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Royale Gladiators are the enemies that spawn during the first fourteen waves of the Gladiator Ladder game mode. They are lesser members of the arena who have decided to follow the path where Royale guides, as he is the most acclaimed and feared of the competitors in Arena, there is no reason to make enemies with him. They are based around the actual types of Roman gladiators from forever ago. Do not underestimate them, or risk death with no mercy.

Royale Gladiators will also rarely spawn as regular enemies in game modes affected by Arena Score. This is detailed more at it in the Trivia.


  • Cestus: The Cestus are Level 30 sized tanks with a metal front half and a half-hexagon hull like that of a Smasher that doesn't rotate also on the front. They will attempt to charge at players who wander into their line of sight at 2x speed, and inflict Stunned for 3 seconds with heavy knockback when they land a hit. Have 400 health.
  • Dimachaerus: Helmeted tanks with two small Auto Turrets, one on each side. Each Auto Turret has a lance, which it will swing back and forth rapidly when approaching. Dimachaerus will occasionally stick both directly outward and do a spin attack, or cross their blades, kick up dust while standing in place, and then dash while uncrossing their swords again, dealing a double damage strike with increased knockback. Have 1000 health.
  • Gallus: Slow moving large tanks with helmets and armor so adorned and heavy looking you can barely see the tank body behind it all. Has two Auto Turrets like the Dimachaerus, one on each side, armored at the joints much like the Wicked Prince. On the left one is a large, wide sword-like lance, and on the right one is a long thin shield. Shots that hit the shield will be reflected back, and it will actively move the shield as to defend shots that come up on its right. As for its sword, it swings slowly, but deals a hefty hit, inflicting Broken for 3 seconds! Have a hearty 2300 health and phase in and out of Armored due to their weight of armor.
  • Laquearius: Small but annoying Grievers that actually go through two phases depending on their first attack. Laquearius move incredibly fast, speeding around players and attempting to aim the perfect shot. They have one chance to use their Griever hook... When they fire the hook, it permanently detaches, and a short but wide lance will grow out of the front where the Griever set up once was. The hook if it hits a player, inflicts Paralyzed and Stunned for 2 seconds. The Laquearius will then run in and attempt to stab the player with its lance. They only have about 700 health though.
  • Provocator: Large tanks that have a single Protector shield on the front, and a long lance set up on a Ranger trapezoid on their back. While the shield is facing the direction they are moving, Provocators are very slow. Should they decide to charge by having their lance be in front, they will gradually pick up speed until landing into an object, or having to turn. Unlike the Gallus, the Provocators do not reflect bullets. They just take half damage if hit from the shielded side. When Provocators get close enough to a player while in shielded state, they will rapidly rotate and attempt to smack the player with their lance. If they miss, they will begin spinning dizzily and get Confused for a couple of seconds. Have 1600 health.
  • Rudiarius: Gladiators who have much experience, in the art of fighting, they can be quite the foe on the battleground. Rudiarius are among the strangest things to battle in The Tale of Diep, as they realistically will decide an action based on what the player is doing. Rudiarius will try to move and flank players who fire at them, it will dash out of the way to the side if charged at and stab inward as they pass, etc. All kinds of fun and realistic AI battle strategies can be worked into the Rudiarius. They are standard though, with a simple 1200 health. Among the toughest and rarest of the enemies to fight in this list. They look much like Gallus but a lot less armored, and their lance is notably made of a wooden texture...
  • Sagittarius: Ranged gladiators the Sagittarius are, they come in the form of standard Ballista tanks. They will back away when players approach, firing off arrows at them from a distance. Occasionally a Sagittarius will stutter its shot, and then release three black shots that inflict Paralyzed for 2 seconds in the pattern of a Tri Shot. Have a low 600 health however, due to their annoying and evasive nature.
  • Secutor: Scary massive tanks that look like Gallus but with even heavier armor assets, and only two small eye holes on the metal body instead of an actual helmet-esque design. Secutor have less health than Gallus funny enough, but are much quicker, and immune to all debuffs. They will charge after players while parting their shield and massive blade, before crushing down upon an opponent, pushing them far away with a powerful and usually fatal swing. They are usually Armored, but will go out of it if hit enough times fast enough. Have 1700 health and are fearsome.
  • Velites: Pretty small, but unarmored tanks with a single Auto Turret on their left side. From that Auto Turret is a long thin line with a spearhead at the end. The spear itself is about 6 tiles long. Velites are swift, and can strike powerfully from afar. They do not have much health though, and can be easily outmatched from a distance. Have a mere 300 health.

