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A Puncher is a Drone type enemy that is a General Enemy. It spawns in many locations being a General Enemy, including all areas of The Realm, The Arena, and Event Gamemodes.


Punchers look like Large Crashers or Drones, but orange, and they have an orange fist at the end of the front point. A gray Machine Gun barrel-like extension emerges from the back.


Punchers are idle when first spawning. They do not move at all, but once someone enters it's 50-tile activation range, it will spin in place, before firing itself at them at 7 tiles a second.

Punchers deal moderate Body Damage, stronger than a Large Crasher, but they do NOT take damage themselves from Body Damage. Punchers can only be killed by bullets, drones, and traps. They are unaffected by Body Damage. This can make them really annoying to Smasher classes. They have 800 health.

Punchers have large attention to detail, and instead of hugging the player to deal constant damage, they actually simulate a punch by moving back a bit, and flinging themselves back into the player again.

If two or more Punchers meet, they will move in a line together, all moving in sync, and punching around tanks from every direction, surrounding them for a bruising!

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