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Quasars are powerful polygons which are based upon the respective breed of polygon. They are generally identified by their comet-like appearance, often pointed near the back and with an elaborate body shape. There are 10 varieties of Quasars, each basing on the eight frequent polygons, hendecagons, and dodecagons. All quasars share similar properties such as white-colored ammunition, after-image effect while moving, and sharing similar design traits.


Quasars were created by Decratite, the disciple of the Decagons. They are made partially from the essence of each the disciple's incorporeal form into a tangible form. Although records of them first appearing is currently unknown, it is speculated that they have been created just after the end of the dormancy period, where the Realm was repopulated and the disciples descended from their sub-realm. The extraordinary thing about them is that they take form of the same symbol found in each of the disciple's banner. Upon creation, Decratite had saved his colonies with a brand new variety that further protects not only his own, but other disciples' colonies too. Many of the quasars are created in collaboration with the disciples.

Yet the many good things about them fell drastically where Decratite used the very same essence that was used to create quasars to form a semi-spectral guardian with powers greater than the disciples themselves, which unfortunately gone rogue and began destroying many well-established safe havens. Ever since many have refuse to support Decratite after this tragic accident.


Quasars possess several unique abilities such as being able to cloak[1], steal health from a distance[2], and much more.

All Quasars are immune to the Paralyzed and Slowed, certain Quasars have their own immunity and additional traits. All Quasars have a 35% resistance to damage, each being able to inflict their own debuffs depending on the type.

Quasar Types



  1. The Octagon Quasar
  2. The Hexagon Quasar
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