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Spirits are a Game Mechanic only available in Arena Gamemodes in which a player can respawn after death as a 'Spirit'. Spirits appear as small translucent, almost invisible circles with particles floating around them. At the Death Screen, the player is given the option of spawning with half their levels or spawning as a Level 1 Spirit. However, this option is only given to Level 45 tanks.


There are many different kinds of Spirits, and each one is accessed from a branch like Tanks are. Spirits and Tanks have unique interactions with each other, and between the two.

Note that once you die as a Spirit, you will not be given the option to respawn as a Spirit. Only a Tank at Level 1. This means that transcending to the Spirit world means you lose the ability to respawn as a Tank at a higher level.

Spirits can wander the map much quicker than tanks, but lack the ability to shoot. They have much more unique powers. Spirits are unaffected by most Tanks, but certain ones can damage the Spirits. On Team Modes, Spirits initially lack a team, but at Level 30, a Spirit can give their allegiance to a team, providing only their bonuses to them. The aura color around a Spirit will change to that Team color. Spirits can damage and kill other Spirits, however, so be wary!

Spirits play more a support role. They usually effect Tanks positively or negatively while in a Spirit's presence. They do have offensive capabilities though, but only against other Spirits. While Spirits can kill Spirits, and certain Tanks can kill Spirits, Spirits cannot kill tanks with any method, but can through effects they inflict. Only negatively affect them... Spirits, can, however, attack and kill bosses.

Lastly, Spirits do not get stats like Health Regen, Reload, etc. Instead, they have unique powers that you'll soon see as you read ahead. Some Spirits just naturally get higher health or regen than other Spirits. The only difference Level makes is what Spirits you can access, and most of the time they just happen to be more unique and powerful when played right. All Drones, despite level, are the same size.

As other note, Spirits can see invisible tanks like Stalkers, Landmines, and Managers.

Upgrades and Tiers

Tier 1

  • Basic Spirit: All Spirits spawn in as a Basic Spirit. The Basic Spirit is a standard white color. Basic Spirits release a white orb that instantly destroys any non-Alpha Polygons. They cannot hurt other Spirits, however. Can upgrade to the Fire Spirit, Ice Spirit, Wind Spirit, or Dark Spirit at Level 15.

Tier 2

  • Fire Spirit: An orange spirit that controls fire. When not attacking, eight small orange bullets will begin building up and orbiting around it. One bullet will appear every 2.5 seconds. Has a high health regeneration compared to the other Tier 2 Spirits. When attacking, all built up bullets will be fired at once, and home in on the closest target. Upon contact with said target, they will explode, damaging in a 5x5 tile range each. Upgrades to the Lava Spirit, Steel Spirit, or Crimson Spirit at Level 30.
  • Ice Spirit: Light blue spirit that has powerful freezing capabilities. Every click, all Spirits and Tanks on screen get Slowed for 3 seconds. However, this can only be used every 4 seconds. Other Spirits and bosses suffer minimal damage, and Tanks take no damage. When used, all players around said range will see a white and light blue flash come from where the Spirit is. This Tier 1 Spirit has the least offensive capability of the Tier 2 Spirits, but the highest health and speed. Upgrades to the Winterblast Spirit, Cryo Spirit, or Ocean Spirit at Level 30.
  • Wind Spirit: Yellow-ish spirit that manages gusts of wind. Fires a wide line of five gray bullets (with aftereffects) that do more damage than an Ice Spirit nova, but much less than say a Fire Spirit blast. This also pushes Tanks and other Spirits away 2 tiles. Reload of this attack is a quick 1.1 seconds, so it can keep slower Spirits at bay rather well. Upgrades to the Electro Spirit, Tornado Spirit, or Power Spirit at Level 30.
  • Dark Spirit: Black spirit that has nefarious effects on tanks around it. Powerful and influential Spirit that instead of attacking, flat out manipulates opponents. It can take control of the closest Spirit or Tank for 3 seconds and use it to attack or have it run away. Units under control of a Dark Spirit move 2x as fast and gain a black aura around them. In Team Modes, Dark Spirits cannot control members of the team it has allied too. Upgrades to the Evil Spirit, Poison Spirit, or Drone Spirit at Level 30.

Tier 3

Fire Spirit Upgrades

  • Lava Spirit: A darker orange spirit is a direct upgrade to the Fire Spirit, as it uses the same mechanics. However, its bullets are built up to a max of 12 available to use. When fired, upon explosion, the area of effect is now 9x9 tiles AND leaves the tiles as orange 'Lava tiles' for 6 seconds that deal extra damage to Spirits and bosses over time. These tiles will only give Burning to tanks. These tiles last 5 seconds. Upgrades to the Volcano Spirit or Star Spirit at Level 45.
  • Steel Spirit: Tough as nails gray spirit that takes half damage from all attacks. However, its max bullet count is reduced to 5 maximum. Despite this, their explosion range is the largest of the Tier 3 Spirits in a 12x12 area of effect range. They don't leave area denial tiles like the Lava Spirit though and do less damage. Every time the Steel Spirit is hit, a Trap will be released from its body in a random direction eight tiles outward. Upgrades to the Furnace Spirit or Obsidian Spirit at Level 45.
  • Crimson Spirit: A vibrant red spirit that glows a brilliant crimson. Moves faster than an Ice Spirit and deals powerful Body Damage when touched. This damage doesn't effect Tanks, of course, but does give them Broken, as well as Frenzy. Both a positive and negative! Because of this, in Team Modes, this Spirit can affect its allies. Has pretty low health on its own though. Upgrades to the Aura Spirit or Radiant Spirit at Level 45.

