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Somber Falls is one of the ten areas of The Realm in The Tale of Diep. It is the third area, and more hostile than prior area, Melancholy Forest. It is recommended for players Level 8 through 15 to enter this area, keeping in mind that leveling in The Realm is a lot slower.


Somber Falls is the southeast-most area of The Realm. It is a peninsula that extends off of the southeast of the map. All of its north side borders Melancholy Forest. To the east of what does reside off of the peninsula is the Shattered Coast, a thin strip. It does not directly border any other areas, but it, Paradigm Dunes, Shattered Coast, and Melancholy Forest all meet a single point where their borders created a four corners style area.


Somber Falls is the second hostile area players will most likely explore in The Realm, the main world of The Tale of Diep. Somber Falls is quite the strange area. Many do not know what force invokes its exceptionally magical properties or its strange geography. Somber Falls is a mysterious land where magic reigns over physics. Islands float, crystals fly, and water flows upward. It is from this bases the Freshwater Grovelers who reside in the area formed. They established their society around worshiping the moon, who they believe is responsible for the fresh water that flows up from the caverns throughout the end of the peninsula.

The part of Somber Falls bordering the sea near the end of the peninsula is very mountainous, in fact, full of high cliffs and their steep faces, where waterfalls both flowing down and upward mystically emerge from deep within. It is from these cliffs Somber Falls gets its name. Near the freshwater of the cliffs, lush green hills expand onward, but further inward, approaching Melancholy Falls and the rest of The Realm, the ground is mostly rock, allowing the Fused Golems that reside there to blend in before becoming active. The Fused Golems are one of the oddities believed to have been sprung about by Somber Falls' weird magic. Beings of stone, polygon, and tank combined, the Golems wander the Falls and wish not to be disturbed.

Decratite, Disciple of the Decagons, is the resident Polygon Disciple of Somber Falls. His Decagon Fortress lies in the stone interior of Somber Falls, within the peninsula itself. He is the unfortunate creator of The Prism, and oversees all Decagons and entities related to them from his fortress. If the Empire is defeated, the fortress will reset after 45 minutes. If is he gets killed, his Fortress will close for as long as the Altars are claimed, and he'll not be able to respawn, and progressing the steps to the Ascension. These include, all Decagons and polygons associated with them within a huge radius around the death of Decrattite will have halved HP and resistances, decagon-based bosses/mini-bosses that were present near the fortress where Decratite has been defeated will greatly reduce in HP and resistances, and Superior Decagons nests will stop spawning decagons for a long time around its destruction area...



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Fused Golems

Creatures of polygon, stone, and other elements of the earth fused by the magical nature of the Somber Falls. They attack any who dare disturb their serene landscape. No one knows what gives Somber Falls its physic defying landscape, but it is believed that the same force responsible for it brought to life these golem amalgamations. Will not attack Polygons, being made of them in most instances.

