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A noble protector, the Pulsar always pushes itself further to crush those who oppose it.


Pulsar is a small, purple semi-crusher boss with the intent to ram into enemies with its body with the help of a single missile deployer on its back end. It's a fairly easy enemy as for the tanks' concern. A larger, more scarier cousin is the Collider. It is one of the earliest to be created by Octrax, following the creation of the Vanguard. It utilizes a technology that takes some inspiration from one of the Sons of Panzer, The Furnace. Octrax has a knack for tinkering around the use of "Deployers" and applied it as means of propulsion, thus creating a protector that is entirely reliant on melee combat, utilizing its mounted weapon for its advantage.


The Profile

Pulsar has a purple pentagonal body with a triangular chevron cut on the back end. It has the sane appearance as the Semi Crusher Crasher variant. It is around the same size as the Guardian of the Pentagons. A deployer is placed on the back.



Boss Stats

Pulsar has 3,500 health, however damage received from enemies will be reduced by 15% by default and can only be further reduced to a minimum of 8%. It regenerates 5 HP per second, if left unharmed for one minute, regeneration boosts 300% faster. Pulsar deals 40 HP of body damage per hit, It moves 50% faster than the Guardian by default, the deployer's recoil will increase its speed by a little. It has a large visibility range of 70 tiles. The Pulsar will reward 35,000 EXP and points when destroyed. 


The Pulsar has a missile deployer, it fires every 0.7 seconds. The missiles have the same appearance form those fired by the Skimmer Tank class. Missiles have considerable penetration. They are able to pierce through bullet, however, not to an extent such as being able to break through a barrier of high-penetration traps or heavy bullets. Missiles deal ~15 HP of damage per hit (taking that this is just bullet damage values). The side cannons attached to the missile the fire bullets every 0.5 seconds. The missile speed by default is fairly slow.


When spawning, the Pulsar will move towards the closest polygon nest in sight and begins moving around it in a circle, during this it will not fire its deployer. It is considered idle as it slowly encircles the nest. When an enemy or player tank gets in its range (70 tile radius), the Pulsar will turn its body towards it and fire the deployer, giving it recoil. The Pulsar will intentionally charge into enemies with its body, in its intent to crush them. The Pulsar is aware of ammunition such as bullets, cluster of drones, trap piles, etc. It will intentionally stop itself and attempt to avoid them, often forming a curve around backfiring tanks, while still charging into the enemy.

When the Pulsar reaches below 750 HP, it will swiftly turn around and runs away from tanks level 7 and above. If it encounters a Fallen, Realm, or other non-polygon bosses, the Pulsar will cower in fear and flees to safety within a polygon nest. Tanks chasing should be careful to avoid the swift, high-damaging missiles it fires.


  • One of the only polygon bosses that has a single weapon.
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