Ice Spirit Upgrades

  • Winterblast Spirit: Much brighter light blue spirit that vibrates as it moves. Faster than an Ice Spirit, but slower than a Crimson Spirit, this little guy can run in and then rush out! Upon clicking, all Spirits, Bosses, and Tanks get Paralyzed and Stunned for 4 seconds. When right-clicking the Winterblast Spirit can release eight white bullets in all directions that deal damage. The screen freeze can be used every 6 seconds. Has very low health though, compared to its predecessor. Upgrades to the Temporal Spirit or Polar Spirit at Level 45.
  • Cryo Spirit: Dark blue spirit that can blizzard away the opposition with snow blasts! When using its screen effect, all affected will rotate in a spiral counter-clockwise within half a second (they will be on the reverse side of the Cryo Spirit than they were before. Tanks will be slowed for 4 seconds and take no damage, while Spirits take minor damage and get Slowed for 3 seconds. Upgrades to the Blizzard Spirit or Shiver Spirit at Level 45.
  • Ocean Spirit: Cyan spirit with coral trap power. Instead of directly attacking, will summon a pink Trap directly where your mouse is, regardless of the distance. Has a larger FoV than other Spirits. Traps inflict Poisoned upon touch and disappear on contact with an enemy, or after 20 seconds. A trap can be spawned every 3 seconds. Upgrades to the Reef Spirit or the Pacific Spirit at Level 45.

Wind Spirit Upgrades

  • Electro Spirit: A crazy blue spirit with lightning crackling around it, and goggles. Fires lightning bolts depending on how many targets there are on screen. One lightning bolt will be fired at each and inflicts Stunned for 0.5 seconds. The damage will be split between all targets. So if there is only one enemy, they will take the full damage, but if there is eight, each unit will take one-eighth of the total damage. Upgrades to the Charge Spirit or Storm Spirit at Level 45.
  • Tornado Spirit: A direct upgrade to the Wind Spirit, it has a longer blast (seven bullets) and a farther pushback of 10 tiles. Attacks every 1.1 seconds just like its predecessors. Is yellow-ish just like the Wind Spirit, but with tornado-y wind things spinning around it. When damaged, all units in a 20x20 radius around it will be pushed back very far, making it nearly impossible to kill with Body Damage. Can also be very annoying to Tanks, as whenever a Spirit hurts this thing, they all get moved around. Upgrades to the Hurricane Spirit or the Thunder Spirit at Level 45.
  • Power Spirit: All Tanks in a 30x30 tile radius around this Spirit get the Strength buff, allowing them to do more damage. It is a VERY dark maroon color and can attack with a basic bullet like a regular tank would, to ward other spirits off. Upgrades to the Feral Spirit or the Core Spirit at Level 45.

Dark Spirit Upgrades

  • Evil Spirit: A black spirit with a dark red, eye-like core, similar to the The Saw or The Octagon. When the Evil Spirit controls a unit, it has the exact same mechanics, except they take damage over time and are controlled for 2x as long. This allows it to even kill Tanks under the right circumstances! Upgrades to the Demon Spirit or Fortune Spirit at Level 45.
  • Poison Spirit: Bright green spirit with a golden-yellow aura around it. Has a passive aura around it than inflicts Slowed and Poisoned to units within it. This radius is 12x12 tiles in size and is marked by a shifting red-orange circle around the Poison Spirit. Is quite resilient, but not to the level of the Steel Spirit. Upgrades to the Venom Spirit or the Toxin Spirit at Level 45.
  • Drone Spirit: Purple spirit that can summon Drones around it, much like an Overseer. These Drones are controllable, but get stronger the closer they are to an enemy. When they kill something... they get stronger. However, should a Drone die, the new drone does not retain the strength of the previous one. This means the Drone Spirit will have Drones of varying sizes and strengths at all times. Can have a max of 6 Drones, and these Drones are purple. Can upgrade to the Imperial Spirit or the Panzer Spirit at Level 45.

Tier 4

Lava Spirit Upgrades

  • Volcano Spirit: Shifting orange and red spirit that glows with fire particles. Left clicking attacks as usual. In fact, its main attack is exactly the same as the Lava Spirit. Same damage, bullet count, and area size, as well as the Damage Over Time effect. However, when destroyed, the Volcano Spirit releases a ring of sixteen Destroyer bullets that can even hurt Tanks! Has higher health regeneration than any other Spirit of the Fire branch.
  • Star Spirit: A bright yellow and white spirit that pulsates with light. Instead of passively building up charges over time, the Star Spirit builds them while holding down the fire button. Then, based on how long its held down, a number of aesthetically epic looking shots will shoot out from around it, hitting their target one by one. This attack has NO splash area though, but does incredible damage to one target. Every four seconds the fire button is held, another shot gets added to the barrage, with a max of twelve built up shots. Also has a death effect. All tanks and spirits will be pulled toward its center and then fired out lightly when this spirit is killed.

