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Prototype Polygons are a very unique and special enemy type that appear exclusively in the Polygon Playground, a masterful arena created by the mad Dr. Lacus. In this project, he outfitted vengeful Polygons with various weapons to fight back the tanks with. Leveling has never been harder!

Prototype Polygons

Square Division

  • Square Warrior: Square with a simple barrel on the front. Looks like a normal yellow square until active, where it will become a Factory minion-like enemy that will fire bullets every 0.8 seconds. Square Warriors commonly spawn around other Prototype Squares or Squares in general. If multiple Square Warriors are threatened, they will combine into bigger and bigger Square Warriors by merging together, with each added Square Warrior adding more health and damage equal to their own! An individual Square Warrior has 50 HP and each shot deals 7 damage.
  • Square Guard: A square with four spawner-like barrels, one on each side. Projects a blue aura around it that gives all nearby squares Invincible. Usually has one or two Square Warriors hanging around it too. Square Guards have 200 HP and recover 1 HP per square being made invulnerable in its radius per second. Square Guards cannot attack, hence the spawning of Square Warriors around them.
  • Square Sprinkler: Square that has two circles on opposite sides. When activated, rotates rapidly before firing spirals Yellow Squares around it and then exploding into eight bullets. Every square summoned also has a 10% chance of being a Prototype Polygon, and therefore a 3.3% chance another Square Sprinkler will spawn, causing havoc. Square Sprinklers are relatively weak due to their chaotic attack patterns and tendency to self destruct (you need to kill them fast before that happens), having a meager 30 HP. They send out a flurry of Squares that deal body damage, and their destruction bullets are quite dangerous, dealing 20 damage!

Triangle Division

  • Triangle Knight: Looks like a regular triangle until active, where twin Gunner barrels will emerge on all sides and it will begin slowly rotating and chasing players. Has Armored and a hefty 120 HP. Fires bullets from its Gunner barrels quickly, with one being fired every 0.3 seconds from each barrel, quickly creating a hellish spiral of bullets that each do a pestering 3 damage. Doesn't sound like a lot, but it can add up fast. Long range is generally recommended to take these enemies out, as their bullets don't have the longest lifetime, and because the closer a player is, the more risk they run of getting hit with a maelstrom.
  • Triangle Bracer: A triangle with a Griever hook on one side. Fires it at players and draws the players toward it, dealing Body Damage. Triangle Bracers do not take contact damage. Because these enemies would be nearly impossible to destroy otherwise, it is possible to escape their iron grasp by moving in the opposite direction while being pulled back. The Triangle Bracer can also be killed quickly to prevent assimilation if destroyed before the player is pulled to it, as it has 90 HP and it pulls back rather slowly, about 2 tiles every second. It's maximum range is 30 tiles, so players can have a maximum of 15 seconds to kill the Triangle Bracer if caught. Should they make contact with it, it will begin dealing 10 damage per second in Body Damage, and it itself cannot take Body Damage in return.
  • Triangle Trapper: Looks like a mini-Defender with only one Auto Turret in the middle. Will release Traps simultaneously from its three Trapper barrels every 2 seconds which deal 8 contact damage. The Auto Turret fires once every 1.1 seconds, and its shots do a powerful 12 damage a hit. The Triangle Trapper is otherwise pretty easy to destroy despite having the highest health of the three Prototype Triangles, at 180 HP, 6x more than a standard Triangle, due to its relative immobility and the traps don't often get in the way due to their slow shot speed and small size.

Pentagon Division

  • Polyguard: A pentagon surrounded in a thin gray armor on all sides. Has metal lines running down it and an Auto Turret on each side. Has Armored at all times, and moves very slowly. Fires a bullet every second at the nearest player in each of its Auto Turret's sight ranges. These bullets do 13 damage. The Polyguard has 500 HP.
  • Pentastrike: A pentagon with a spawner on the bottom and regular barrels on the four other sides. Runs at players like a Fighter and shoots a solid laser beam forward. Will charge at players by firing from its four other barrels in the pattern of a Booster, firing a 7 damage shot every 0.6 seconds from its back boosters and 15 damage shots from its side cannons every 0.8 seconds. The laser beam on its front has a long 40 tile range, and will turn on and off at 4 second intervals. Every 0.5 seconds a player makes contact with the laser, they suffer 3 damage. This laser also ignores the Armored effect should they receive it from a Totem or other buff-giving tanks. Pentastrikes have 300 HP.
  • Pentagon Champion: A pentagon with Destroyer barrels on all sides and a twin-sided Auto Turret that constantly rotates. Appears as a normal Pentagon until coming within 15 tiles of it, whereupon its weapons will sprout out and it will attack. Unlike most Prototype Polygons with weapons on all sides, it will focus down a player with one of its Destroyer cannons, with the others just making things more complicated. These Destroyer cannons fire simultaneously every 1.8 seconds and have no recoil on the Pentagon Champion. The shots do a powerful 60 damage, and travel relatively quickly, but dissipate after just a few seconds. The Auto Turret on top is what rotates, releasing a spread of five shots from each barrel every 2 seconds. These shots deal 8 damage and add insult to injury by inflicting Slowed for 3 seconds. Pentagon Champions can survive quite well, with 450 HP to endure combat with.

Crasher Division

  • Cruncher: Slightly larger Crasher with two jaws like one of the Tears of Panzer. However, they are on the two sides going toward the front point, not the back. Will occasionally speed boost, doubling their tile coverage for two seconds. Should players make contact with a Cruncher, they will suffer 10 damage, the Cruncher will be pushed back, and the player will LOSE 200 SCORE. This will not revert them back levels per se, but will make it harder to get to future ones. Crunchers have 40 HP.
  • Crasher Core: Looks like two inverted pink traps on top of each other without the interior lines (making it six-pointed). Slowly hovers towards players, and when killed, splits into 8 small Crashers that burst out from its death point. It moves rather slowly, about 3 tiles per second, and has 100 HP. When that HP depletes, 8 small Crashers will be fired out from its center, about 7 tiles out in an octagon shape. Is also a card from DCoW Heroes.
  • Crasher Dasher: Looks like a mini-Guardian with an Auto Turret on top. Is a medium-sized Crasher that summons a small Crasher every second. When hit, will dash backward about 8 tiles with an afterimage effect to avoid death, giving it the name. Will summon one small Crasher every second, and the Auto Turret on top will fire at the closest player every 1.3 seconds, releasing a bullet that does 10 damage. Crasher Dashers will attempt to avoid making contact with players, but if it does, it and the player will take 20 damage! Crasher Dashers have 110 HP, making it the strongest of the Prototype Crashers.
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