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Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

Realm Enemies are an enemy type that spawn exclusively in the ten areas of The Realm. Each area has its own unique enemy set as well. They usually revolve around a theme or tell the story of the land itself based on what kind of creatures or tanks reside there.

NOTE: This page is under HEAVY construction.


Melancholy Forest

Since Melancholy Forest is recommended for Level 1 to 7 players, enemy health and damage values are based on the expected 50-104 health of players.

Band of Thieves

Outlaws, vandals, crooks, criminals, and other ne'er-do-wells booted out of Imperium for their constant lack of respect for the law. Outside the walls of Imperium, where no rules apply, and the Cult is at large, the Band of Thieves makes a living robbing and killing any hero or villain who dares tread their ground. They don't fight fair, but no one expects them to. Have a terrible fear and hatred of Scorpios, who try to feast on them regularly. As such, Thieves do 2x damage to Scorpios and will focus on killing them over players in their vicinity. Bandits will commonly spawn in groups together, ranging from three to eight bandits.

KacperLupa's interpretation of the Forest Bandit and Crooked Outlaw.

  • Forest Bandit: Skilled rangers of the forest turned criminal following exile from Imperium. They now use their talented aim to shoot down any who impede their territory from afar. Forest Bandits look like shaded tanks with large brown cloaks covering majority of the body, in similar vein to a Cultist Dungeon Crawler. They have two small brown circular hands, the left one having a Ballista barrel on it, and the other nothing. Forest Bandits have a very large provocation range of 40 tiles, with an actual attack range of 15 tiles. Once it is entered, the Forest Bandit and all other Thieves nearby will begin moving as a mob toward the player in the underbrush. The Forest Bandits will attempt to stay hidden among the trees and other plant life in Melancholy Forest, firing arrows from afar. These shots deal 3 damage, with a 33% chance to deal 6 damage. Forest Bandits fire once every second and have 350 health. When a player gets within 5 tiles of them, they will dash off 10 tiles backward.
  • Crooked Outlaw: The ones who do the talking, Crooked Outlaws get in close with their twisted blades to get the job done. They look exactly like Forest Bandits, but instead of a Ballista on their left hand, its a lance. Rarely, a Crooked Outlaw will spawn with a bag in its other hand; increasing Tankit dropped on death. Crooked Outlaws, like Forest Bandits, spawn in a group of other bandits and activate to chase the closest player once one gets within 40 tiles of them. Crooked Outlaws in the initial burst will attempt to surround the player. Crooked Outlaws don't have a fighting style, randomly swiping their blades, lunging forward with them, or spinning in an area attack. All do eight damage and lightly push the player back. The lunge attacks do inflict Stunned for 1 second though. Crooked Outlaws have 425 health and pursue the player at a speed of 2 tiles.
  • Snare Keeper: Snare Keepers are quite proficient trap designers. They can set up snares and turrets that can really hinder swathes of Tank Empire soldiers if they're stupid enough to trigger enough of them. Less commonly found in combat, but their presence is well known by their contraptions. If encountered, Snare Keepers will rapidly flee from players at the speed of 6 tiles per second, leaving behind Thorn Mines with similar mechanics to the Thorn Trapper, in that once the mines are approached, the four thorns inside of them will launch outward. Thorns deal no initial damage, but will do four damage a second for five seconds, totaling 20 damage, so be very careful. Every 10 seconds while provoked, the Snare Keeper will stop moving for one second to create a Thief Trap or Thief Turret as it flees. If not provoked, it will wander the forest at a speed of 2 tiles per second, creating a Thief Trap or Thief Turret every minute. Snare Keepers have 150 health.
    • Thief Trap: Thief Traps are created by Snare Keepers. They appear as almost completely transparent light gray dotted circular outlines, spanning 5 by 5 tiles, but circular. When entered, the Thief Trap will trigger, releasing a light gray particle effect as all players within 7 tiles are pulled to its center and Paralyzed for 3 seconds, allowing the Snare Keeper time to escape. Dodging a Snare Keeper's Thief Traps are essential to catching and killing it. Drones and Traps can be fired into the Thief Trap to activate it early, but standing too close will still result in being pulled in.
    • Thief Turret: Thief Turrets are created by Snare Keepers. They are small wooden looking tanks with four wooden spokes sticking outward, evenly spaced apart diagonally. Thief Traps are completely stationary, fire in one direction, and come in three variations: Gunner, Hunter, and Destroyer. The Gunner fires quickly but deals 2 damage a shot. Their bullets do not travel extremely far. The Hunter fires slower at once every second and a half, but if both shots connect the player will take 12 damage, 8 for the large bullet and 4 for the small. The Destroyer Turret fires once every 3 seconds, but its shots deal 18 damage. All Thief Turrets have 200 health.
  • Coin Harlot: Very rare to find thief enemies that spawn alone throughout the Forest, not part of a thief group. Coin Harlots look like the other thieves, but deep blood red with a golden lining where the hood meets the body. Their two hands are also red. Coin Harlots have 800 health and begin immobile and invincible until approached. Once a player gets within 6 tiles of it, the Coin Harlot activates, releasing four Coin Dancers who will then begin orbiting it evenly spaced apart. The Coin Harlot will then slowly march toward the player at a speed of 3 tiles a second, as the Coin Dancers follow their behavior described below. Once the Coin Harlot hits half health, it will begin repeatedly teleporting around the area, firing one shotgun of five golden bullets that deal 12 damage each between teleports. Every fifth teleport, the Coin Harlot will spin, laugh, and summon two Coin Darters. Repeats this until killed.
    • Coin Dancers: Summoned when the Coin Harlot is activated, Coin Dancers will slowly rotate around the Coin Harlot, completing a rotation in about five seconds. Coin Dancers cannot be killed, and look like large pieces of Tankit. Every two seconds, Coin Dancers will fire golden bullets in the pattern of a Triple Shot at the closest player, with each bullet doing 4 damage. There is a 33% chance that a bullet that hits a Coin Dancer will deal no damage and be reflected back at the player. Upon the Coin Harlot hitting Phase 2, the Coin Dancers vanish.
    • Coin Darters: Summoned by the Coin Harlot during its second phase. Coin Darters will be summoned by golden particle arcs released by the Coin Harlot. When summoned, they will begin flying quickly toward the player and drive-by shoot them repeatedly, firing quick bursts of five shots, each dealing 2 damage, and generally being very annoying. Coin Darters fly at a speed of 12 tiles per second exceptionally quickly and randomly around the battle zone. Coin Darters have 10 HP, and no more than six can be alive at one time.


Scorpios are strange creatures that live in the Melancholy Forest. They are a thriving Drone species that are a vague cross between centipedes, scorpions, and ants. They spawn mostly around Colony setpieces in Melancholy Forest but can be found scattered around the area. They have a hierarchy system that puts certain Scorpios above others. Scorpios do not attack Polygons, but they are willing to attack and feed on ANYTHING ELSE THAT MOVES unfortunate enough to anger too much of the swarm...

  • Scorpio Larva: Scorpio Larva are spawned from Scorpio Queens. Scorpio Larvae look like two pale green circles that progressively get smaller as they approach the tail, which is a short gray spike. They have two black eyes on the front of the head circle. They are completely helpless, unable to attack, and aimlessly squirm around in place near the Scorpio Queen that spawned them. They have 50 health. After three minutes pass, they grow into Scorpio Scuttlers. There can be a max of 16 Scorpio Larva in a Colony at one time. If a Scorpio Larva dies while at the maximum number of Larva, a Scorpio Queen will spawn one not long after.

Scorpio Larva and Scorpio Scuttler next to a Level 1 body, and various common polygons for scale.

