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Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

The Scientist is a member of the massive Lancer branch, upgrading from the Injector at Level 45. It messes around with what the Injector once did. Created by Zathsu.


The Scientist is no longer a transparent vaccine-like tank. It has an opaque cyan body again. From the front comes a Ranger-barrel like trapezoid with two lances on it. They are shorter than any other upgrade, but deal some good damage and make escape hard for the victim. There is a Drone Spawner on the back.


  • Like the Injector, the Scientist does not have the charge ability of most of the Lancer branch.
  • Upon contact with your lances, opponents will slow down for 6 seconds until eventually becoming Paralyzed for 2 seconds. This makes escape hard.
  • From the back spawner come two Drones that actually CAN be controlled, unlike a Hybrid. They are controllable because the mouse has no other purpose as a Scientist, because it does not have the charge attack.
    • Like the Hybrid, these Drones are tougher than an Overseer's because there are less of them.


  • There is no trivia, but there also is because the page would be awkwardly short.
  • Okay I lied, there is trivia. This is part of the FIFTH subdivision of the Lancer branch, the others (as of this page's creation) being: Navigator, Bastion, Trailblazer, and Winged Hussar.
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