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Power to the Prophet is an Event Gamemode that acts very similarly to a classic 2 Teams, save for the various differences with the map. It is a battle between the Blue Team (which will be called the Tank Empire henceforth), usual tanks, and the Black Team, the Cult of Panzer. Each team has various tricks up their sleeves they can pull.



The map is 2x the size of a regular server, and therefore, has more room for more obstacles and mechanics, which include but are not limited to:

  • Fortresses (Blue Team can destroy Sons of Panzer, Black Team must protect them)
  • Totems of varying kinds.
  • Three Pentagon Nests, none directly in the center (placed like an inverted triangle)
    • Core Pentagons sit in the heart of Pentagon Nests. Pentagon Nests start neutral, but the Core Pentagon can be captured and the Crashers will change to that team's color. Upon dying, if a team controls a Pentagon Nest, the players can opt to spawn there instead of main base.
  • Bosses will spawn normally. Gladiator Bosses, should they spawn, will be neutral (Except Guardian X, which will ally with the Cult, and Abaddon, which will ally with the Tank Empire)
  • Dominators can also appear in random positions around the map, but instead of being capturable, will remain neutral and will simply deactivate for 60 seconds when destroyed.
  • There are five 'Altars' located around the map. They form a pentagon-like ring more centralized than the Pentagon Nests. This is where most of the brawling should be going on, as Altars can determine victory or death.
  • Main bases are as usual in 2 Teams, but despite the map being much larger, the bases remain the same size.


Note: Despite the main ability of the Prophet being to convert tanks, that does not happen in this game mode)

  • Like Survival, the game mode will start when 80 players are in the server. Unlike Survival, you are not booted out upon death.
    • Forty people will be on each side.
    • This ensures no players will come in later and tip the balance unfairly.
      • However, if a player leaves, someone will be connected to the server to replace them. If one of the Prophets leave, one of the current members of the Cult of Panzer will be promoted.
  • The Cult will start with two Prophets and the Tank Empire will start with four players already at Level 45 upon spawn.
    • Cultists and Tank Empire members can not upgrade to Prophet. When a starting Prophet is killed, they cannot come back as a Prophet.
  • Three Fortresses will be pre-planted on the map. All Dominators and Altars start neutral.
  • Players' names will not show. You are battling a faceless enemy...
  • There is no leaderboard. Purely the health and possessing team of each altar. The health bars like this are similar in mechanics to the old Mothership game mode. Neutral Altars will be yellow on the 'leaderboard', and Cultist and Tank Empire will be Black and Blue respectively.
    • Each Altar will have a name: Altar Alpha, Altar Beta, Alpha Delta, Altar Gamma, and Altar Omega.
      • These names are not consistent to an Altar between matches. Alpha can be given to any one of the five Altars when the game starts.


Altars are large circular gray polygons with a large yellow octagon on top of them. When a team captures the Altar, the octagon becomes their color and will get various other aesthetic changes (the octagon will get a glowing red eye and the base of it will get spikes if it is controlled by the Cult, and if controlled by the Tank Empire, it will get golden assets and the octagon will have a faint golden glow).

Altars are not like Dominators. Altars do not fight back, and having all five Altars does not win the game. For the number of Altars a team has, the team will achieve special bonuses, stacking up. Each Altar, depending on their name (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, and Omega), gives a general stat bonus to the team in possession of it. These specific bonuses will be given to neutral units in cases where Altars are neutral as well.

Altars have 3000 health and are Armored. They do not move.

Tank Empire

  • 1 Altar In Possession: 2x Score gain for members of the Tank Empire.
  • 2 Altars In Possession: Son of Panzer health reduced by 20% upon spawn.
  • 3 Altars In Possession: Will summon in a controllable and movable Tank Empire Dominator called the Imperial Guard every three minutes. A max of three Imperial Guards can be alive at once. Upon destruction, they vanish.
  • 4 Altars In Possession: All Tank Empire players will get one uncontrollable Drone similar to a Hybrid that rotate around them and attack anything nearby.
  • 5 Altars In Possession: The Cult of Panzer's base guardians disappear until control of all five Altars is lost.

Cult of Panzer

  • 1 Altar In Possession: 2x Score gain for members of the Cult of Panzer.
  • 2 Altars In Possession: Fortresses will spawn closer to the Cult base.
  • 3 Altars In Possession: Every minute, all Tank Empire tanks will be struck by red lightning and get a random debuff for 8 seconds.
  • 4 Altars In Possession: Tears of Panzer will begin rapidly spawning around the map, and will only attack those in allegiance of the Tank Empire.
  • 5 Altars In Possession: The Tank Empire's base guardians disappear until control of all five Altars is lost. All altars will have an 'I <3 Panzer' mug on them.

Specific Altars

  • Altar Alpha: The team in control of Altar Alpha gets a 10% Health Regen bonus.
  • Altar Beta: The team in control of Altar Beta gets a 10% Movement Speed bonus.
  • Altar Delta: The team in control of Altar Delta gets a 10% Bullet Penetration bonus.
  • Altar Gamma: The team in control of Altar Gamma gets a 10% Reload bonus.
  • Altar Omega: The team in control of Altar Omega gets a 10% Bullet Damage bonus.


  • Day 13 of the Month of Panzer event.
  • Prophets, despite it being pretty much their main purpose, cannot convert Tank Empire players to their side. They purely run the Cult and act as access to a secondary win condition for the Tank Empire.
  • Is a much more complicated team mode, but this could also be said in regard to King of the Nest.
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