  • Scorpio Scuttler: Scorpio Scuttlers grow from Scorpio Larvae after three minutes pass. They look exactly like Scorpio Larva, but with two smaller circles coming out of the sides of the head circle, with one small claw on each. They are also composed of three body circles instead of two. Two small claw-like teeth extend from the front of the head too. Scorpio Scuttlers, now that they've developed claws, can move around the Colony at a pace of 1 tile per second. If provoked by entering their 15 tile detection range, they will run away from the player at a speed of 2 tiles per second. They deal 5 contact damage if touched, and will bounce away from the player. Scuttlers have 80 health. After five minutes, they will grow into a Scorpio Juvenile. There can be a max of 12 Scorpio Scuttlers in a Colony at one time. If a Scorpio Scuttler dies while at the maximum number of Scuttlers, a Scorpio Larva will grow into one.
  • Scorpio Juvenile: Scorpio Juvenile grow from Scorpio Scuttlers after five minutes pass. They look exactly like Scorpio Scuttlers, but are slightly larger, have three claws per hand, and are now composed of four body circles instead of three. They move faster than Scuttlers, at 2 tiles per second. When provoked by entering their 15 tile detection range, they will chase the player at 3 tiles per second. If they make contact with the player, they will take 9 damage and be pushed slightly away. Juveniles have 160 health. After twelve minutes, they will grow into one of the Stage 4 Scorpios (Scorpio Warrior, Scorpio Crawlatite, Scorpio Gnasher, Scorpio Berserker, or Scorpio Queen). There can be a max of 8 Scorpio Juveniles in a Colony at one time. If a Scorpio Juvenile dies while at the maximum number, a Scorpio Scuttler will grow into one.

Two players fighting two Scorpio Juveniles, a Scorpio Berserker, and a Scorpio Crawlatite.

  • Scorpio Warrior: Scorpio Warriors have a chance to grow from a Scorpio Juvenile after 12 minutes pass. The Juvenile may also evolve into a Crawlatite, Gnasher, Berserker, or Queen. The Scorpio Warrior looks like a massive Scorpio Juvenile but composed of five body circles instead of four. Being a 'Stage 4' Scorpio, they are even larger than the Guardian. Scorpio Warriors will crawl around and outside of the Colony at a speed of 2 tiles per second. When a player enters their 25 tile detection range, they will chase that player at a speed of 2 tiles per second, but every few seconds will charge up to 4 tiles per second for 2 seconds. If contact is made with a Scorpio Warrior, they will suffer 15 damage, be knocked back 5 tiles, and receive Broken for 3 seconds, making the next attack possibly fatal. Scorpio Warriors have 500 health. Like all Stage 4 Scorpios, if attacked from behind, they will swipe the player with their tail for 8 damage. There can be a max of four Stage 4 Scorpios per Colony. If one dies while at the max, a Scorpio Juvenile will grow into one.
  • Scorpio Crawlatite: Scorpio Crawlatites have a chance to grow from a Scorpio Juvenile after 12 minutes pass. The Juvenile may also evolve into a Warrior, Gnasher, Berserker, or Queen. The Scorpio Crawaltite looks like a massive Scorpio Juvenile but composed of five body circles instead of four. Their claws also sit on top of two further extensions from their arms, allowing them to swipe instead of lunge at players. Being a 'Stage 4' Scorpio, they are even larger than the Guardian. Scorpio Crawlatites will crawl around and outside of the Colony at a speed of 2.5 tiles per second. When a player enters their 25 tile detection range, they will chase that player at a speed of 3 tiles per second. If contact is made with a Scorpio Crawlatite, the player will suffer 7 damage, be pushed back 6 tiles, and be given Slowed for 2 seconds. Scorpio Crawlatites have 1,000 health. Like all Stage 4 Scorpios, if attacked from behind, they will swipe the player with their tail for 8 damage. There can be a max of four Stage 4 Scorpios per Colony. If one dies while at the max, a Scorpio Juvenile will grow into one.
  • Scorpio Gnasher: Scorpio Gnashers have a chance to grow from a Scorpio Juvenile after 12 minutes pass. The Juvenile may also evolve into a Warrior, Crawlatite, Berserker, or Queen. The Scorpio Gnasher looks like a massive Scorpio Juvenile, but composed of six body circles instead of four. Instead of three claws, they have a Trapper barrel on each hand with a claw on each side of it. Being a 'Stage 4' Scorpio, they are even larger than the Guardian. Scorpio Gnashers will crawl around and outside of the Colony at a speed of 2 tiles per second. When a player enters their 25 tile detection range, they will run from that player at a speed of 3 tiles per second, firing a trap from each hand at a speed of one trap every 1.5 seconds. If contact is made with a Gnasher's Trap, the player will suffer 4 damage. If the Gnasher itself is touched, the player will suffer 8 damage and be pushed back a few tiles. Scorpio Gnashers have 675 health. Like all Stage 4 Scorpios, if attacked from behind, they will swipe the player with their tail for 8 damage. There can be a max of four Stage 4 Scorpios per Colony. If one dies while at the max, a Scorpio Juvenile will grow into one.

Complete guide to creepy-crawlers of the forest.

  • Scorpio Berserker: Scorpio Berserkers have a chance to grow from a Scorpio Juvenile after 12 minutes pass. The Juvenile may also evolve into a Warrior, Crawlatite, Gnasher, or Queen. The Scorpio Berserker looks like a massive Scorpio Juvenile, but composed of five body circles instead of four. Instead of three claws, they have a Destroyer barrel on each hand. Being a 'Stage 4' Scorpio, they are even larger than the Guardian. Scorpio Berserkers will crawl around and outside of the Colony at a speed of 2 tiles per second. When a player enters their 25 tile detection range, they will attempt to stay 15 tiles from the player, backing away if they approach, or moving forward if they back away. The Berserker will fire both Destroyer cannons at a single target, with one bullet fired from each simultaneously every 3 seconds. The Berserker will not suffer recoil from the shots, and each one deals 10 damage, but travels slowly. Like all Stage 4 Scorpios, if attacked from behind, they will swipe the player with their tail for 8 damage. This is also the contact damage the Berserker will deal to the player if touched. Scorpio Berserkers have 820 health. There can be a max of four Stage 4 Scorpios per Colony. If one dies while at the max, a Scorpio Juvenile will grow into one.

Scorpio Queen producing Larva. Also has Scorpio Scuttlers and Juveniles guarding it.

  • Scorpio Queen: Scorpio Queens have a chance to grow from a Scorpio Juvenile after 12 minutes pass. The Juvenile may also evolve into a Warrior, Crawlatite, Gnasher, or Berserker. The Scorpio Queen looks like a massive Scorpio Juvenile, but composed of five body circles instead of four. It has two spawners on each body circle following the head, one on each side. Being a 'Stage 4' Scorpio, they are even larger than the Guardian. The Scorpio Queen will lie immobile near the center of the Colony, surrounded by Scorpio Larva it produced, and their grown states like the Scuttler and Juvenile. If there is less than the maximum of 16 Larva per Colony, one will spawn from one of the Queen's spawners a few seconds later. Like all Stage 4 Scorpios, if attacked from behind, they will swipe the player with their tail for 8 damage. It cannot move or attack otherwise, but making contact with the Queen will deal 30 damage. So don't do it. Scorpio Queens have 2000 health. There can be a max of four Stage 4 Scorpios per Colony, but only one of these can be a Queen. If one dies while at the max, a Scorpio Juvenile will grow into one, with priority given to the Queen if the current one does die.

Somber Falls

Since Somber Falls is recommended for Level 8 to 15 players, enemy health and damage values are based on the expected 64-124 health of players.

Fused Golems

Creatures of polygon, stone, and other elements of the earth fused by the magical nature of the Somber Falls. They attack any who dare disturb their serene landscape. No one knows what gives Somber Falls its physic defying landscape, but it is believed that the same force responsible for it brought to life these golem amalgamations. Will not attack Polygons, being made of them in most instances.

