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Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

The Prophet is a loyal follower of that fool in the tower. The lies that are spread from their foul mouths about the evil one who will come back some day. I don't believe them. Their words reek with death and their minds clouded with the destruction and purpose of a being who shant return. Damn them and their malicious intent. They will not prevail.


The Prophet is a secret upgrade to the Acolyte that can only be used at the cost of 20 Panzer Tokens. The Prophet is a unique class, in that once it is upgraded to, you are not part of a team, even in Team Modes. Anyone can hurt you because no one believes your words.

In the story arc I have set up, Prophets are the lesser heads of the cult running amok. And so, they can easily sway tanks to their side, and destroy servers because of the influence of their lord.

When a player upgrades to Prophet, a Cult Raid will begin. Panzer-related tanks will not attack Prophets, and Fanboys of Panzer will defend them.


Prophets look like the Archprophet, in that they have a skull face sort of etched into them. They do not have arms and hands like him, however. They do have a cloak/cape thing, and have one Overseer barrel on the bottom. They have no team, but are black tanks, not yellow like other neutral tanks.


  • Can have up to four Drones and two Minions at a time.
    • Like the Overseer upgrades, Bullet Damage, etc.; becomes Drone Health and all those.
    • Drones do slightly more damage than that of an Overlord, and have 3x more health.
    • Move a bit slower than usual Drones.
  • When a player upgrades to Prophet, a Cult Raid will begin.
    • If this happens, the Cult Raid ends when the Prophets die.
  • Prophets can spawn in a Portal by pressing spacebar every 20 seconds.
    • This has a visible timer above the score and name thing at the bottom.
    • Portals spawned by Prophets are naturally weaker than their usual counterparts.
      • Portals spawned have 400 health, and only summon Tears of Panzer, one every 4 seconds.
      • Portals spawned do not go through the vortex suck-in process, and will instantly begin spawning enemies.
      • Portals spawned will lose 50 health every time they summon a Tear of Panzer.
      • These Portals are named differently at the death screen, called Prophet Portals.
  • Panzer-related tanks will not attack Prophets, and Fanboys of Panzer will defend them.
  • Tanks killed by a Prophet do not die, but are turned into black tanks that become member of the new team.
    • They do respawn at half level right next to the Prophet that killed them; however.
    • If tanks converted by a Prophet are killed again by someone not of the Black Team, the re-killed tank stays a part of the Cult (Black Team).
  • If every player in the server is a member of the Cult (Black Team), the game ends in the message "The Cult of Panzer has claimed another realm!", and all tanks that are Level 45 at the end of the game get 1 free Panzer Token.


  • Prophet is also a rank the boss of a Dungeon can be in Fortress Mode.
  • Prophet is a hard class to play. Its essentially a weaker Overseer that forms a new team and looks a lot cooler. This makes being forced to become one after another dies frustrating.
    • It is generally recommended to surround yourself with weak tanks, or go in with friends who will let you kill them in order to start the Cult successfully.
  • Prophets are the Archprophet's main secret police force. They constantly can be seen overseeing missions, Cult Raids, and collecting information on players who could potentially oppose them (this can be seen as an example during a Gladiator Ladder sometimes).