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The Sons of Panzer were the first beings created by the Great Dark One after he finished constructing the Realm. They are powerful entities, with might equal to hundreds of tanks. They were designed to be the epitome of life in the Realm. They all claimed territories during the earliest years of The Panzer Era, drawing borders for different districts. Each ruled a city-state with all the land surrounding it. Some cycled positions, which ultimately led to the downfall of The Panzer Era. Now they work alongside the Archprophet, in his journey to release Panzer from the dimension he was sealed in. Yet, with Panzer's falling, they lost much of the power they had. They help, because should the Archprophet and his Cult of Panzer be successful in freeing their father, they will once again be stronger than even He Who Laughs In The Tower himself...


Sons of Panzer spawn on the inside of a Fortress. They are activated as soon as a player enters their room. Sons of Panzer are HEAVILY BUFFED versions of Level 45 tanks. When standing inside of a room with a Son of Panzer, their health bar appears. The name of the boss is listed inside so you know which is which. Sons of Panzer can not be lured out of the Fortress for many reasons.

Other Notices

  • Some Sons can have as little health as an Alpha Pentagon, or as large a health as 15x that.
  • The Health Bar of Sons of Panzer is unique compared to most. It appears in the top middle of the screen. To the left of the bar is an image of the Son you are fighting, then at the far right of its health bar is its bounty (score achieved upon killing it). The health
  • Sons of Panzer can NEVER be lured outside of their Fortress.
  • Sons of Panzer have a 1/5 chance to give a Panzer Token to everyone in the Fortress upon death. This keeps it rare, but not too rare.
  • Each Son of Panzer has a unique death animation.
  • Some Sons of Panzer take priority over others in Fortresses depending on the Realm Area the Fortress is in. For example, in Melancholy Forest, it is more likely for the boss of a Fortress to be The Pentagun, The Wolf, or The Supplement than the others.

Sons of Panzer

Original Sons

Manufactured By Dr. Lacus



  • The Pentagun was the first living thing created by Panzer.
  • Sons of Panzer are kept alive even after their deaths by Panzer himself. He revives those he sees fit from death, essentially making them immortal. That is... until they stop being useful to him. This is what happened to The Veil and The Pulverizer. Even while sealed, Panzer can still do this. Its how the Archprophet lives fight after fight.
  • The Sons of Panzer have been around as an idea since May 2016, on the Fan Ideas Page. They were just under the name 'Boss Tanks' at the time, and of course, not every tank there is now existed back then, so there were a lot less. But since the development of the story, they were given the collective name 'The Sons of Panzer', as they became his creations.
  • The terms "Boss Tanks" and "Sons of Panzer" are interchangeable, but the former generally refers to all bosses in the Tale of Diep in general and the latter refers to just this group of bosses.
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