  • Spiteful Spinner: A fusion of five squares, one of which grew an eye due to the magic nature of the Falls, the Spiteful Spinners are among the most common Fused Golems to find amidst the land. The main square is orange, with a black eye that has a red pupil. There are smaller yellow squares attached to each corner of the main square with a barrel sticking directly out on the furthest corner of those squares. The main body has 400 health, and the four squares at each corner have 100 health. The corner squares are not required to be killed, but destroying them makes fighting a Spiteful Spinner a lot easier. Spiteful Spinners mostly start inactive, sitting and gray to blend in with the stones, their eyes not glowing. Once a player enters their 20 tile provocation range, they will awaken, gain their color, and their eye will glow and follow the player, slowly rotating as their turrets fire 8 damage bullets every 1.3 seconds. They will chase the player at a speed of 2.5 tiles a second until it dies, or there are no players within 30 tiles of it, where it will go inactive.
  • Agonized Brawler: A fusion of a tank and two pentagons, Agonized Brawlers are out for revenge. They look a cracked gray tank body with a single deep black pit in the center. On each side of it is a gray pentagon that sort of acts like a shoulder. A single shortened Destroyer barrel emerges from the bottom of each pentagon. Like the Spiteful Spinner, they remain gray and inactive until someone enters their activation range, Agonized Brawlers becoming provoked at 25 tiles. Once active, the pit in the center of the tank body will get a red pupil that will follow the closest player. They will chase the player at a speed of 3 tiles, firing a burst of three Destroyer shots in a line from each cannon every 3 seconds that deals 7 damage each. If the player gets 30 tiles away from an Agonized Brawler, it will get Speedy, but if a player gets 40 tiles away, it will become inactive again. Agonized Brawlers have 660 health.
  • Prism Titan: A fusion of a tank and three triangles, Prism Titans are quite intelligent. The main body consists of a tank that sort of features a triangular point at the top. On each side of the Prism Titan is a stone triangle with a Ranger barrel on the bottom side. The bottom of the main body has a spawner. Two angry eyes sit where the triangle 'helmet' meets the tank body. The Prism Titan will wander the area unlike the above-mentioned Golems, and will attack players that get within 30 tiles of it. Once this happens, it will begin firing its dual Ranger cannons at that player every 4 seconds, each shot traveling fast and dealing 6 damage, with a high chance of inflicting Slowed for 3 seconds. Once the Prism Titan is within 15 tiles of a player, it will begin releasing Prism Chasers from its spawner, detailed below. Prism Titans have 550 health and escaping one is unlikely.
    • Prism Chaser: Spawned by Prism Titans, Prism Chasers are nasty little things. They look like little salmon triangles with two Gunner barrels on one side. Spawned once the Prism Titan gets within 15 tiles of a player, Prism Chasers will bolt after the player at a speed of 5 tiles a second and begin rotating around them, firing inward at the player with their Gunner cannons. Firing once every 0.5 seconds, each shot deals a single damage, but stacks up quickly, especially since a Prism Titan can make three of them at once. Prism Chasers have 40 health and rotate around the player at the speed of one revolution every 10 seconds, so hitting them is not impossible. They do not vanish, so if the player kills or escapes a Prism Titan, they will continue rotating around them.
  • Floating Vice: Very odd fusion of a square and many rectangles, the Floating Vices have an iron grip on the situation. Like Spiteful Spinner, Floating Vices consist of a large main body square with a black eye containing a red pupil. However, eight gray rectangles are used to create four fingers, two rectangles per finger. Three sit on top of the body and one on the side acting as a thumb. They quickly float around Somber Falls at a speed of 4 tiles per second, and once provoked by entering their 15 tile activation range; they will slow to a speed of 2 tiles per second as they approach a player. Once 8 tiles away, they will lunge at the player and strike them for 6 damage, inflicting Paralyzed for 4 seconds. The Floating Vice will do this repeatedly, changing position every time until killed. It will attack once every 6 seconds, allowing a 2-second gap for the player to move. It will always sit 8 tiles away from the player, even if they are Paralyzed following an attack. Floating Vices have 410 health and turn into a group of multiple Yellow Squares when defeated.
  • Weeping Golem: A fusion of a pentagon and two tanks, they do not forget the fateful day they become stuck together. The Weeping Golem consists of a main body gray pentagon with two hollow upside-down half circle eyes with darker dried tear trails beneath them. On each side is a stone player, with eyes as well, tear marks going down beneath them. Being tanks, they also have tiny hands. The left tank has a Destroyer cannon on one hand and no barrels on the other, and the tank on the right side has Trapper barrels on both hands. The Weeping Golem, like the Prism Titan, wanders the Somber Falls, but this time slowly meandering about. They walk at a speed of 1 tile while idle, and once provoked by entering a 10 tile radius or attack first, they will slowly move toward the player at a speed of 1.8 tiles. The tanks on the sides will aim independently, the Destroyer one shooting at the player, and the Trapper one leaving behind Traps that do 12 damage as the Golem walks. The Weeping Golem has 1250 health and will phase in and out of an Armored state every 4 seconds. Once the Weeping Golem reaches half health, it will become Armored permanently and begin phasing in and out of Invincibility every 4 seconds.
  • Iron Mantle: The epitome of Somber Falls' odd fusion abilities, Iron Mantles are created with a tank, two triangles, two pentagons, two squares, and many rectangles. The stone textured tank is the main body, with a large chipped upside-down half circle being used to create an underbite for the lower half. On the main body is two deep pits with red glowing pupils for eyes. Slanted rectangles give them angry eyebrows. On each side is a large stone triangle covered in vines, moss, and cracks. Below that are pentagons similarly stone and decrepit. Finally attached to those, finishing each arm, is a stone square with three fingers made of rectangles. Iron Mantles are very large, their main body larger than an Alpha Pentagon. They sit inactive, almost buried inside of the land, covered in moss, vines, and cracks they've been sitting idle there so long. Iron Mantles sit in a very deep slumber, and only awaken if hit with a powerful enough blow. Iron Mantles must take 300 damage within a 3 second time period to awaken, requiring teamwork to summon and battle. Iron Mantles are more comparable to a miniboss, despite their simple attack pattern once awoken. When their peace is disturbed, they will pull themselves out of the ground, and slowly move toward players at a speed of 1 tile per second. If a player gets within 8 tiles of it, it will push both of its arms forward strongly, dealing 30 damage, pushing the player back very far, and inflicting Stunned and Slowed for 5 seconds. They also will slam their fists in target areas nearby every few seconds, dealing 20 impact damage, and releasing rocky bullets in all directions that do 6-17 damage each depending on their size. Iron Mantles are the most dangerous of the Somber Falls golems, with a massive 2800 health, requiring teamwork to take down.

Freshwater Grovelers

A clan of water and moon worshiping fanatics who usually do their rituals at the tops of the highest cliffs in Somber Falls. They praise the moon for the freshwater that flows in from the deep caverns below, traveling upward due to the strange magical properties of the Falls. Disturb them or criticize their beliefs, and be smitten down by the hand of the moon and her many children waiting below. It is not uncommon for them to sacrifice poor Polygons. Freshwater Grovelers spawn in large group rituals, anywhere from 10-20 of them. Sometimes groups of Freshwater Grovelers will spawn wandering the cliffs of the Somber Falls in smaller groups of 3-7, always hostile, unlike ritual Grovelers which start neutral until attacked. All Freshwater Grovelers spawn only near the massive cliffs at the edges of the Somber Falls peninsula, deep into the area.

  • Freshwater Worshiper: Cannot spawn in wandering groups and only at rituals. In the 10-20 Freshwater Grovelers that can spawn at a ritual, at least one-third of them will be Worshipers. Worshipers stand around the edge of the ritual circle itself, raising their circle arms occasionally as the symbol within it spins slowly. Once attacked, all Freshwater Grovelers in the area will become hostile. Worshipers do not attack, but will instead heal any Freshwater Groveler enemy that attacks players. Worshipers will not heal each other or attack players directly, instead, attempting to flee at a speed of 4 tiles per second once players approach them or all attacking Freshwater Groveler allies die, always guiding to the next closest ritual. Freshwater Worshipers have 400 health. Looks like a dark blue raindrop with the top bending slightly. The hood of the robe has a golden lining, and two yellow u-shaped eyes glow inside the dark hood. They have two side hands, one on each side, that rise and fall to praise the moon, blue particles floating about them.

Freshwater Slayer, Freshwater Worshiper, Freshwater Trickster, and Freshwater Rogue concept art.

The above, but as interpreted by KacperLupa.