  • Spiteful Spinner: A fusion of five squares, one of which grew an eye due to the magic nature of the Falls, the Spiteful Spinners are among the most common Fused Golems to find amidst the land. The main square is orange, with a black eye that has a red pupil. There are smaller yellow squares attached to each corner of the main square with a barrel sticking directly out on the furthest corner of those squares. The main body has 400 health, and the four squares at each corner have 100 health. The corner squares are not required to be killed, but destroying them makes fighting a Spiteful Spinner a lot easier. Spiteful Spinners mostly start inactive, sitting and gray to blend in with the stones, their eyes not glowing. Once a player enters their 20 tile provocation range, they will awaken, gain their color, and their eye will glow and follow the player, slowly rotating as their turrets fire 8 damage bullets every 1.3 seconds. They will chase the player at a speed of 2.5 tiles a second until it dies, or there are no players within 30 tiles of it, where it will go inactive.
  • Agonized Brawler: A fusion of a tank and two pentagons, Agonized Brawlers are out for revenge. They look a cracked gray tank body with a single deep black pit in the center. On each side of it is a gray pentagon that sort of acts like a shoulder. A single shortened Destroyer barrel emerges from the bottom of each pentagon. Like the Spiteful Spinner, they remain gray and inactive until someone enters their activation range, Agonized Brawlers becoming provoked at 25 tiles. Once active, the pit in the center of the tank body will get a red pupil that will follow the closest player. They will chase the player at a speed of 3 tiles, firing a burst of three Destroyer shots in a line from each cannon every 3 seconds that deals 7 damage each. If the player gets 30 tiles away from an Agonized Brawler, it will get Speedy, but if a player gets 40 tiles away, it will become inactive again. Agonized Brawlers have 660 health.
  • Prism Titan: A fusion of a tank and three triangles, Prism Titans are quite intelligent. The main body consists of a tank that sort of features a triangular point at the top. On each side of the Prism Titan is a stone triangle with a Ranger barrel on the bottom side. The bottom of the main body has a spawner. Two angry eyes sit where the triangle 'helmet' meets the tank body. The Prism Titan will wander the area unlike the above mentioned Golems, and will attack players that get within 30 tiles of it. Once this happens, it will begin firing its dual Ranger cannons at that player every 4 seconds, each shot travelling fast and dealing 6 damage, with a high chance of inflicting Slowed for 3 seconds. Once the Prism Titan is within 15 tiles of a player, it will begin releasing Prism Chasers from its spawner, detailed below. Prism Titans have 550 health and escaping one is unlikely.
    • Prism Chaser: Spawned by Prism Titans, Prism Chasers are nasty little things. They look like little salmon triangles with two Gunner barrels on one side. Spawned once the Prism Titan gets within 15 tiles of a player, Prism Chasers will bolt after the player at a speed of 5 tiles a second and begin rotating around them, firing inward at the player with their Gunner cannons. Firing once every 0.5 seconds, each shot deals a single damage, but stacks up quickly, especially since a Prism Titan can make three of them at once. Prism Chasers have 40 health, and rotate around the player at the speed of one revolution every 10 seconds, so hitting them is not impossible. They do not vanish, so if the player kills or escapes a Prism Titan, they will continue rotating around them.
  • Floating Vice: Very odd fusion of a square and many rectangles, the Floating Vices have an iron grip around the situation. Like Spiteful Spinner, Floating Vices consist of a large main body square with a black eye containing a red pupil. However, eight gray rectangles are used to create four fingers, two rectangles per finger. Three sit on top of the body and one on the side acting as a thumb. They quickly float around Somber Falls at a speed of 4 tiles per second, and once provoked by entering their 15 tile activation range, they will slow to a speed of 2 tiles per second as they approach a player. Once 8 tiles away, they will lunge at the player and strike them for 6 damage, inflicting Paralyzed for 4 seconds. The Floating Vice will do this repeatedly, changing position every time until killed. It will attack once every 6 seconds, allowing a 2 second gap for the player to move. It will always sit 8 tiles away from the player, even if they are Paralyzed following an attack. Floating Vices have 410 health and turn into a group of multiple Yellow Squares when defeated.
  • Weeping Golem: A fusion of a pentagon and two tanks, they do not forget the fateful day they become stuck together. The Weeping Golem consists of a main body gray pentagon with two hollow upside-down half circle eyes with darker dried tear trails beneath them. On each side is a stone player, with eyes as well, tear marks going down beneath them. Being tanks, they also have tiny hands. The left tank has a Destroyer cannon on one hand and no barrels on the other, and the tank on the right side has Trapper barrels on both hands. The Weeping Golem, like the Prism Titan, wanders the Somber Falls, but this time slowly meandering about. They walk at a speed of 1 tile while idle, and once provoked by entering a 10 tile radius or attack first, they will slowly move toward the player at a speed of 1.8 tiles. The tanks on the sides will aim independently, the Destroyer one shooting at the player, and the Trapper one leaving behind Traps that do 12 damage as the Golem walks. The Weeping Golem has 1250 health and will phase in and out of an Armored state every 4 seconds. Once the Weeping Golem reaches half health, it will become Armored permanently and begin phasing in and out of Invincibility every 4 seconds.
  • Iron Mantle: The epitome of Somber Falls' odd fusion abilities, Iron Mantles are created with a tank, two triangles, two pentagons, two squares, and many rectangles. The stone textured tank is the main body, with a large chipped upside-down half circle being used to create an underbite for the lower half. On the main body is two deep pits with red glowing pupils for eyes. Slanted rectangles give them angry eyebrows. On each side is a large stone triangle covered in vines, moss, and cracks. Below that are pentagons simlarly stone and decrepit. Finally attached to those, finishing each arm, is a stone square with three fingers made of rectangles. Iron Mantles are very large, their main body larger than an Alpha Pentagon. They sit inactive, almost buried inside of the land, covered in moss, vines, and cracks they've been sitting idle there so long. Iron Mantles sit in a very deep slumber, and only awaken if hit with a powerful enough blow. Iron Mantles must take 300 damage within a 3 second time period to awaken, requiring teamwork to summon and battle. Iron Mantles are more comparable to a miniboss, despite their simple attack pattern once awoken. When their peace is disturbed, they will pull themselves out of the ground, and slowly move toward players at a speed of 1 tile per second. If a player gets within 8 tiles of it, it will push both of its arms forward strongly, dealing 30 damage, pushing the player back very far, and inflicting Stunned and Slowed for 5 seconds. They also will slam their fists in target areas nearby every few seconds, dealing 20 impact damage, and releasing rocky bullets in all directions that do 6-17 damage each depending on their size. Iron Mantles are the most dangerous of the Somber Falls golems, with a massive 2800 health, requiring teamwork to take down.

