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Septaur is the second youngest of the Disciples of the Polygons, and is the type who doesn't like to get his hands dirty. A proud business owner who manages to form alliances with two completely different factions. Septaur is not somebody to fuss around with. As a strict and formidable business overlord of Toil Ridge; there is no end to his ever-growing economic power. Industries are placed all over, made to provide resources for the Polygons and his allies. Destroying Septaur's hard work would enrage him. When the situation calls for it, he'll be there to smack his fiendish targets. Beware of his hammer and his short temper.


Septaur is one of the eight Disciples of the Polygons. He is the second-youngest member and has a particularly short temper. Within Toil Ridge, he and his gigantic economic empire dominate all form of trade. Septaur is a brilliant strategist in business, and acts like the central hub for not only the Polygons, but other factions like the City in Darkness and even the Cult of Panzer in some cases. Arguably the most wealthy Disciple, Septaur cares a lot about his business. Wrongdoing that would uproot any advancement would anger him greatly, and he would seize those who sabotage his success.

Septaur established great alliances with many factions. The City in Darkness was the first to agree and become an ally. He provided them protection and resources in return for access to their sophisticated underground network of tunnels. His Edifice is even directly connected with them, being mostly submerged near the giant crevice that cuts through Toil Ridge, otherwise known as Mantle Fissure. With the City in Darkness on his side, Septaur can also deal with the less favorable group: Sect of Andromeda.

Another alliance is more controversial to both Polygons and the Cult. Gaius the High Prophet settled her province within Toil Ridge. While it seem to be rivalry actually became a favor for Septaur. Gaius's goal is to preserve the Realm's Illumina Crystals and life forces, which polygons are one of the key beings of this. Septaur accepted the contract offered to him in confidence that Gaius will help him, and she did at some extent. This is crucial, because this show some unification between the Polygons and the Cult. Yet due to these relations, other Disciples like Pentavian, scrutinized this mutual relationship with high skepticism. While in the Cult's perspective, huge debates and feuds from Allegor the High Prophet arose because of this. Allegor sees Septaur as a pompous buffoon of a disciple that is a bad influence for any trustworthy member because of his "sleazy" deals. Septaur dislikes Allegor because of this. Ennealis, while not entirely supportive to Septaur, is fond of him since he has decent relations with one the the High Prophets of the Cult. Hexen is also a fan of Septaur, considering him as an essential chance to resolve animosity between Polygons and the Cult of Panzer.

Septaur's wealth can also provide some finical support among the Polygons and his allies. Because of his location, he has a LOT of resources. Ranging from various precious ores, stone, and magic energy from the core itself. He rules a big portion of the productivity of refined resources, which are sent across the Realm to build weaponry and have a means of protection. Septaur's Paramarchs are also important for maintaining the productivity of his industry. Some actually devoted a portion of their time working on many business related activities.

Septaur represents the Heptagons and every defender associated with them. Septaur, along with the other Polygon Disciples, is located in the heart of his Edifice. He is located right next to the massive crevice in Toil Ridge. His complex is filled with the Heptagon-based inhabitants and the keepers that await any intruders. They will be fought first before facing down the ruler of them all.


Septaur is a large heptagon with armor around his body and a wide spawner on the bottom. He has smaller heptagons for hands, connected to the body by arms made of one smaller heptagon each and both also having armor. One hand has a cannon similar to a Vulcan barrel setup but with more detail with the rectangle near the top and a heptagon gauntlet. The other hand has a huge hammer/battle axe with trapezoid blades/faces (they are sharp around the edges). Septaur himself has a Wicked Prince-like visor on his helmet that is down. He also has two gray horns on his helmet, and a golden stripe on another gray trapezoid centered on the helmet, where his heptagon gem sits.


Septaur has a total HP of 65,000. He has a 40% baseline resistance to damage, his resistances can be reduced to a minimum of 10% (even while under the broken effect). Septaur regenerates very slowly, 4 HP every second for all parts, regeneration does increase by 500% if left alone for over two minutes (though it's rare for that to happen). He has a base body damage of 60 HP, 40 HP for his hands. Septaur will take half the damage from fire-based attacks.

Septaur can summon various enemies, ranging from Heptagons and Crashers to even bosses such as Septashot, Trapperzoid, Heptazoid, Trape Fighter, Warship, and Excubitor. He has an ability to summon many Nest Defenders as well. In Phase 2, where his hands loose their weapons, Septaur can summon boss entities.

Between attacks, Septaur can whack players with his hammer or spray a wave of tiny bullets back and forth.