  • Freshwater Slayer: Can spawn in wandering groups and at rituals. If at a ritual, they will stand in a second ring behind the Worshipers. Looks exactly like the Freshwater Worshiper, but the eyes are tall yellow ovals, and the right hand has a curved blade on it. Freshwater Slayers have 640 health. When provoked, they will slowly work their way toward the player, before lunging at them with a blade thrust with a dash distance of 7 tiles. This attack deals 20 damage. Once close enough to the player through a lunge, the Freshwater Slayer will turn slightly, a dust cloud will appear at its bottom right, and a second later it will do a spin attack, getting Confused and Stunned for 1 second and dealing 11 damage to everything in a 360 angle around it. At half health, the Freshwater Slayer will do another dash attack no matter its distance from a player and proceed to follow its same patterns again until death.
  • Freshwater Trickster: Can spawn in both wandering groups and at rituals. If one spawns at a ritual, it will be in the same second row as the Slayers behind the Worshipers. Freshwater Tricksters look just like Freshwater Slayers, but the sword is sheathed behind them, and their hands are kinda in front of them more blocking a laugh. Their eyes are also more hollow upside-down half circles curving downward toward each other. When provoked, they will warp with a spin in a spiral of blue particles behind the player, and attempt to stab them for 26 damage and inflict Bleeding for 3 seconds. If it hits, the player will be pushed away as well. Following this, the Trickster will make three copies, and all the will advance toward the player evenly spaced out surrounding them. Clones have one HP. Following the initial attack and clone split, they will act exactly like a Freshwater Slayer, just faster and with more health and damage. Freshwater Tricksters have 800 health.
  • Freshwater Rogue: Can only spawn in wandering groups. Freshwater Rogues look similar to Freshwater Worshipers, but with a short barrel on each hand and a cape beneath the body. Their eyes are also tall and rectangular. Freshwater Rogues start by slowly approaching the player, firing both of their cannons at them. Bullets do seven damage, and there is a small chance it will fire a slower moving blue one that deals nine damage and inflicts Slowed for 2 seconds. Fires once every 3 seconds, with each cannon firing one at a time on the 1.5 second interval, so its more rapid fire instead of two shots at once. When the Freshwater Rogue hits half health, it will go invisible for 4 seconds, either approaching or retreating depending on the number of players. When it uncloaks, it will begin firing bursts of three shots from each cannon that do three damage each. Every 10 seconds it will go invisible again until death. Freshwater Rogues have 550 health.
  • Freshwater Geyser: Can spawn in wandering groups and at rituals. If one spawns at a ritual, they will stand in the second ring around the Worshipers alongside the Slayers. They look like Freshwater Worshipers, but their hood is less a raindrop and instead has four points, two sagging down at each side, making it look similar to a jester's hat. Their left hand has a spawner, and their eyes are sideways, long, yellow triangular shapes with the points facing away from the center. Every few seconds, from the spawner, a basic Drone with 100 health and fast movement speed will emerge, with a max of 4. The Freshwater Geyser is especially unique in its attack pattern. Its first attack will dot the map with red targets. After a few seconds, watery bursts will fire up from the ground at these positions, dealing 20 damage and pushing away players. Following this, a few seconds later, its head will release a geyser that deals 24 damage to everything within eight tiles of it and heals its Drones to max if they have been damaged. It will repeat this pattern and summon drones until death, trying to avoid players. The Freshwater Geyser has 700 health.
  • Freshwater Lunatic: Spawn only at rituals. If a Freshwater Lunatic spawns, it will be standing in the center. A Freshwater Lunatic spawning is exceptionally rare, about 1/100 for every Freshwater Groveler spawned. Freshwater Lunatics look very similar to Freshwater Slayers, but their swords are golden, their eyes are an angry golden yellow, they have three spikes on their left side tank hand, and their hood instead of a raindrop, is shaped like devil horns. Freshwater Lunatics cause the ritual they are apart of to be instantly hostile, attacking any player that approaches the ritual with a tracking laser beam from up to 80 tiles away. A loud sound will play to accompany this. This laser deals a persistent 2 damage a second and pierces armor values. It will only barely be outrunnable by players with even just two points in Movement Speed. Once the player gets within 30 tiles of the Lunatic, the Grovelers around it will attack as it gathers power from particles flying out of the ritual circle, which turns blood red as the screen gets a red filter. After eight seconds, the Lunatic will release a noise and all the Freshwater Grovelers alive die in a red mist and flow into the Lunatic, leaving a Somber Spirit in their place. When it enters this state, the Lunatic will dash forward like a Slayer but will cover any distance if it means getting to the player that activated it. This dash will deal 35 damage and inflict Stunned for 3 seconds. After it, the Lunatic will back up and choose any attack related to the kinds of Freshwater Grovelers it absorbed the bodies of. This can be the ally healing potential of the Worshiper, the dashes and spins of the Slayer, the clone making of the Trickster, and the target attacks of the Geyser. Once the Lunatic reaches half health, from the still active blood red ritual circle, more Freshwater Grovelers will begin spawning, up to 8 at a time. This can include any non-Lunatic enemy that spawns at Rituals. It will follow its pattern again until death. The Freshwater Lunatic has 1600 health + half the health of all Freshwater Grovelers it absorbed the energy of during its starting phase.
    • Somber Spirits: Any Freshwater Groveler killed within a 200 tile radius of a Freshwater Lunatic becomes a Somber Spirit. Somber Spirits are small purple flames with two yellow eyes. They will slowly wander around making their way to the Freshwater Lunatic. Once they reach it, they will begin circling it slowly, blocking shots. Somber Spirits cannot die. When a Lunatic has gathered 12 spirits, it will open up a ritual beneath it, and once it dies, Freshwater Grovelers will begin spawning there as well as the ritual the Lunatic came from.

Toil Ridge

Since Toil Ridge is recommended for Level 16 to 23 players, enemy health and damage values are based on the expected 80-174 health of players.

Sect of Andromeda

The Sect of Andromeda praise the Toil Ridge as the perfect landscape to hail to their lord, the cosmos. The nomadic tribes dot the landscape, and the Sect have built many structures and ritual sites devoted to perfecting their arts. Within each group lies a clergyman responsible for bearing the staff, holding it up to the stars and gathering its power for their people. Kill the staffbearer and awaken a fire hotter than the stars themselves. Groups of Sect of Andromeda enemies will sometimes spawn with a Teleportation Shrine next to them. They will attack anything that attacks them first, be it tanks, polygons, or more.

Full collection of the Sect. The top is the Staffbearer, far left is the Scavenger, mid-left is the Summoner with its Star Orbitals, mid right is the Starfighter, and far right is the Champion.

  • Nomadic Staffbearer: The heart of every Sect of Andromeda gathering, the Staffbearer resides at the center of the ritual circle. The Staffbearer looks like a pale tan tank with two black eyes, short arms and hands holding a long staff with an orange crystal and axe blades at the end. It has an orange wizard hat looking item atop its head and orange over the bottom half of the tank body like a mask. Staffbearers stand immobile, raising their staff upward to the stars, which flashes orange. They have four to six random other Sect of Andromeda enemies listed below circling around them at random distances from two to seven tiles. The Nomadic Staffbearer has 1500 HP. When it or another Nomad around it is attacked, its eyes will glow orange, as its staff's crystal begins flashing white. The Staffbearer will then begin slowly moving toward the player at a speed of 2.5 tiles per second, stopping every few seconds to release one of two attack types. These attacks can be a cone of four layers of bullets in a directed attack, or a spiral of bullets outward in five directions. Every few seconds, one of the Nomads circling the Staffbearer will break off to attack the closest player. When the Staffbearer dies, all Nomads alive that were circling it will get the Frenzy buff until death.

Staffbearer holding its staff while being idle.

