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The notorious speedster that has been on the wanted list for years... - Overdrive.


The Slider is a Polygon Boss that can appear in areas such as Somber Falls, and Melancholy Forest. It is unique for its presence in the Arena, and is also one of the quickest bosses that a player may encounter. It is one of the bosses related to the Hexagons, and a boss version of Green Runners.

Unlike any other Polygon-Based bosses, it is involved with the Arena, with even an Arena Score. BGM <soundcloud url="https://soundcloud.com/gcomet/diep-pulsarslidertrapefighter-theme" height="" auto_play="false"></soundcloud>


The Slider takes form of a Green Runner, having an arrow-like appearance, with six sides. A chevron cut is on the back, with the front end having the same shape for its front vertex. Two small spawners are placed on the two middle sides, and a single trap launcher placed in the concave vertex.


Boss Stats

The Slider has 4,300 HP, it regenerates 5 HP per second, and if left alone for a minute it will regenerate 300% faster. It deals 28 HP of body damage per hit. The Slider on its wondering/idle state can go up to the speed with the Guardian, and during combat it would passively increase by 50%, and some of its attacks can even be as fast as its average polygon counterpart, Green Runners. Some attacks boosts its base combat speed by a certain percentage for an x number of seconds.


The Slider has two small spawners on two sides of its body, they produce small Green Runners, with the max of 18. They will follow the the boss closely and will only be used for certain attacks. However if one gets shot while following, it will behave like a normal crasher. Each Green Runner has 50 HP, and deal 9 HP of body damage per hit. They are the same size of the smaller version, but has slightly more HP.

Trap Launcher

A Trap Launcher is placed on the back of the boss. It fires an average sized trap every 0.8 seconds, creating a trail of them behind the boss. These traps only last for 12 seconds after being released. The traps are similar in stats to those created by the Defender. The Slider sometimes halts using this weapon, such as being idle, or doing specific attacks. Some attacks can cause an increase of the usage of traps. There is very slight recoil when firing.


When within the Realm

The Slider will follow what most Polygon Bosses do, defend the current nest it is stationed at, most likely a Hexagon Nest near the Tank Empire. The Slider has a strange tenancy to occasionally sneak inside the The Arena, and can do some pretty nasty tricks. When idle the Slider will go in a relatively slow speed patrolling the outskirts of a nest.

As for fighting, the Slider will go randomly through a few attacks. Its "normal" state is moving at a quick speed and goes around a player or a group of nearby players, sending its drones at the middle and trapping them in its circle of traps. The Slider leaves enough room for many players while encircling.


Between attacks, it will revert to its normal behavior for 10-50 seconds. These attacks usually brief and are unpredictable.

  • Speed Slash: The Slider will appear to distance itself away from the target, without leaving a trail of traps. It then suddenly turns itself around and charges directly towards a target group with 50% more speed, ramming them full on. It sends its Green Runners out independently once it reaches a close enough distance. It will not stop once hitting players, and will go back out further and repeats it for 3 times, going from slightly different angles. An after-image effect is initiated during its quick speed bursts.
  • Infinity Slash: A variation of the first attack, the Slider will appear to distance itself away from the target, without leaving a trail of traps. Instead of charging directly at players, it will ram in a figure-eight shape, looping 3 times per full revolution. It charges at them with 33% increase in speed. It sends the Green Runner drones in a line behind the boss, independently targeting players once in close enough range. Drones respawned will immediately go behind the Slider during this attack. An after-image effect is initiated for the duration of this attack. The Slider will follow and retain its pattern as players move around.
  • Acceleration Burst: The Slider stops producing traps and drones and spirals closer to its target, and then immediately slows down. It aims its trap launcher at a player for 2 seconds before a sudden burst of short-lived traps. The trap launcher produces 8-12 weak traps in a 2 second interval. Its recoil will stack enough to substantially push the Slider back far.
  • Orbiting Racers: The Slider stops producing traps and distances itself but still encircling players. 12 Large Green Runner drones are produced and sent out revolving around the Slider. The rest of the currently existing crashers will pursue their targets and will not respawn. The 12 Large Green runners each have 90 HP and deals 9 HP of body damage, retaining their large variation's speed. The Slider will then force all 12 to face one player and sends them charging. The crashers once in close range will behave on their own. The Slider will resummon them and repeats after the first wave passes, and will do this a second time. The Slider will passively be increased in speed by 10% for the duration of this attack.
  • Flash: The Slider will dash in a straight direction with 300% speed for 2 seconds. During it, the trap launcher fires twice as fast for a short while, drones will not spawn however. This attack is used rarely to avoid ammunition or used once it reaches 300 HP. If an unfortunate player/enemy (including some polygons) were to be in front of the Slider when it dashes, it will knock the entity far while sustaining great damage, while bigger objects and rarely other bosses would be be completely ignored as the Slider goes above them. An after-image effect is initiated for the duration of this attack.
  • Retreat: The Slider will turn away from players and attempts to flee once reaching 300 HP. It leaves a trail of traps and any Green Runner produced by the Slider will stop attacking and follow the boss. It moves 10% faster than usual. If encountering any hazards, the Slider will quickly turn away. It will try to regenerate either within a polygon nest or away from anything else before being able to attack again. Often while fleeing where the Slider suddenly gets inflected with slowed for 5 seconds, as if exhausted.

Death Animation

Once HP reaches 0, the Slider appears shakes in fear as white cracks begins to form around its body. It dashes once more but rapidly dissolves into light pale-green ash that retains its velocity, initially creating a brief white and green flash right when it breaks apart. Any remaining Green Runner that was spawned and witnessed the death of their creator will become their normal versions, and flees as well, migrating towards the nearest nest. Two spawners and a trap launcher that all appear damaged lay on the death site of the boss as scenery for 12 seconds before vanishing.

When within the Arena


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