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The kings (and queen) of the various polygons that exist in The Realm, the Polygon Disciples are very powerful beings. Being the eight children of the Polygon Mother, they provide the protection to the nests and fortresses that they inhabit within. However, this protection is severely limited, as the Tanks still continue to kill off millions of Polygons, and even go to the point of attempting to assassinate the Disciples. Picking a fight against one of these powerhouses may result in devastation, as they can summon vast amounts of their subjects, along with greater bosses and even their respective Nest Defenders to aid them in battle.


The Disciples, to scale.

The Polygon Disciples are a unique and varied group of bosses. They each have unique personalities that (mostly) complement each other as a whole, and these personalities are reflected in their attack style and abilities. They spawn in a personal fortress in a certain area of the Realm protected by their higher-ranking polygon protectors, different depending on the Disciple.

Each of them ALONE is as strong, if not stronger than some of the Event Bosses, because of their vast and varied arsenal, with the ability to summon nigh-endless waves of various Crashers. Most disciples have two hands, (four for Perpendiculus) armed with various weapons depending on their attributes, and most have a spawner on the bottom of their body (with the exception of Trites.) Their bodies sometimes have additional attributes, like how Septaur and Octrax have additional body armor. All of them have an additional certain resistance to damage, not including armor. Upon entering the battle room, the first things players will notice is that the Disciple is sitting in the middle of the battle room, remaining Invincible until enough players join in, at which point the fight begins. At the beginning of Phase 1, they perform an attack that blocks the entrance with a harmless wall, preventing entry or exit into or out of the battle room.

Pentavian, the Disciple of the Pentagons.

Destroying their hands will leave their hands and some of their weapons useless. Some Disciples may loose all their weapons while others keep one or even remain to use it throughout. Bullets fired at the hands will go through them, and all armor that may be surrounding their bodies crack, removing their tertiary damage resistance. Some may show other aesthetic changes in their design. This also leads to Phase 2, where the Disciples now have the ability to summon bosses in the form of waves (or various Nest Defenders or Quasars, in the case of Ennealis and Decratite respectively). When they perform a boss summon, they will go Invincible and wait for the bosses to be defeated before resuming attacking. All Disciples have powered-up attacks during Phase 2, with changes ranging from just minor damage or summon value changes to a drastic reworking of the attacks to accommodate the absence of their weapons. They also gain some new attacks in Phase 2.

Upon defeat, they give certain rewards (to be revealed) and cause a heavy decrease in the health and resistances of related polygons, Crashers, and mini-bosses/bosses in an area around where they were defeated. This is both helpful and beneficial, as it makes bosses easier to defeat, but it's detrimental to nests and the spawn rate of the defeated Disciple's polygon. Their fortresses will lock for as long as two Altars are claimed, otherwise the Disciple may return again. If players fail to defeat a Disciple via being killed, the Fortress entrance will close for 45 minutes.

The Disciples


  • There exist an additional five Polygon Disciples in The Extended Tale of Diep, who are not considered canon in the Tale of Diep but follow the exact same mechanics that the mainstream eight do.
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