  • Nomadic Starfighter: Nomads whose blades are believed to enchanted by the star energy gathered by the Staffbearer. They are skilled swordsman who guise behind a mask of false ineptness. They look almost identical to the Staffbearer but are smaller, don't have arms and just hands, and a lance with a crossguard extends from their left hand. Their hat and mask are also more slightly rounded. Nomadic Starfighters have 700 health and will run after players at a speed of 4 tiles once provoked. They will alternate between approaching a player and swiping their sword, or stop quickly to jab at them with a lunge. Both attacks deal ten damage.
  • Nomadic Summoner: Nomads who use summoning magic to bring star orbitals to life. Nomadic Summoners look exactly like Nomadic Starfighters, but instead of a sword, they have a small artifact that looks a necklace of tiny circles in one hand. Every few seconds, the inside of this charm will glow orange, and four streams of yellow particles will fire out in random directions about five tiles away from the Nomadic Summoner. At the end of each of these streams, a Star Orbital will spawn. Their behavior is detailed below. Nomadic Summoners have 420 health and will back away from the player at a speed of three tiles when provoked. They are commonly the last type of enemy to break formation from the Staffbearer's ritual. Nomadic Summoners will not summon Star Orbitals until provoked and can have a max of eight at one time.
    • Star Orbital: Spawned by Nomadic Summoners every few seconds. Star Orbitals once summoned, will slowly move toward the closest player in short bursts of three tile movements, firing a ring of orange bullets that deal six damage and inflict Burning for 3 seconds. These bullets travel only a mere four tiles. Star Orbitals do not deal contact damage, but since their ring is fired from their center, sitting on them will deal a massive 48 damage and inflict Burning. Star Orbitals have 50 health, but will vanish after 12 seconds if not killed.
  • Nomadic Champion: Nomadic Champions are powerful Nomads that spawn both as part of rituals but can also spawn alone throughout the Toil Ridge. Nomadic Champions look almost identical to Nomadic Starfighters and Summoners but have regular barrels on both hands. Nomadic Champions have 700 health. When provoked, either by interrupting a ritual while at one, or by getting within 20 tiles of one when alone, the Nomadic Champion will attempt to chase the player at varying speed depending on their current attack pattern. They will alternate between firing both bullets at the player for seven damage each, and aiming both turrets outward and rotating said turrets, releasing four-bullet-wide spreads from each barrel, with bullets dealing four damage each. They will change patterns every 5 seconds. When focusing a player they will move at just under four tiles a second, and while releasing their spiral spread, they will move at 2.8 tiles a second.
  • Nomadic Scavenger: Nomadic Scavengers are the members of the Sect of Andromeda who go out in search of resources for their tribes. They are commonly found independent of rituals, out hunting for unfortunate adventurers left alone, ready to snipe them down and steal their belongings. They can sometimes spawn with a Staffbearer. The Nomadic Scavenger looks almost identical to the Champion, but instead of a barrel on each hand, it has a Ballista setup on its right circle. Like a Ballista, it fires arrows that have a chance of doing 2x damage. Nomadic Scavengers have a long range of 25 tiles and will back away if approached at a speed of 3 tiles per second. They fire once every 2 seconds, and the bullet does 6 damage, which a 50% chance of doing 12. The Nomadic Scavenger has 420 health.

The City in Darkness

Long before The Middle Era, and before even the Dormancy Period, tank explorers during their journey into shelter at the dawn of The Old Era tried to cross the impossible landscape of Toil Ridge, but to no avail. So instead, they buried underneath it and established a society that met at the center, using a labyrinth of tunnels to travel beneath the hills, breaks, and canyons of the troublesome decrepit mesa. It is here a colony of tanks survived the Dormancy Period without even knowing it happened. Now, the City in Darkness is a hermit kingdom, hating outsiders and slaying them. It has been so easy to hide away from the Sect of Andromeda, who never dare leave the watchful eyes of the cosmos and head underground. Isolated and unaware of the war between the Cult of Panzer and the Tank Empire, the City in Darkness fights for their own survival and will kill any who dare impede on their land. They have, however, made peace with Septaur and the heptagons residing in the area, and they benefit each other, working together. Polygons can be seen working alongside the City in Darkness.

  • Excavators: Members of the land beneath that burrow their way to the surface on short missions to scavenge for resources. The Excavator is a pale white tank with a horned helmet, and gray metallic hands with large drills on each of their fronts, and small barrels on the backs. The Excavator is relatively simple. Its immobile above ground, but when approached or done attacking, it will burrow underground to a new location. As they drill underground, a line of dirt particles shows their location on the surface. They burrow at 8 tiles a second and quickly resurface. When emerging, they spin out of the ground and flip their hands over to their gun sides. It will stand immobile and fire four shots at the closest player, each dealing 8 damage, alternating between the left and right gun. Afterward, it will burrow and repeat until death. Can spawn above and under ground. The Excavators have 1400 health.
  • Tunnel Watcher: Guards of the entrances to the City in Darkness, two of these soldiers of the city protect the tunnels that feed into it. They spawn at the surface, only found at the entrances of tunnels that lead into the underground portion of Toil Ridge. Each one looks like a pale tank with a helmet, and metal hands like that of an Excavator. The left hand has a long spear-like extension off the front, and the right hand has a shield. Tunnel Watchers charge at the closest player when the tunnel is approached, rushing with their shield held forward. They run toward the player at 6 tiles a second and at 8 tiles a second when their shield is broken at half health. Tunnel Watchers attack with a spear stab attack from a small range, and if the distance is between 8-14 tiles, they will do a lunge attack that inflicts Broken for 1 second and releases four bullets like a Bastion when initiated. When the Tunnel Watcher hits half health, their shield breaks, giving them the Broken debuff until dead, but increasing their speed and attack speed a bit. The swipes do 14 damage and are done in a quick flurry, and the lunges do 35 damage. Tunnel Watchers have 875 health.
  • Ridge Laborer: Ridge Laborers are miners in the tunnels searching for precious metals to trade to the Heptagons or can be put to good use for the city. They are pale, look weak and pitiful, and have a pickaxe like extension on one hand. When found, its usually in packs, smacking against the wall with their pick. They will usually ignore players, but not always, and if one does attack and the player fights back, they all will. Ridge Laborers are simple. They run and try to strike with their picks. This does 12 damage, occurs every 1.7 seconds, and has a 20% chance of inflicting Stunned for 4 seconds. So RUN. You will be bashed down by the horde, as they usually spawn in groups of four to TEN. Always spawn in the underground. Have 450 health.
  • Wedge Turret: A mounted turret that can appear both on the surface and in the underground, usually at the end of tunnels. Wedge Turrets are mechanical, slightly smaller Dominators with a hole in the top. The body of a tank that looks similar to a Tunnel Watcher, but with a drill hand instead of a spear, sits inside of this hole, at a control panel. Wedge Turrets spawn in two variants. Bullet and Trap. Bullet Turrets do 4 damage but fire one bullet every 0.2 seconds in a short-range burst, and Trap Turrets release 16 damage traps every 0.8 seconds that create a wall between them and the player and make melee tanks have trouble fighting through the clog. Wedge Turrets have 1600 health. When the Turret reaches 250 health, it will flash red slowly, and get Frenzy until death, as the soldier inside jumps out, burrows underground, and re-emerges behind the player, becoming a separate entity, the Turret Soldier. The Turret remains alive until it is either killed, or ten seconds pass, where it will explode into a ring of eight Destroyer bullets that do 45 damage.
    • Turret Soldier: Spawned behind the player closest to the Wedge Turret it manned after burrowing. They look like a Turret Watcher but have a drill hand instead of a spear. They do simple strikes that deal 10 damage and have a 5% chance of Paralyzing for 3 seconds, attacking every 1.8 seconds. Nothing special. Have 500 health. Move slowly as well. If a player runs 10 tiles away from it, it will quickly burrow at 10 tiles a second to get behind them again. Unlike Excavators, Turret Soldiers do not leave dirt trails as to where they will appear.
  • Admiral of Darkness: Well armored tanks of the City that are among the highest in their ranks. The Admiral of Darkness can rarely be found throughout the tunnels. They never appear on the surface. These enemies look like well-armored tanks with spiked armor shoulders, and a sword-like lance emerging from each hand. A red rally flag rises up from behind their back. Admirals of Darkness are ballistic when provoked, and when idle summon Knights of Darkness every minute, with a max of five. Admiral of Darkness charge with lightning speed at the player, swinging their dual swords, one in each hand. Once they firmly plant themselves in a player horde, they will flash green as they go Armored, and begin quickly releasing shotguns of five bullets from their center that each deal 6 damage and inflict Slowed for 2 seconds. Afterwards, it will dash away again, spreading its swords apart and dealing 12 damage to those hit. Meanwhile, the Knights of Darkness do their thing. Admirals have 2800 health.
    • Knights of Darkness: Summoned by the Admiral of Darkness in its idle phase. When summoned, they stand evenly spaced around the Admiral, ultimately forming a pentagon when all five have been spawned. They look like simple knights, completely covered in dark armor, with a heavy visor at the front. They wield a single longsword, on their right hand. When the Admiral is provoked, the Knights will scatter and attempt to smash players from afar, their swords flashing red when swung and releasing two bullets spaced 5 degrees from each other. Each shot does 7 damage, and one pair is fired every second. Knights of Darkness have 600 health.

