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The Punisher is an upgrade to the Lancer, upgraded to at Level 30. It upgrades to the Warden, Vindicator, or Guillotine at Level 45. Created by Zathsu.


The Punisher looks like a Lancer with a Smasher hexagon, and an Auto Turret on top with four evenly half circle barrels. The lance is longer as well, and glows slightly red.


  • Charge ability removed, but has a higher natural Movement Speed than other Lancer branch Tier 3s, save for the Trailblazer.
  • The Punisher actually does very low damage on its own, but its damage increases as it deals damage rapidly. Its damage will increase to almost no end the longer it is damaging its target. This makes it an exceptional boss killer. It will melt through their health pools with progressively increasing DPS.
  • Punisher still takes Body Damage when hitting its target though, so don't stick to someone too long or you may die in your efforts!


  • Its not too often that I contribute to my branch anymore. 80% of it is other user's Lancer upgrades now.
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