The bottom spawner spawns 1 normal heptagon every 3 seconds, with a maximum of 80. Every third or fourth heptagon (50% for each outcome) will be replaced by a 2 Splitter Hexagons or 9 Groupers (large or small) or 5 Disrupters (large or small) or 7 Trapezoid Tankers. There is a maximum of 175 Crashers of any type, big or small, in the room at one time created by Septaur's spawner. Neither limits apply to polygons and Crashers used in Septaur's attacks.

Septaur's attacks are both reliant on the weapons he has and limited summoning abilities.

Septaur is mainly defensive, although less so than Pentavian. He builds walls of trapezoids and heptagons and fires from behind them or whacks them to send them flying everywhere. He isn't the kind of guy who likes to get hurt... and he does occasionally get very angry.

The Fight

Phase 1

During this phase of the battle, he is in the center of the arena on a cushion, staying still as more players join in with his hammer with its head side on the floor next to him. Septaur stands up, kicks away his cushion, and speaks his monologue. His first attack will block the exit and is only used once. Several large Trapezoids are created to block the exit of his arena. Polygons created by Septaur will not reward any EXP.

Septaur is invulnerable during Phase 1, and only when its hands HP reaches 0 will cause Septaur to enter Phase 2. The hands that are "destroyed" lose all of its weapons and become invulnerable, but useless. Attacks that require the weapons will be disabled.

  • ENGAGE!: Septaur raises his hammer above him as the middle part of the two connecting trapezoid parts shines brilliantly. Seven beams fire out towards the exit and summons a thick wall of large Trapezoids the size of Trapperzoid's body. They are bound together and forms an impenetrable wall. Tanks that hits the wall will not sustain any damage while bullets fired onto the wall will reflect back at them. Some say there might be an army of shield runners behind...


  • Axe Swing: Septaur raises his hammer-axe weapon and swings it at nearby players. If hit they will suffer massive damage and will be knocked away.
  • Boomerangs: The trapezoids on the hammer-axe Septaur is holding will break off and start spinning in two circular directions. The Trapezoids are invulnerable while broken off. As it progresses, Septaur will move in diagonal directions across the arena. The trapezoids will hit with immense force and will kick away players once hit as they sustain high damage. The two trapezoids will then connect back onto the hammer.
  • Whack!: Similar to Octrax's Shockwave attack, Septaur swings his hammer-axe very quickly and the sudden stop at the end will create a rippling shockwave that will expand outward for 30 tiles in radius from the impact zone. Tanks hit by the shockwave, are dealt damage scaling from how close they are to Septaur's hammer when it hits the ground. It's medium-high up close and low far away.

Septaur's hammer/battle-axe. It's both, so shush.

  • Gunwave: Will raise his Vulcan cannon in front of himself and fires it for 15 seconds as he alternates patterns from sine-waves to straight rows and x-patterns, each cannon firing a bullet with 0.4 seconds of delay. The bullets themselves have low penetration and damage. Septaur will move around in horizontal directions as he fires it. At the end of his attack, the cannon appears to become red-hot on the tips and thus must cool down for the next two attacks, with one exception...
  • Heat-exhaust: Used rarely after his Gunwave attack, his burning Vulcan cannon will begin firing out flaming bullets with reduced reload. The bullets will inflict Burning for 2 seconds after being hit. It will immediately happen after the Gunwave attack and will persist for 5 seconds. Once the attack is completed, Septaur can not use the Vulcan cannon for the next three Attacks, however his hand with the cannon will become armored.
  • Grouper Swarm: Will create 45-60 Grouper Crashers, with random size variants. The groups will behave as independent collections and will not be controlled by Septaur.
  • Disruption: Will create a swarm of 15-28 Disrupter Crashers with random size variants.
  • Tanker Army: Will create a swarm of 18-32 Trapezoid Tankers and commands them to target connected groups of players.
  • Hammer Punch: Septaur shoves his hammer hand bluntly into a tank. Like other attacks of the same name used by other bosses, this does medium-high damage and inflicts heavy knockback with Dazed and Stunned for 8 seconds.
  • Vulcan Vortex: Septaur launches out a continuous stream of bullets from his Vulcan cannon. Instead of going straight, they start spiraling around Septaur to form a shield. The bullets ring will draw tanks in to do damage, and since there are a lot of them it does a considerable amount of damage.
  • Overheat: Septaur glows red with anger, and swings his hammer wildly in random directions, dealing high damage and knockback. This lasts for 15 seconds, however, he reduces his resistance buff to 25% for the duration of this attack.

Septaur's Vulcan cannon.