Cult of Panzer

Yes, even the Cult of Panzer has spread their dark influence as far as Toil Ridge. They grow ever closer to the doors of Imperium, and who knows how long it shall be until they do. Rid the Toil Ridge of this scourge as quickly as possible to prevent the Cult from converting or slaying even more in their name.

Work in Progress.

Vallard Wastes

Since Vallard Wastes is recommended for Level 16 to 23 players, enemy health and damage values are based on the expected 80-174 health of players.

The Drowned Crypt

The Vallard Wastes are known well for being the home of an infamous mistress of the dead. Revived by the Vallard Wastes and its corruption, she soon raised her own army and now guides the Drowned Crypt in their goals of restoring themselves to life. The Drowned Crypt is a clan of the dead, with awkward relations in their grips over the Vallard Wastes. They have no care for conquering, or the war between the Tank Empire and Cult of Panzer, but only for becoming alive once again and staying that way forever.

  • Risen Dead: A pale greenish white tank with X stitch eyes and a stitched up line running from its middle left side to its top center. Two hands as most tanks have appear at its side. Neither has weapons. These enemies spawn in large hordes and move as a pack. When provoked, the Risen Dead will actively attempt to surround the player from all sides. Upon touch, they deal 8 body damage. They meander about slowly, a very simple enemy. Risen Dead have 620 health.
  • Pain Illustrator: A pale greenish white tank with X stitch eyes, and a large circular growth extending from its top left side. A stitch line marks where the main body meets this massive, glowing green boil. It has a single hand on the side opposite the growth, with a strange Dominator-like barrel. The Pain Illustrator can spawn randomly throughout the Wastes, but a few can also appear in Risen Dead hordes. The Pain Illustrator is faster than the Risen Dead, and will fire swathes of flashy green bullets from their barrels. These bullets can come in various sizes and move at varying speeds, but typically larger shots move slower, and all shots do 5 damage and inflict Poisoned for 3 seconds. The bullets while fired in a formless barrage, are restricted to a 10-degree angle. Upon death, Pain Illustrator's boils will flash brighter green three times, before the enemy explodes into a pus-like blast of 20-30 bullets that also appear in different speeds and sizes, but can travel in any direction. Pain Illustrators have 800 health.
  • Gasbag: Gasbags are dark gray circles that release noxious green gas from a skull-like protrusion in their body. They float lazily in place when idle, but when provoked, they will begin to quickly move toward the players and then flash green twice, before exploding into a large cloud of green gas that inflicts Poisoned, Slowed, and Unfocused while stood inside of, and for 3 seconds after. The explosion itself does no damage, and can be deactivated by killing the Gasbag through natural means or escaping its explosion trigger radius of eight tiles. The gas itself can spread up to fifteen by fifteen tiles. Gasbags can easily be killed at this stage, with 400 health.
  • Spitter: Pale greenish white tanks with X stitch eyes, and two stitches forming a large X over its body like a cadaver after dissection. They can spawn randomly, or rarely appear in Risen Dead hordes like Pain Illustrators. Spitters attack from far away and attempt to maintain that distance. They fire not a spray of bullets, but when provoked they will fold open the stitches in their body with their hands, and release a green trail of goo like The Pestilent with a max distance of twenty tiles toward the player. This goo does 7 damage a second when stood inside of, so players must be careful about where they step. Spitters have 525 health.
  • Foul Advocate: Look near identical to a Risen Dead, but instead of having the stitch run where it does, it instead runs horizontally across the center of the body at a slight downward curve in the middle. When the Foul Advocate has a player within twenty-five tiles of it, it will stand still, go Armored, and open its 'mouth' via separation of the center stitches. Players will begin being pulled toward the Foul Advocate. Since Advocates spawn uniquely within Risen Dead groups (but groups do not require one of them to spawn), this usually means being pulled into a damaging horde. The suction is powerful enough to pull players with up to three points in Movement Speed, if slowly, and under assumptions the class the player is does not receive additional speed benefits. Any higher can outrun the suction speed. The suction itself does no damage, but the Foul Advocate deals 20 body damage when touched, with a light bounce off of it when struck, allowing time before another 20 damage is dealt.
  • Necromaniac: The strongest enemy in the group, Necromaniacs have the same body design as all the others, pale greenish white. Three stitches run across them, one from the bottom left to center bottom, and one from center-right to bottom right. Most of this is covered by the skull mask with horns they wear, which is ashen black. Instead of black X stitch eyes, from within their skull is glowing green slits. They have two hands at their side, with three claw-like spikes. Necromaniacs always spawn alone, and initiate players when provoked. When first activated, the Necromaniac will raise its claws as they glow green, and four gravestones will emerge from the ground around it in random places. Bright green lasers will connect these, as Risen Dead begin spawning from them. These lasers deal 3 damage a second and inflict Broken (meaning the next seconds will deal 6). The Necromaniac meanwhile, will begin releasing alternating spreads of five and six bullets, within twelve-degree angles at the closest player, each dealing 12 damage. Once the Necromaniac reaches half health, the gravestones it summoned will break and release green flame-like spirits called Necrotic Souls. The Risen Dead will stop spawning from the gravestones, and all remaining Risen Dead will fade away when this happens. The Necromaniac will go invincible until all four Necrotic Souls are killed. Once they die, it will alternate between firing its five and six bullet spreads, and summoning a wave of bones that appear and then fall back into the ground one a time approaching the player. These bones do 10 damage and Paralyze for 3 seconds. This lasts until death, where a final Necrotic Soul will escape from the Necromaniacs body which fades into a pile of dust on the ground. Necromaniacs have 3000 health.
    • Necrotic Soul: A bright greenish yellow flame that moves extremely rapidly. They dash around the battle site, half circling players at a distance occasionally, firing either a stream of five fiery bullets that do 7 damage rapidly, or a shotgun of five bullets fired in a fifteen degree arc, each dealing 9 damage. Both of these shots inflict Burning for 3 seconds. Necrotic Souls have 800 health.

Azerot's Contingency

The last survivors of those left on the surface during the Dormancy Period formed together as a brotherhood who shall feel pain for each other. They have adapted to the harsh wastelands through innovation and formation of a culture. Founded by a long-dead leader, Azerot, the Contingency have vowed never to stop preparation for the next Dormancy Period, which they believe will happen when the Archprophet frees Panzer from The Void. They have been trying to make deals with the Drowning Crypt, another group in the Vallard Wastes, to bring Azerot back and restore his rule over the Contingency. The Contingency has a huge theme of eyes, believing they were too blind before in regards to the occurring of the Dormancy Period and that they should punish themselves for it. Submission into the Contingency requires having ancestral roots to its founders, and the sacrificing of at least one of your eyes.

Work in progress.

Mutated Wildlife

Anything not killed by the harsh conditions of the Vallard Wastes becomes accustomed to it, usually in the most grotesque of ways. They will attack anyone and anything in their proximity. Tanks, polygons, even each other. The main twisted inhabitants of Vallard Wastes that make it particularly unfriendly for just about anyone else to want to settle there.