Special Event

Arcane Golem


Very rarely (about 1/100 chance), if there is a Prophet sitting in the stands, there is a small chance for this enemy to spawn as a miniboss, replacing one of the fourteen beginning waves. Should this event initiate, a laugh will sound, and purple light will begin emitting from where the Prophet is sitting in the stands. Following this, a giant Portal will appear in the top-center of the arena. Following this, a bunch of light gray Polygons will begin shooting out in random directions for a second, before the Portal collapses and all the Polygons will merge together to form a giant polygon golem. When the Arcane Golem spawns, both screams and louder cheers will begin being heard from the crowd. If the Arcane Golem is not killed within 4 minutes, its eyes will turn red, and it will leap out of the arena by charging through tanks in the stands, causing havoc and going out to cause damage to the Realm. Following this, the waves will continue as normal, as only one Arcane Golem can appear per run of Gladiator Ladder.


It's body is made up of a giant light gray Alpha Pentagon with cracks in it. It has two eyes, both dark gray octagons with Elder Furthark runes on them. When spawned, the left eye has a glowing purple Ansuz symbol on it, and the right a glowing purple Gyfu rune symbol (These will change throughout the battle). Its shoulders are large stone triangles, both with Berkanan symbols (the right one being inverted), and the arms are twin strings of stone squares kind of clustered together. The two hands at the end are larger Pentagons (but not Alpha Pentagon-sized), each with the Hagalaz symbols. Various cracks cover the rest of the golem. The Arcane Golem has 5000 health.


The Arcane Golem moves very slowly, swinging its arms forward and backward as it approaches players. In its default state, it will wander after players, attempting to smash players with its fists. When a fist slams into the ground (the game will have depth), a shockwave of bullets will be sent forward from the impact zone, with high knockback that will inflict Stunned for 2 seconds. It will spend most of the battle doing this.

Every once in a while, the Arcane Golem will raise both of its arms next to its head, and its eyes will begin flashing between all the Elder Futhark rune symbols. Not every symbol ever is used. While they start different, following the first use of this, they will be both the same symbol. When the ability or behavior change associated with the rune ends, they will still remain that rune symbol until the next use of its eye change.

  • Fehu: If its eyes become the Fehu symbol, it will raise both of its arms and slam them down, sending out a ring of large stone bullets in all directions in a random assortment.
  • Raido: If its eyes become the Raido symbol, the golem will begin vibrating, and charge in the direction of the closest player, before throwing its arms out in that direction and sliding forward. If the golem slams into the wall, stone Polygons will be fired out in all directions away from the wall and the golem will suffer 200 damage.
  • Dagaz: If its eyes become the Dagaz symbol, the arena will darken (funny enough, as it means 'day'), and the golem will open a Portal from one of its hands, which will then begin releasing Dungeon Crawlers. The Arcane Golem is Armored until all Dungeon Crawlers are killed, as well the arena will brighten again when that happens too.
  • Isaz: If the eyes become the Isaz symbol, the Arcane Golem will glow bright blue for a second, and the screen will flash white, as all players become Slowed for 4 seconds.

This will generally all occur until the Arcane Golem dies, or four minutes pass.


  • Royale Gladiators are all named after real historical Roman gladiator types. Not all types were used, but the ones I knew I could work with and adopt into tank enemies.
    • Arcane Golem is an exception to this.
  • Royale Gladiators can also spawn in game modes effected by Arena Score, as after all, they are just regular competitors like the players in the Arena. If they spawn, which is particularly rare, they will have a random Arena Score rank associated with them (with lower ranks being more likely, and a Royale Gladiator cannot be a True Champion), and be given a random number of points between 10k and 40k when spawned. They will collect points and kill players to gather score until death. Royale Gladiators will not appear on the leaderboard, and will give score when killed as if they were a player, which is according to how much they had.
    • The Arcane Golem is an exception to this.
  • The Arcane Golem was an idea by Teamerz in concept, but the final representation was done by me.
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