Freshwater Grovelers

A clan of water and moon worshiping fanatics who usually do their rituals at the tops of the highest cliffs in Somber Falls. They praise the moon for the freshwater that flows in from the deep caverns below, travelling upward due to the strange magical properties of the Falls. Disturb them or criticize their beliefs, and be smote down by the hand of the moon and her many children waiting below. It is not uncommon for them to sacrifice poor Polygons. Freshwater Grovelers spawn in large group rituals, anywhere from 10-20 of them. Sometimes groups of Freshwater Grovelers will spawn wandering the cliffs of the Somber Falls in smaller groups of 3-7, always hostile, unlike ritual Grovelers which start neutral until attacked. All Freshwater Grovelers spawn only near the massive cliffs at the edges of the Somber Falls peninsula, deep into the area.

  • Freshwater Worshiper: Cannot spawn in wandering groups and only at rituals. In the 10-20 Freshwater Grovelers that can spawn at a ritual, at least one third of them will be Worshipers. Worshipers stand around the edge of the ritual circle itself, raising their circle arms occasionally as the symbol within it spins slowly. Once attacked, all Freshwater Grovelers in the area will become hostile. Worshipers do not attack, but will instead heal any Freshwater Groveler enemy that attacks players. Worshipers will not heal each other or attack players directly, instead attempting to flee at a speed of 4 tiles per second once players approach them or all attacking Freshwater Groveler allies die, always guiding to the next closest ritual. Freshwater Worshipers have 400 health. Looks like a dark blue raindrop with the top bending slightly. The hood of the robe has a golden lining, and two yellow u-shaped eyes glow inside the dark hood. They have two side hands, one on each side, that rise and fall to praise the moon, blue particles floating about them.

Freshwater Slayer, Freshwater Worshiper, Freshwater Trickster, and Freshwater Rogue concept art.