  • Underlings: Diseased looking terrors of the land, these beasts travel in packs. They take the from of a green-brownish, scaly series of three body circles, that get smaller from head to back. Attached to the first and third body segment are two smaller circles with three claws on them, that can rotate to slash. The head of the Underling has three tentacle-like appendages stretching outward and thrashing about. They have two glowing, pale green eyes and slight bone colored, tusk-like extensions from their front. Underlings move quickly and can rush down players they see. Players grasped by their tentacles, which can reach a number of tiles, are inflicted with Unfocused for 2 seconds, and their speed reduced while latched. This also does around 11 damage on contact, and 5 damage every second held after. Underlings move in thin V-shaped packs when they unite, making them dangerous to confront when large enough. These packs can hold no more than 15 Underlings. Underlings have 800 health.
  • Feaster: Mangled bodies wrought with a vile infestation, Feasters slaughter viciously and consume with no manners. They are large fleshy green-brownish wide roughly ovular shapes (though torn and altered to match their theme), with a great chasm in their center. Around this dark chasm of a mouth are two sets of sharp teeth on the side. Various features make it look torn into as well. From their sides extend two long spindly arms that break into two smaller hands with two long crooked claws to grab and pull their prey with. Feasters attempt to make quick lunges at players, grabbing them with their arms, and then pulling them in for great damage. When the Feaster fails to grab the player, it will dash back to its starting position in an attempt to avoid incoming damage. A Feaster can be repelled by hitting it mid-lunge with a strong enough strike. Its hands are considered separate entities, and in between lunges will individually try to lash out a player, also repelled via hitting them precisely enough. Hands can be destroyed after they sustain 500 damage but will regrow either 40 seconds later, or when idle for 18 seconds. The main body of a Feaster is all that needs to be killed, and it has 940 health.
  • Reaching Peril: Purple octopus-like tentacles that rise from the toxic liquids of Vallard Wastes, and also less so the Decaying Swamps between Melancholy Forest and Vallard Wastes. Reaching Perils appear as only one flailing little tentacle until provoked by either getting too close to the pond, getting into the pond or damaging the tentacle. Once any of this occurs, the Reaching Peril's main body will rise from the depths. It takes the form of a brown hermit shell armored purple mass with one pale green eye. The one tentacle will become anywhere from six to eight, roughly spaced apart and slowly rotating around the Reaching Peril's main body at a slow pace and a few tiles away. These tentacles automatically release small balls of sludge that inflict Panic for 6 seconds rapidly around them as they flail. These sludge attacks do not travel far and do low damage. When a Reaching Peril tentacle latches via stretching, it inflicts Paralyzed and slowly deals damage as the Reaching Peril draws nearer in order to deal much higher contact damage. Reaching Peril tentacles have 300 health, and the main body has 1300 health.
  • Foul Burrower: Greenish brown worms full of empty holes that burrow their way through the softer grounds of the Wastes. They most commonly appear in the Decaying Swamps, but can also inhabit any soft ground within Vallard Wastes. Foul Burrowers dig under the ground and leap out at players while swiftly increasing speed. They will burrow upward and fling themselves in a direction, passing through and dealing damage to all entities hit, before burrowing again under the earth if they land in soft ground. This leaves very little opportunity to hit them. If the Foul Burrower makes impact with hard ground, it will land incapacitated and immobile, squirming around unable to burrow or defend itself. This makes them an easy target. Foul Burrowers are constructed of numerous brownish green scaly interlocked circles ranging from six to twelve long. Their health is segmented, and destroying even one of the pieces will cause the entire worm to explode in green goop. Each segment, or the necessary amount of damage dealt to kill it, has 400 health, keeping in mind that they are annoying and hard to hit.
  • Wall Crawlers: Wall Crawlers are spider-like entities that roam along flat surfaces such as walls. They are gray circles with four spidery eyes on the front, and four thin, spindly legs comprised of interlocked thin gray rectangles on their back. Wall Crawlers can come in three forms: Creep, Beam, and Stream. All Wall Crawlers have 600 health. They can turn onto the next face of a surface should they meet the corner and an available wall can be turned onto. They can leap across to another surface within a certain distance of the wall they are currently walking along. Wall Crawlers cannot aim and fire their attack directly in front of them, instead moving along their surface in an attempt to hit the player. Therefore, it is best to approach them from the side. Note that if a player meets up with the walking line of a Wall Crawler, it will speed up in an attempt to ram them with its body, dealing moderate damage. All three variants can spawn rarely throughout the Wastes, but mainly near Wallflower dens.
    • Creep Crawlers: Fire four acidic shots in the pattern of their eyes in front of them. This means the middle two shots will be slightly ahead of the outermost shots. These are fired every 1.4 seconds, and inflict Bleeding for 3 seconds.
    • Beam Crawlers: Beam Crawlers are differentiated from Creep Crawlers, as their bodies are a darker black instead of gray, and their eyes glow a violent orange-red. Instead of firing four shots periodically, the Beam Crawler charges up an attack for 2.5 seconds while not moving, and then quickly dashing along the surface its walking along while firing a continuous laser for 2 seconds. This deals heightened damage.
    • Stream Crawlers: Stream Crawlers are a pale blue-gray, with white eyes. Stream Crawlers release four streams of Gunner bullets almost constantly as they slowly walk. These deal low damage and inflict Slowed for 2 seconds, making moving out of the rest of the stream harder until the Crawler is killed. Other than that, behaves very similarly to a Creep Crawler.
  • Beholdant Trickster: Beholdant Tricksters lure in adventures by appearing as something they value. They feast on greedy adventurers, by looking very similar to Illumina Crystals. They remain completely motionless and look near identical to Illumina Crystals until damaged. After this, their true form is revealed. They are Illumina Crystals with a bright magenta eye in the center, and the ability to control rocks. When first revealed, they will glow with purple light as they rise from the ground, and a ring of black rock-like bullets will surround them. They will then fling repeatedly themselves at the player while firing their black rocks, which deal moderate damage, inflict Stunned for 1 seconds, and boomerang back to the Trickster after hitting a player, or travelling its maximum distance. Beholdant Tricksters have 1200 health, and are the result of Vallard Wastes effecting the magic of the land, and therefore the Illumina Crystals within it.
  • Vallarian Horror: Vallarian Horrors are large dark brownish-green creatures that float through the air ominously, as evident by their slight bobbing up and down as they move, and the distance their shadow is away from their sprite. It is a large almost hairy thing, covered in eyes, with many Thrasher-like tentacle appendages of a nasty rotten color emerging from beneath it. These tentacles end in three tiny gray claws. When provoked, the Vallarian Horror will slowly move toward the player, raising its tentacles. As it approaches, from the clawed ends of the numerous (usually 8) tentacles, it will begin firing dark green slimy bullets called Hollow Ooze bolts. These are similar to the shots fired by the Hollow Gouger, in that they inflict Dazed and Cursed for 2 seconds and deal moderate damage. Once the Vallarian Horror gets close enough, it will start spawning Vallarian Servitors from its body, which split away from it with a cap of five at a time. They look like smaller Vallarian Horrors with one single large eye and four tentacles. These will attack the player while the Vallarian Horror remains a bit of distance away, firing Hollow Ooze bolts. Once the Vallarian Horror hits half health, from its body will begin being released Foul Thorns, which behave similarly to Thorn Trapper thorns, but of the color scheme. These drift around the area lazily, and stick to players they hit for 4 seconds, dealing damage per second and slowing their speed by 5% per Foul Thorn. At one fourth health, the Servitors will stop being spawned and instead the Vallarian Horror will enter a rage phase, where it turns a shade of red and attacks head on, attempting to strike players with its tentacles, doing damage and inflicting Confused for 1 second. Vallarian Horrors have 3600 health.
    • Vallarian Servitors: Smaller Vallarian Horrors with one large eye and four tentacles. They are a mere portion of the size of the Vallarian Horror. They attempt to get close to players. Once they do, they stop moving, evenly space their tentacles apart, and spin like a buzzsaw. This has high knockback, but leaves the creature dizzy for a bit after, opening it to attack. Vallarian Servitors have 280 health.

Paradigm Dunes

Since Paradigm Dunes is recommended for Level 24 to 31 players, enemy health and damage values are based on the expected 96-190 health of players.