  • By The Pound: Septaur summons 10 normal Heptagons, and sends all of them flying into the nearest tank to deal body damage. The placement of the heptagons is random. Said heptagons vanish when hitting a boundary or tank, while still sustaining their body damage values.
  • Fortify: Septaur summons a curved wall of alternating trapezoids and Beta Heptagons in front of him, with 3 trapezoids in between each Beta Heptagon. He fires with his Vulcan weapon from behind it (if it is still active) and continuously replenishes the polygons making up the wall for the next 30 seconds. He regenerates 2000 health total for any hand that is still armed with a weapon. Only happens 4 times during Phase 1, it happens every 8 attacks.
  • Trapezoid Rain: Both of Septaur's hands forms five large Trapezoids around them, and he'll put his weapons on his back. They each have 1,000 HP, they deal 19 HP of body damage, and will reflect bullets shot by players as his own. As the attack progresses, 70 Splitter Hexagons appear to fall onto the arena. Septaur will throw out his right hand at players to attempt to punch them away. His hands are armored during this attack. Only happens 3 times during Phase 1, it happens every 10 attacks.
  • Loyal Servants: Septaur raises his left hand and summons 5 Royal Trapezoids and 6 Machinist Nest Defenders. Only happens 2 times during Phase 1, it happens every 12 attacks.
  • Perpendiculus's Support: Only occurs when Perpendiculus is still alive (unless he is in battle), a large purple portal appears in front of Septaur and a swarm of 200 Summoner Squares flood the arena to create havoc. Only happens once during Phase 1 after 30 attacks. Septaur will resume to attack after all squares enter his arena. A quote from Perpendiculus is said during this attack.

Phase 2

When Septaur's hands are disabled, he enters Phase 2. Septaur moves faster and his hand/body armor first cracks around the edges and then breaks. He teleports into the center of the arena at the very beginning of Phase 2. Bullets fired at the hands will go through them. Septaur's visor falls off. As for his Hammer/Axe, at the beginning of Phase 2, he drops it onto the ground. After his first boss wave is completed, Septaur picks it up again and reveals its additional mechanic, where the holder of the two Trapezoids appear to split from the middle and expand out, revealing a hidden dominator cannon. Septaur can now summon bosses such as Septashot, Heptazoid, Trape Fighter, Warship, Trapperzoid, and Excubitor. All of these bosses will reward EXP, excluding their minions. During a boss summon, Septaur will be invulnerable until the boss/bosses die. He can not attack while a boss is in session. After the boss dies, Septaur will resume attacking until the loss of 7,600 HP has been reached. For every 7,600 HP lost, Septaur will summon a boss or multiple bosses as the following:

Boss Spawning Order:

  • At 38,600 HP: Trape Fighter
  • At 31,000 HP: Heptazoid + Two Septashots or Excubitor + Two Trapperzoids.
  • At 23,400 HP: Warship + Excubitor + Heptazoid.
  • At 15,800 HP: Two Heptazoids + Three Trapperzoids or Two Excubitors + Three Trape Fighters or Three Septashots + Warship or Five Trape Fighters
  • At 8,200 HP: Two Warships + Two Heptazoids or Two Warships + Two Excubitors or Two Warships + Three Trape Fighters or Three Septashots + Three Trapperzoids.
  • At 600 HP: Warship + Excubitor + Heptazoid + Trapperzoid + Septashots + Two Trape Fighters.


During the between sessions of the boss summoning, Septaur will do these attacks randomly. If Septaur reaches the 7,600 HP mark, he'll become invulnerable and waits for the attack to be finished.

