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Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

The Polygons have tried to fight back with what little strength they have. Countless deaths of the Alphas, their followers, and the common shaped beings have been eradicated for centuries. She came after the cries and terrors from them, and have proven that these multi-sided creatures are worth more than they were killed for. These marvels have arisen shortly after the disciples have descended back from their homelands, many of them were individually created by each of them, and released into this realm in the wakening of the settlements. These are the common guardsmen of the nests...

Polygon Bosses are a classification of Boss that spawns in The Tale of Diep. They belong to a specific group of common enemies known as Polygons, which is found aplenty throughout The Realm. They generally consist some of the easiest bosses in the game, however some are very resilient and requires cooperation to take down. Polygon Bosses can range from relatively small, to being intimidating giants. Players upon encountering one should be prepared, as even they require some cooperation to take down.

They are often found in most areas in the Realm, except places inhospitable for polygons such as Vallard Wastes or Desolate Plains. Depending on which Disciple they reside in, certain types of Polygon Boss could be encountered. Realm Areas can contain many of these enemies, however they are directly dependent on the placement of polygon nests. Like Realm Bosses, they could appear without warning, however places where higher population of polygons can suggest a boss may be nearby. Interesting enough Polygon Bosses do have spawn messages, only when players are close in proximity during spawn.

In The Arena, a select few of the many polygon bosses will be able to spawn within.


Polygon Bosses have some similar characteristics to ones within Diep.io. Their AI is relatively simple in the most part, but most of the bosses have some sort of attack selection, which is used greatly for more complicated bosses. Each of them are based on their respective polygon counterpart. They are often large and armed with at least one type of weapon. Polygon Bosses mostly rely on their mounted weapons and bodies to attack, and can vary greatly in the use and attack patterns they have. Some have multiple phases, which can change their way of fighting.

Polygon Bosses will not spawn right next to players (hopefully), only spawning off screen and distanced away from any player nearby, which also includes polygon nests. However if viewing them in other means such as mini-maps, they will seem to appear out of nowhere.

Polygon Bosses

These are split into realm location categories. Some are found in multiple areas and some are designated to be also encountered in Arena Gamemodes.

The Demolishor, a boss found in Melancholy Forest

Melancholy Forest

Somber Falls

  • Guardian (More frequent near Shattered Coasts)
  • Summoner (Northwest Somber Falls, non-Peninsula)
  • Defender (Northwest Somber Falls, non-Peninsula)
  • Pulsar (Random throughout Falls)
  • Vanguard (Random throughout Falls)
  • Slider (Northeast Somber Falls)
  • Leviathan (More frequent near Shattered Coasts, North Peninsula)
  • Demolishor (Near Melancholy Forests)
  • Vortex (Random throughout Falls)
  • Spreader (Northwest Somber Falls, non-Peninsula)
  • Lurk (Somber Caverns)
  • Gunship (Mid-South Somber Falls)
  • Industrian (South Somber Falls, Peninsula)

Toil Ridge

Trapperzoid, one of the few bosses found in Toil Ridge

Earthquake, a Toil Ridge-exclusive Polygon Boss.

  • Guardian (South Toil Ridge)
  • Summoner (South Toil Ridge)
  • Defender (More Frequent North)
  • Tri-Seeker (More Frequent North)
  • Trape Fighter (Random throughout Ridge)
  • Trapperzoid (Random throughout Ridge)
  • Septashot (Random throughout Ridge)
  • Heptazoid (Random throughout Ridge)
  • Excubitor (More frequent Mid-Ridge)
  • Warship (Mid-West Toil Ridge)
  • Earthquake (Tunnel Systems/Surface nearby Caves)
  • Lurk (Tunnel Systems)
  • Barricador (Near Melancholy Forest)
  • Terminator (Near Melancholy Forest)
  • Dreadnought (Near Melancholy Forest)
  • Constructionist (South Toil Ridge)
  • Spartan (Rarely, South Toil Ridge)
  • Distributor (Mid-West Toil Ridge)

Paradigm Dunes


The Nonation, found in Wintercrest.

Shattered Coasts

The Leviathan, found in Shattered Coasts.

  • Guardian (Commonly inland)
  • Summoner (More frequent North inland)
  • Constructionist (More frequent North inland)
  • Spartan (Rarely, Near Paradigm Dunes)
  • Leviathan (Random throughout Coasts, inland areas)
  • Battle Carrier (Random throughout Coasts, inland areas)
  • Quintet (More frequent near Pentavian's Edifice, inland)
  • Pulsar (Near Neverest Mountains)
  • Vanguard (Near Neverest Mountains)
  • Vortex (Near Neverest Mountains)
  • Spreader (Near Neverest Mountains)
  • Collider (Near Neverest Mountains)
  • Dreadnought (East Shattered Coasts, inland)
  • Gunship (East Shattered Coasts, inland)
  • Armorboat (Near Shorelines)
  • Atlantic (Deep Abyss)
  • Conquistador (Deep Abyss)
  • Distributor (Rarely, inland Shattered Coasts)
  • Vis Ultima (Rarely, inland Shattered Coasts)
  • Messenger (Rarely, inland Shattered Coasts)
  • Savior (Rarely, inland Shattered Coasts)
  • Implosionist (Rarely, near Paradigm Dunes)

Neverest Mountains


Note: All of these may or may not be created.

  • Plaedge Boss
  • Servitor Boss
  • Red Runner Boss


  • These polygon bosses are in the fan fiction - Corruption: A Diep.io Story, as characters. This is not canon to the game however.
  • Polygon Disciples will spawn various Polygon Bosses in their second phases in distinct wave patterns.
  • This page was originally Graviatar's boss page, back when DCoW existed before the merge.
    • And for a while it was not even meant to be part of ToD.
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