Dune Raiders

The much more organized and feared brothers of the Band of Thieves in Melancholy Forest, the Dune Raiders turn theft and murder into an art form. They skillfully navigate the dunes and rob and slay any who carry things they value. Sadly, that is almost always the case for heroes of the Tank Empire who venture through the Paradigm Dunes on their way to the Desolate Plains.

Work in Progress.

Children of the Draconis

A classification of enemies that have been around for a very long time, viewing and seeing the many Drone species of the Realm as sacred, specifically the long-dead Draconis. They have erected many of the structures that dot the landscape of the Paradigm Dunes, and many are dedicated to the great Drones. They are exceptionally hostile and do not take kindly to the Tank Empire for their weaponization of Drones. Praise the Draconis Rex for being the last of the species they idolize and use its cave in the Paradigm Dunes as holy ground.

Work in Progress.

Cult of Panzer

It is not a surprise that the Cult of Panzer has begun slowly establishing themselves in the Paradigm Dunes, seeing as it borders the Neverest Mountains, which cuts the Desolate Plains off from the east. Clear this scourge from the Paradigm Dunes, as they pose a larger threat to The Realm than any local order or raiders.

Work in Progress.


Since Wintercrest is recommended for Level 32 to 44 players, enemy health and damage values are based on the expected 112-236 health of players.

Forgotten Kingdom

Legend tells of an ancient kingdom who ruled over the lands of Wintercrest with an iron fist, long before it became a frozen over tundra. Not prepared for the sudden icy storm that rocked the land, the kingdom froze over, and all of its inhabitants were locked in ice. Those who weren't suffered a painful death. Now the king and his subjects have begun thawing, ready to rule over the icy land of Wintercrest once more, empowered by their thousand years encased in the ice. The Forgotten Kingdom is hostile to all entities, tank, polygon, Cult or Empire.

Work in Progress.

Crystal Order

A group of rebel warriors who broke off from the Forgotten Kingdom following their thawing. Mostly made up of knights and other soldiers who did not accept the new policies and plans of the Forgotten Kingdom once they returned to The Realm, the Crystal Order has set themselves up as a group of heartless warriors. Not only will they openly slay any Tank Empire citizen that dear tread the Wintercrest, but they will also fight away any of the Forgotten Kingdom they see... prioritizing killing them over the player.

Work in Progress.

Cult of Panzer

As we approach the Desolate Plains, the influence of the Cult starts to become more obvious in these portions of The Realm. The Forgotten Kingdom does not take kindly to the invasion of their lands and will attack the Cult of Panzer. They, in turn, will do battle with the Forgotten Kingdom should the situation call for it. Be wary though, as the Cult will target players over them.

Work in Progress.

Shattered Coast

Since Shattered Coast is recommended for Level 32 to 44 players, enemy health and damage values are based on the expected 112-236 health of players.

Chromehook's Crew

A band of nasty seafaring thieves who dot the shores with their scurvy corruption. The pirates are led by the elusive Captain Chromehook, whose, as the name suggests, hook is made of chrome. The utility doesn't matter to the nasty pirate band; it's about how SHINY it is! Be careful, as the pirates are willing to pillage any village they find, and slay any adventurer for any glittering possessions they glimpse.

Work in Progress.

Coastal Residents

Work in Progress.

Cult of Panzer

In the large stretches of Shattered Coast, it is no surprise to find the Cult of Panzer attempting to take over such a critical area. They get forever stronger as the Tank Empire soldiers approach the Desolate Plains. The Cult of Panzer only spawns in the areas of the Shattered Coast closest to the Neverest Mountains and therefore, the Plains. They are no less ruthless and out for blood than before...

Work in Progress.

Neverest Mountains

Since Neverest Mountains is recommended for Level 32 to 44 players, enemy health and damage values are based on the expected 112-236 health of players.

Spawn of Lacus

Lacus has constructed one of the finest-tuned armies within The Realm. One of the largest and most efficient forces of destruction, the nefarious Dr. Lacus manufactured a mechanical army to guard and scour the mountains for intruders. Recently, however, following his entry to the Cult of Panzer, he now uses his army of robotic warriors to not only protect himself but act as the bulwark between the Tank Empire and the Desolate Plains...

Work in Progress.

Cult of Panzer

Since Dr. Lacus is a member of the Cult of Panzer's high elite, the Cult has been allowed to use the mountains as a final barrier between them and the Tank Empire. United, the armies of Dr. Lacus and the Archprophet both scrutinize the Mountains and make sure no corner, crevice, or passage is left unchecked constantly... None shall break into the Desolate Plains, which the Cult wants to protect from the hand of the Tank Empire so well.

Work in Progress.

Desolate Plains

Since Desolate Plains is recommended for Level 45 players, enemy health and damage values are based on the expected 138-258 health of players.

Cult of Panzer

The Cult of Panzer has an absolutely iron grip over the Desolate Plains. None enter without being a member of the Cult of Panzer, and if they do, they are to be exterminated and disposed of the soonest they can be. The heart of the Cult, the Tower of Gladii, and its leader, the Archprophet both reside here. This is dangerous territory to tread, as some of the darkest and most ruthless guard this land. Cultists are intensely concentrated here, and almost every point is kept under the vision of the Cult. They are all that is left here...

Work in Progress.

Elite Enemies

Basic Info

As you may have noticed, every single enemy group has what is called an "Elite Enemy." Elite Enemies are the rarest and strongest type within their group, but what is rare differs between groups. For example, the Nomadic Staffbearer is the Elite Enemy of the Sect of Andromeda. However, they are still decently common to find, just rare comparative to the rest of the Sect of Andromeda, as there is about one for every twelve to twenty Sect of Andromeda enemies spawned, as most of the time they spawn with them and orbit it.

Elite Enemies act as potential "mini-bosses" of the areas of The Realm, based on each group. Sometimes Elite Enemies are evolved into from previous enemies, such as the Scorpio Queen at one point possibly being a Scorpio Larva and eventually growing into a Queen.

Elite Enemies are usually more complex than the rest of the base enemies, which usually have one or two patterns they either alternate between, switch on distance from players, or go into based on health. Elite Enemies combine all of this, most of the time.

Current Elite Enemies

  • Coin Harlot (Band of Thieves)
  • Scorpio Queen (Scorpios)
  • Iron Mantle (Fused Golems)
  • Freshwater Lunatic (Freshwater Grovelers)
  • Nomadic Staffbearer (Sect of Andromeda)
  • Admiral of Darkness (City in Darkness)
  • Necromaniac (Drowned Crypt)


  • The absolute largest enemy group in The Tale of Diep.
    • This is obvious, as just about every enemy The Realm is listed here.
  • The Cult of Panzer is the only group to spawn in multiple locations, starting Toil Ridge.
    • They appear everywhere Realm Enemies spawn but Melancholy Forest, Somber Falls, and Vallard Wastes.
      • They do not appear in Melancholy Forest and Somber Falls due to not just them supposed to be easy areas, but because they are physically the furthest locations from the Desolate Plains where the Cult resides, and also due to the fact that supposedly the Tank Empire can easily keep them clear of these two areas due to their immediate vicinity.
      • Vallard Wastes, on the other hands, is a dead landscape where the Cult doesn't even bother to conquer. They could make no use of the land, the inhabitants there are unreasonable and dangerous, and not even Polygons spawn there for them to use.
  • Each area has an easy group, an elite group, and the Cult of Panzer sometimes as a third bonus. One enemy group exclusive to each area will always prove stronger and rarer than the other. It's easy to find out which is which not only based on order but just health and damage values.
  • Melancholy Forest, Somber Falls, Neverest Mountains, and Desolate Plains are the only four hostile areas not to contain three enemy groups.
    • The first two because the Cult cannot be there as prior established, as the Cult usually fills the third role.
    • Neverest Mountains because it was deemed impossible for anything or anyone to survive naturally there due to the efficient armies of Dr. Lacus and the Cult.
    • Desolate Plains for the same above reason, but Lacus does and will not keep his creations there, giving the Cult absolute control over the area.
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