  • Grouper Swarm II: Will create 60-75 Grouper Crashers, with random size variants. The groups will behave as independent collections and will not be controlled by Septaur.
  • Disruption II: Will create a swarm of 17-32 Disrupter Crashers with random size variants.
  • Tanker Army II: Will create a swarm of 26-38 Trapezoid Tankers and commands them to target connected groups of players.
  • Trapezoid Rain II: Around his body, Septaur forms seven large Trapezoids. They each have 1,200 HP, they deal 22 HP of body damage and will reflect bullets shot by players as his own. As the attack progresses, 90 Splitter Hexagons spawn within his presence. Septaur will move very fast, using his extra armor to charge at players and deal body damage. He is armored during this attack
  • Overheat II: Septaur glows red with anger, and charges horn-first in random directions, dealing high damage and knockback. This lasts for 20 seconds, but he loses his additional 33% damage resistance buffs for the duration of this attack.
  • By The Pound II: Septaur summons 12 Beta Heptagons and sends all of them flying into the nearest tank to deal body damage. The placement of the heptagons is random. Said beta heptagons vanish when hitting a boundary or tank, while still sustaining their body damage values.
  • Searing Rage: Septaur glows red like in Overheat II, but instead of charging everywhere, he jumps on top of tanks to deal high damage and inflict Bleeding for 6 seconds.
  • Fortify II: Septaur summons a curved wall of alternating trapezoids and Beta Heptagons in front of him, with 3 trapezoids in between each Beta Heptagon. He continuously replenishes the polygons making up the wall for the next 30 seconds. He regenerates 1200 health total, and this attack cannot be used more than 4 times in one phase. Defending this time is different, as he sets up stationary Tankers in groups of 7 (hexagon formation with one in the middle) along his wall of polygons.
  • Uranus: Septaur moves to the back of the room, and summons 25 Trapezoid Tankers to move in a circle one layer thick around his body. He then summons 15 Small Disrupters in an inner circle, then 35 Groupers in an outer ring, and 50 Trapezoid Crashers on the outside. Rings move counter to each other, with the outermost Trapezoid Crasher ring rotating clock waist. To get to Septaur, blast holes in his rings. Once a ring has lost at least 3/8ths of its Crashers, it disintegrates and the Crashers pursue their own targets.
  • Cushy Impact: Used only once, due to its nature. Septaur picks up the cushion that he kicked aside at the beginning of the fight and tosses it at a group of players, smothering those caught under and immobilizing them until they can destroy it. It has 4,000 HP and deals no damage on impact. Once destroyed it will burst into a bunch of fluff that will not deal any damage and will vanish 15 seconds afterward.
  • Bunsen Burner: Septaur clasps his hands together and his hands begins to turn red and glows orange. Shortly after both hands ignite into flames. He "blows" into it and creates a burst of fire that inflicts tanks with Burning for 6 seconds within range in the direction. After the attack, Septaur's hands appear to cool down, even while during other attacks.
  • Carrier X: Septaur summons 32 Groupers, and they form 4 lines of 8 rotating around him. Each merges into one giant Grouper, and he sends them flying into players, causing them to explode into small groups of 8 again.
  • Septic Blast: Septaur sprays out a dark orange liquid (possibly oil) from his spawner that initially travels in a straight line, but then spews out in all directions a short distance away from Septaur. The liquid inflicts Burning for however long players are in it, but it only lasts for 4.5 seconds maximum and will not have any after-effects. The "oil" lasts for 12 seconds before seemingly vaporizing.
  • Septaria: Septaur smashes the ground, causing cracks to form in the shapes of irregularly shaped heptagons. Fire blasts out of these rifts, dealing high damage if touched. The cracks will follow a preset pattern every time this attack is used, but the starting orientation will be changed each time. Cracks and rifts disappear after 3 seconds.
  • Septentrion: Septaur moves to the top of the room and summons seven heptagons in front of him, which spin as they dash at players to deal body damage. They explode on impact into 4 Groupers.

Death Phase

When Septaur reaches the 600 HP mark and after the bosses are defeated, Septaur initiates his final phase. He will do a continuous version of By The Pound II, but summoning 4 Alpha Heptagons a second and sending them flying at tanks 25% faster (2 at a time) to deal damage. Said Alpha Heptagons disappear on impact with any tank or wall, while still dealing body damage. During the course of that, Septaur will actively be moving around trying to avoid any form of enemy ammunition and he will direct any existing Crashers and Heptagons to form a barrier around him as a makeshift shield of last resort.

The trapezoid barrier that was formed from his first attack will vanish, revealing a hidden swarm of 50 shield runners that all pour in at an instance. Destroying them aren't necessary to defeat the boss, just deal enough damage to Septaur and it's over.

If every tank present during Septaur's final moment has died, he will remain in the arena, tired and warn out from his use of attacks. He remains silent as the screen fades.

However, if Septaur's HP finally reaches 0, he kneels down and white cracks begin forming all around his body, any Heptagon in range around him starts to lose their color, turning gray. Septaur then suddenly vaporizes with a white flash on the screen, leaving only the helmet behind on top of a pile of ashes. All heptagons and polygons associated to them with a huge radius around the death of Septaur will have halved HP and resistances. Any heptagon-based bosses/mini-bosses that were present near the fortress where Septaur has been defeated will greatly reduce in HP and Resistances, and Superior Heptagon nests will stop spawning heptagons for a long time around its destruction area...


Introduction During Battle

  • "Listen up, you puny tanks! I wanted to just sit here on my cushion, ordering my subjects around!... I ought to be working on my business! Everything would have been fine. And what do YOU do? You raid my fortress, kill my servants, and knock down my doors! I didn't want it to be this way, but since you WANTED to be this way!... I'll make your filthy empire pay me your reparations!

*Septaur picks up his hammer*

During Battle

Phase 1


Phase 2


Death Phase



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