battle. It has additional 10% resistance to enemy ammunition due to having armor around its sides. It regenerates 5 HP per second, left unharmed after 2 minutes will increase regeneration by 100%. It moves the same speed as the Guardian of the Pentagons. Penta-Powergon will deal 55 HP of body damage per hit. Upon destroying Penta-Powergon, it will reward 120,000 EXP to any tank who deals the final blow, and will reward 12,000 EXP to any tank who did 10% of the boss's HP.

Dominator Auto Turrets

Diep.io.Weapon DominatorCannon.png

Each cannon has 72 degrees of rotation in each direction, it will rotate into the body only during the Mecha-Smash attack. They fire large slow bullets every 3.2 seconds, It will reload faster on a certain ability. Each bullet fired is 20% stronger than a maxed penetration and damage destroyer bullet. The bullets fired are fairly slow.

Griever Auto Turret (The Catcher)

Diep.io.Weapon MechagonAutoGriever.png

The Catcher is a large weapon the central top of the tank based after the method of attack by the Griever tank. It is a large grappling hook like weapon that will fire out at different intervals based on the success of its previous launch. Should The Catcher have successfully grabbed a target last shot, it will not fire for another 10 seconds. If The Catcher missed its last shot, this will only be a 5 second cooldown.

Players caught by The Catcher will be stuck in place, and slowly be sapped of life, about 3% of their maximum health every second. If The Catcher happens to rotate itself while a player is attached, the chain will move with it and pull the player around. After a couple of seconds, the player will be let go and receive the Stunned debuff for 3 seconds. Players nabbed by The Catcher can also be subject to the Thrower attack, listed below.


  • Nova: The Catcher will rapidly flash white and red for a couple of seconds as a warning, then suddenly a blast of red light fly out in a ring formation expanding from the center. It has a max radius of 65 tiles. The nova itself will not harm tanks, but it will inflict Paralyzed and Stunned for 2 seconds to any tank in range. The pulse will activate any pentagon in range, each one having a 40% chance of transforming into one of the three Prototype Pentagons.
  • Mecha-Smash: The Dominator Auto Turrets rotate 180 degrees inwards, so that only the circular parts are visible with a bit of trapezoid underneath. They then extend out so that the small rectangular part of the barrel is the only piece touching the Penta-Powergon's sides. It starts charging at random tanks, increasing its charge speed by 10% each hit. Instead of dealing 55 HP per hit, it now does 80-110 HP on hit. A level 45 tank has 138 HP for scale. It charges 9-12 times, each one faster than the last. If the Penta-Powergon accidentally hits a Pentagon while it's charging, it has a 100% chance of turning into one of the three Prototype Pentagons. After this attack, the body damage and Dominator Auto Turrets return to normal. The Central Griever launcher will be disabled during this attack.
  • Thrower: The Catcher will fire at the nearest strongest tank and will begin spinning if the tank gets caught. If it misses the hook will return to be turret and move on. Should a tank be attached, the Griever Turret will gradually increases spin speed. The tank latched on will build up momentum as it gets hopelessly flung around. While the tank is attached, it is inflicted with Paralyzed until it gets released. After 10 seconds of spinning the Central Griever will detach, leaving the tank flying away, possibly ramming into other objects. During this attack, the boss will stop moving completely, Dominator cannons will not fire.
  • Pentacrush: The Dominator Auto Turrets increase in size by 1.5x, while the armor around the Penta-Powergon thickens slightly. It gains Armored for the duration of this attack. The Dominator Auto Turrets produce 5 Prototype Crashers each, then one enormous bullet that deals fatal damage each. The Catcher is inactive during this attack and the Penta-Powergon is stationary. Cannot be used more than 4 times a battle, but fortunately this attack is rather rare.

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