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The Cult killed the first witness. And they'll behead me too if they find out, heh heh heh...


The Second Witness is one of the Gladiator Bosses, which have a chance to replace normal boss spawns. The Second Witness will spawn in place of Adversary while the Seven Steps of the Sanctum are in the process of being completed. Should he be killed, the server WILL close.


The Second Witness looks like Adversary (which shares similarity with The Wolf), but once again, there are oddities. It has a large black circular body, and has two red eyes near the front (though medical bandages cover it and wrap the rest of the body diagonally). Instead of having little Auto Turrets for arms, the Second Witness has two detached hands, which are black circles that have five fingers, each made of two long thin conjoined barrels. They aren't completely detached and super far off, they do hover really close to the front of his body. He has a much wider Hunter barrel at the front of his face. Like the other two he's based on, has a tail made of conjoined gray triangles that whip around as one entity like a tail.


The Second Witness, not known as that at the time, was desperate. Not knowing what lie ahead of him, he visited the Tower of Gladii, a guest of a powerful duke with connections to the Archprophet himself. And so, he attended the meeting his master had to make with the feared and powerful leader of the Cult of Panzer. And during this meeting, the Archprophet laid out his nefarious plots to the duke, and then offered they pledge allegiance to him or face death. Knowing they wouldn't escape the room alive if they refused, everyone not already holding weapons to their head begged mercy and gave in. But the Second Witness was having none of it, and in his act of rebellion and escape, got his master killed by the Archprophet for treason because of his action. The duke is now known as the First Witness. And he, who stands before us now, is the Second. But in a final act to stop him, the Archprophet but a despicable curse on him, so that whenever he tries to explain what he saw that day... he becomes a horrific monster that kills everything in sight...

Attacks and Abilities

Note: Tears of Panzer will spawn around him throughout the fight.

  • Martyrdom: Will close his one visible eye as if in pain, and then release a Missile (the things the new unnamed Destroyer upgrade use). Upon hitting something, it will explode in all directions as smaller missiles with only one small shooter directly on the back of the missile.
  • Incarcerate: Will whip one of his arms outward as a fast, grabbing a player in front of him, and pulling them back close to him. They will then proceed to take damage over time while remaining in the clutches of the Second Witness. Players held by him will be Stunned and Paralyzed. He will proceed to do attacks (though due to their nature, none will hit the player he holds). Once he is done grasping the player, he will throw them away and heal himself for as much damage as he dealt.
  • Storm: From his left hand (he uses the right in Incarcerate), a blast of randomly sized bullets of random speeds will be fired out as he strafes from left to right or vice versa.
  • Conceal: Wraps into a circle (no barrels as well) and has bandages pretty much as his entire body sprite. He will summon five Tears of Panzer and will not come out of hiding (he is Invulnerable until they're all dead) until all five Tears are killed.
  • Charge: A roar will sound, as his entire body flashes red, before growing in size. He will then charge forward, instantly killing all he connects with, but loses the health of whatever he hits himself. So crash him into a Summoner or something, and he'll lose pretty much half of his health pool.
  • Undefined: Will act like a normal 'Unnamed Destroyer Upgrade' for a few seconds. Shots fired inflict Slowed.
  • Prance: Will use his tail to deflect bullets incoming at him. If they bounce off the tail, they get reflected back and can hurt players. It is called Prance, as his sprite and tail will quickly rotate to reflect pretty much all incoming bullets (though of course he will fail at times).
  • Crash Fist: Only while Incarcerate is not in use. Will ball both of his hands into fists, and launch them forward. They will begin releasing rotating rings of bullets of varying sizes and speeds. Upon sustaining 500 damage, a fist will go back to him. If a hand is destroyed, players have 8 seconds to destroy the other before his other hand comes back. Second Witness is Invulnerable until both hands are destroyed within 8 seconds of each other. Hands will phase in and out of Armored.


  • The third in the line of The Wolf, Adversary, and now himself.
    • Whether he is harder than Adversary or not is arguable.
  • Wasn't going to be based off the new tank until I realized it had a Hunter-like barrel.
  • It was already hinted on the Gladiator Bosses page that Second Witness was similar to Adversary, hence the Hunter-like barrel line continuing. I figured that with the new tank that has a Hunter-like barrel that fired a new type of ammunition, it would be clever.
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