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He Who Laughs In The Tower always whispered tales of an acclaimed gladiator, who even the toughest of warriors couldn't defeat. He long traveled the land before stumbling across the heart city of the Tank Empire, and entered himself into the Arena. Very quickly, Royale rose in the ranks due to his battle experience and attitude to excel.


Royale is a Hybrid. But he has a lot more in store than you think. Royale has two circles very close to his side. The left one has a wide spiked shield that functions like a Protector's shield, and the right one has a long, serrated sword that functions like the Lancer with a spike on it. The sword has a dragon symbol on it as well as a small Panzer Token symbol on the hilt end. There is a large scar on the tank itself. His barrel has a bit of damage on the end, to make it a bit chipped in some locations. Art by Graviatar.

Another image of Royale, by Diepmon.

The Call of the Challenger

(Once hitting Wave 15 in Gladiator Ladder, these words will slowly scroll from the top to the bottom as Royale announces his challenge. This piece was written by Transforming Eevee).

"Beware, all ye who stand here!

I have come to challenge you brave warriors!

Despite the clearness of who will win, I will gladly fight the best of you.

I look forward to it!"


One of the Gladiator Bosses. He is by far the strongest among them, being many many times more powerful than the second strongest. He is the Champion of Arena, its strongest! When starting the game he has the highest Arena Score of the AI bosses on the leaderboard and surpassing him on said leaderboard gets the player the special title "True Champion".

Should he spawn, players must unite to take him down, or should he claim another couple hundred lives and add them to his prestige...

The Fight

Note: All attack names are in Latin.

  • Perdere: Will aim and fire Destroyer bullets at players like a usual Hybrid. This lasts for a few seconds.
  • Ictum: Stabs his lance forward. Tanks hit directly take a lot of damage, but a bullet shaped like a lance will fly forward after, doing less damage than the initial strike, however.
  • Testudine: Acts like a Protector, and sets up a barrier with his shield hand.
  • Dio Segmentum: His lance will extend 5x longer, and he will swing it from his right to his left.
  • Confringet Arma: Will smash a player with his shield hand, inflicting Broken onto them and doing some damage.
  • Potest Iecit: Will charge up his cannon, and release a giant bullet that splits into four Destroyer bullets a few seconds later. These bullets fly out evenly spaced in four directions. This attack causes him to get pushed back a lot though.
  • Fucus Cultro: Will pump out six Drones that follow him around and attempt to take shots for him. They will only attack players if they get really close to Royale.
  • Gladiatores: Twelve powerful AI-controlled Tier 3 tanks will spawn in and chase/fire at players until death.
  • Imperium: Will take 8 Players, and throw them away across the map, as to keep numbers in his favor.
  • Confringes: Will pull a player right in front him with a Griever hook, go Invincible, and smack them with his lance. They will spin backward, and get four random Debuffs.
  • Praesidio: Will hold up his shield in front of him, lightly push it forward, and release a spreading wave of twenty bullets.
  • Ut Mortem: Grabs a random player from the crowd on a Griever hook, pulls them in front of him, and shoots them right in the face with a Destroyer bullet.


Royale will call out lines mid-battle using the Chat system in the game. These can be said randomly or in response to certain things happening.

  • "You cannot attest to my defeat. It is impossible!"
  • "Very few have bested the mighty Royale. I doubt you will be one of them."
  • "You fight together in a mighty cluster, but none of you would dare stand against me alone!"
  • "Your rank in the arena matters not to me. You shall all perish unto me the same!"
  • "I hear your chants. You call my name unto death. Dishonorable."
  • "You may speak your final words. I'll allow it."
  • "You do not get where I stand now by showing mercy to thy opponent. Learn from me well..."
  • "Come closer little one. Your death is nigh. I look forward to it." (When using Ut Mortem)
  • "I too have those loyal to me. But unlike you I do not rely upon them, ah ha ha." (When using Gladiatores)
  • "You have bested me, I shall admit it. But your victory was not honorable. I challenge all of you to stare me down one on one when I have recovered. This is not the last time you shall hear from the great Royale...!" (Upon defeat)

Arena Score

Arena Score is a measure of a player's skill and fame inside of the Arena, which is a legal corporation inside of the Tank Empire. It allows tanks to compete and battle with each other in various games for sport, and those who are the best become celebrities among tank-kind. Royale, since his admission, has risen to the top of the rankings due to his dedication and battle skill. Arena Score is measured in Arena Points.

When viewing the global leaderboards, Royale will most likely be number one at the very top, with the second being the actual number one human player (unless someone manages to pass him). When the game first launches, Royale will be set at 20,000 Arena Points, and it will increase by 100-200 every day thereafter, randomly selected at the start of every day. It would take some serious dedication to pass him, but doing it at launch is the best bet. If Royale IS passed, he will congratulate the player that did it in a Transmission, and then tell them he will strive once more to surpass them and that he 'looks forward to it'. If Royale is any less than 1st place on the global leaderboards, he will begin receiving 150-300 Arena Points at the end of every day and can be encountered outside of Boss Frenzy. The spawn chance of Gladiator Ladder gamemode will be doubled if he is lower than first place.


  • Before an update, only the last three attack names were in Latin, but as of September 5th, they all are.
    • The Call of the Challenger was originally also written in Latin, but was changed due to possibility of translation errors into its English form. It was written by Transforming Eevee.
    • If you're lazy, you can Google Translate the attack names. :P
  • I name myself Royale every time I play Hybrid, and that's where I got the idea from.
    • By April 2017), it was realized that Royale would actually be much more prominent than once thought, seeing as almost all non-story game modes happen in his domain, the arena. So Arena Score and his presence were created to add a lot more life to the world.
  • Royale's design predates the design for Tanks, where the body consists of two smaller circles that represent hands. Ironically he is suppose to be a tank himself, but it was not reflected for all tanks for a while after his creation.
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