  • Freshwater Slayer: Can spawn in wandering groups and at rituals. If at a ritual, they will stand in a second ring behind the Worshipers. Looks exactly like the Freshwater Worshiper, but the eyes are tall yellow ovals, and the right hand has a curved blade on it. Freshwater Slayers have 640 health. When provoked, they will slowly work their way toward the player, before lunging at them with a blade thrust with a dash distance of 7 tiles. This attack deals 20 damage. Once close enough to the player through a lunge, the Freshwater Slayer will turn slightly, a dust cloud will appear at its bottom right, and a second later it will do a spin attack, getting Confused and Stunned for 1 second and dealing 11 damage to everything in a 360 angle around it. At half health, the Freshwater Slayer will do another dash attack no matter its distance from a player and proceed to follow its same patterns again until death.
  • Freshwater Trickster: Can spawn in both wandering groups and at rituals. If one spawns at a ritual, it will be in the same second row as the Slayers behind the Worshipers. Freshwater Tricksters look just like Freshwater Slayers, but the sword is sheathed behind them and their hands are kinda in front of them more blocking a laugh. Their eyes are also more hollow upside-down half circles curving downward toward each other. When provoked, they will warp with a spin in a spiral of blue particles behind the player, and attempt to stab them for 26 damage and inflict Bleeding for 3 seconds. If it hits, the player will be pushed away as well. Following this, the Trickster will make three copies and all the will advance toward the player evenly spaced out surrounding them. Clones have one HP. Following the initial attack and clone split, they will act exactly like a Freshwater Slayer, just faster and with more health and damage. Freshwater Tricksters have 800 health.
  • Freshwater Rogue: Can only spawn in wandering groups. Freshwater Rogues look similar to Freshwater Worshipers, but with a short barrel on each hand and a cape beneath the body. Their eyes are also tall and rectangular. Freshwater Rogues start by slowly approaching the player, firing both of their cannons at them. Bullets do 7 damage and there is a small chance it will fire a slower moving blue one that deals 9 damage and inflicts Slowed for 2 seconds. Fires once every 3 seconds, with each cannon firing one at a time on the 1.5 second interval, so its more rapid fire instead of two shots at once. When the Freshwater Rogue hits half health, it will go invisible for 4 seconds, either approaching or retreating depending on the number of players. When it uncloaks, it will begin firing bursts of three shots from each cannon that do 3 damage each. Every 10 seconds it will go invisible again until death. Freshwater Rogues have 550 health.
  • Freshwater Geyser: Can spawn in wandering groups and at rituals. If one spawns at a ritual, they will stand in the second ring around the Worshipers alongside the Slayers. They look like Freshwater Worshipers, but their hood is less a raindrop and instead has four points, two sagging down at each side, making it look similarly to a jester's hat. Their left hand has a spawner and their eyes are sideways, long, yellow triangular shapes with the points facing away from the center. Every few seconds, from the spawner, a basic Drone with 100 health and fast movement speed will emerge, with a max of 4. The Freshwater Geyser is especially unique in its attack pattern. Its first attack will dot the map with red targets. After a few seconds, watery bursts will fire up from the ground at these positions, dealing 20 damage and pushing away players. Following this, a few seconds later, its head will release a geyser that deals 24 damage to everything within 8 tiles of it, and heals its Drones to max if they have been damaged. It will repeat this pattern and summon drones until death, trying to avoid players. The Freshwater Geyser has 700 health.
  • Freshwater Lunatic: Spawn only at rituals. If a Freshwater Lunatic spawns, it will be standing in the center. A Freshwater Lunatic spawning is exceptionally rare, about 1/100 for every Freshwater Groveler spawned. Freshwater Lunatics look very similar to Freshwater Slayers, but their swords are golden, their eyes are an angry golden yellow, they have three spikes on their left side tank hand, and their hood instead of a raindrop, is shaped like devil horns. Freshwater Lunatics cause the ritual they are apart of to be instantly hostile, attacking any player that approaches the ritual with a tracking laser beam from up to 80 tiles away. A loud sound will play to accompany this. This laser deals a persistent 2 damage a second and pierces armor values. It will only barely be outrunable by players with even just two points in Movement Speed. Once the player gets within 30 tiles of the Lunatic, the Grovelers around it will attack as it gathers power from particles flying out of the ritual circle, which turns blood red as the screen gets a red filter. After eight seconds, the Lunatic will release a noise and all the Freshwater Grovelers alive die in a red mist and flow into the Lunatic, leaving a Somber Spirit in their place. When it enters this state, the Lunatic will dash forward like a Slayer but will cover any distance if it means getting to the player that activated it. This dash will deal 35 damage and inflict Stunned for 3 seconds. After it, the Lunatic will back up and choose any attack related to the kinds of Freshwater Grovelers it absorbed the bodies of. This can be the ally healing potential of the Worshiper, the dashes and spins of the Slayer, the clone making of the Trickster, and the target attacks of the Geyser. Once the Lunatic reaches half health, from the still active blood red ritual circle, more Freshwater Grovelers will begin spawning, up to 8 at a time. This can include any non-Lunatic enemy that spawns at Rituals. It will follow its pattern again until death. The Freshwater Lunatic has 1600 health + half the health of all Freshwater Grovelers it absorbed the energy of during its starting phase.
    • Somber Spirits: Any Freshwater Groveler killed within a 200 tile radius of a Freshwater Lunatic becomes a Somber Spirit. Somber Spirits are small purple flames with two yellow eyes. They will slowly wander around making their way to the Freshwater Lunatic. Once they reach it, they will begin circling it slowly, blocking shots. Somber Spirits cannot die. When a Lunatic has gathered 12 spirits, it will open up a ritual beneath it, and once it dies, Freshwater Grovelers will begin spawning there as well as the ritual the Lunatic came from.


  • Guardian (More frequent near Shattered Coast)
  • Summoner (North-West Somber Falls)
  • Defender (More frequent West)
  • Pulsar
  • Vanguard
  • Slider (More frequent near Tank Empire)
  • Leviathan (More common near Shattered Coast)
  • Demolishor (Near Melancholy Forest)
  • Gunship (Mid-South Somber Falls)
  • Industrian (South Somber Falls)
  • Decratite (In his Decagon Fortress)

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  • Underwent a name change at one point. Originally named Somber Falls.
    • Was then changed to Discordant Falls for a bit.
    • Was then returned to Somber Falls months before page creation even happened.
    • This happened to a mistake on SoundCloud with a theme I uploaded.
  • Not counting the Desolate Plains, which has been hinted at since 2016 before even the idea of The Realm, Somber Falls is the first area exclusive to the idea of The Realm to be named, in a chat discussion in June 2017.
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