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Seven is a lucky number. He has all the seven! Seven cannons, seven sides, seven corners. This particular guy meets all my standards. - Septuar


The Septashot is a heptagonal boss with seven Auto Cannon in total, one per side.

This boss is based on a polygon idea, Heptagons



The Septashot is among one of the simplest bosses found, it has seven auto cannons that are nearly identical to the ones from the defender, just more of them.

This boss is only slightly smaller than an Alpha Pentagon. Septashot

The Profile








Boss Stats

This boss has 3,000 health, and regenerates 5 HP per second. This boss will deal 13 HP of body damage per hit. It has a view of a level 45 auto-5 tank. This boss will award 35,000 EXP and points when destroyed. It takes 40% less damage from enemy ammunition.

Auto Cannons

There are seven auto cannons on this boss, each having ~51.4 degrees of vision for each direction. They can't turn in towards the body. They rapidly fire small, medium-high penetration, medium damage bullets. Same reload as an in-upgraded machine gun. The bullets move fairly quickly. Like all auto cannons, they aim at the nearest and most powerful tanks. They bullets are yellow. About 3-4 auto cannons will fire at once if there is only one target.


This boss fallows a specific path around the map, it curves around the bases areas for team gamemodes. It moves as fast as the Summoner. It will continue to fight even when at low health.

Polygons won't get damaged from the boss.


(My predictions)

  • Strong Against: Low Reload Tanks, Snipers (Unless far away), Spread-DPS Classes like Penta-shot or Spread-Shot, Ramming Builds, Trappers.
  • Weak Against: High Focused Fire DPS classes like Streamliner or Triplet, Overseer Classes (If played correctly), Snipers (if far away).

This boss might be similar to fighting the Auto-5 Classes, though it is a bit different, the bullets are much smaller and faster like the defender's. There are also two more auto cannons, which can often make streams of small tough bullets that can tear through single bullets. Trappers could deflect some, but the small size allows them to go through small separations. Destroyer classes might be able to hit the boss, but the low reload would expose them to the bullets, making them very vulnerable. High DPS classes that has focused fire can quickly block the bullets with their long streams. The Boss doesn't target ammunition like bullets or drones, so overseer classes might be able to bombard it with drones if they are careful. Snipers might get an edge of this boss since it has a smaller view than most Snipers. Which allows them to shoot bullets at the boss and it won't retaliate since it can't see it, however if the sniper gets close to the boss, it might also have the similar situation like the destroyers. Ramming classes are not going to bare well with this boss only because of the auto cannons, it will knock back any potential ramming tanks.


  • This boss is the simplest boss made by Graviatar so far.
  • This boss is essentially an Auto-5 with two more cannons and smaller bullets.
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