Steel Spirit Upgrades

  • Furnace Spirit: Gray and red spirit that has smoke effects curling out of its body. Actually more fragile than its predecessor, the Furnace Spirit is a much more aggressive unit that maintains control of the battle by summoning Fire Minions. They appear from the front of the body, and home in on the closest enemy upon spawning. Summons three at a time every seven seconds. When these Minions hop onto a target, it effects all units in a 5x5 tile radius. The Furnace Spirit itself can right-click to go invisible for 8 seconds in a pinch (and can move while invisible), but can still be hurt.
  • Obsidian Spirit: The toughest and roughest of the tough and rough, the Obsidian Spirit loses almost all offensive capability for a powerful defense. It is black and crystalline, with a shiny exterior. It has an immense health pool, even above most tanks. When hit, the Obsidian Spirit deals 25% of that damage back to the attacker. It has very limited attack power, having the exact same mechanics as the original Fire Spirit, but only four maximum shots built up.

Crimson Spirit Upgrades

  • Aura Spirit: Red and gold spirit that has even higher Body Damage than the Crimson Spirit, but moves slightly slower. This is because of the damaging aura around it, which deals damage to all units every second in a 3x3 radius around it as well. So it can deal damage without taking it back! The aura does count as Body Damage, so fighting a Puncher pack can be obnoxious. Like its predecessor, instead of taking damage, Tanks it bumps into get Broken and Frenzy for a few seconds.
  • Radiant Spirit: Crimson red and neon blue spirit that can affect multiple tanks or spirits at once with its buffs and debuffs. Every two seconds, a pulse is sent outward twelve tiles in all directions that gives Broken and Frenzy to nearby Tanks and lightly damages spirits. The main damage still comes from touching the spirit itself. Moves fastest out of the three (Crimson, Aura, and Radiant)

Winterblast Spirit Upgrades

  • Temporal Spirit: Pink spirit with clock hands rotating around attached to its center. When using left-click, all units on screen and even further get absolutely Paralyzed, Stunned, and then Slowed for a few seconds after. The absolute epitomy of troll, as this just flat-out freezes everything with no potential gain. Of course, does not affect allies in Team Mode. Like usual, this nova deals damage to Spirits.
  • Polar Spirit: White and light blue spirit with white snowball bullets rotating slowly around it. Mechanics of freezing targets are exactly the same as Winterblast Spirit. However, bullets fired at this spirit, unless it is a perfect shot, will curve around the spirit like it has its own field of magnetism. And that it does. This makes it almost impossible to kill with slow firing tanks like Destroyer, Ranger, etc. Rapid fire tanks are harder to miss with, and Body Damage can't be caught in the field.

Cryo Spirit Upgrades

  • Blizzard Spirit: Navy blue spirit of absolute cold. Its 'rotation' mechanic like the Cryo Spirit has is taken up to eleven. Tanks and Spirits caught in the nova will rotate counter-clockwise and end up in a random location within 70 degrees of where they started. Right-clicking will fire outward a ring of Traps that vanish upon contact and Paralyze-Stun the target for 3 seconds.
  • Shiver Spirit: Sky blue spirit that vibrates as it moves. Has a passive aura around it that Slows all units caught in it and lowers their attack speed by about 35%. Right-clicking does pretty much the same thing as Blizzard Spirit, but with half the Traps. Moves faster than the Cryo Spirit, but other than that is very similar.


Spirit Hunters

Every player that spawns in has a 10% chance of being a 'Spirit Hunter'. This means they can hurt and kill Spirits. On Team Modes, they cannot hurt Spirits that are on their Team.

Tanks will not be able to tell the difference between a normal tank and a Spirit Hunter, but Spirits can! Spirit Hunters are marked by a red aura around them to Spirits, and flash red while on screen! Allied Spirit Hunters in team modes will have a green aura around them and flash green.

Should tanks be annoyed by Spirits in their aura (like those freaking annoying Tornado Spirits), they can press 'T', and all Spirit Hunters in a 300x300 tile radius will get an arrow (like those that used to be in Mothership) pointing to that Tank's area. Spirits are much more visible and easier to track for Spirit Hunters. To regular tanks, they're BARELY visible, to Spirit Hunters, they're only 'half visible': Not completely opaque like tanks, but not invisible. Spirits also look like this to each other.


  • Spirits first made their appearance in DCoW Heroes, with the introduction of the Spiritual Type. The first ever Spirit was the Fire Spirit.
    • Other Spirits found in DCoW Heroes include the Ice Spirit, Electro Spirit, and Winterblast Spirit.
  • All Spirits are slightly smaller than a Level 1 Tank, making them really hard and annoying to target. Especially with the speed some of them have, like the Crimson Spirit and Winterblast Spirits.
  • All Tier 4 Spirits will be out soon, but I need a break, lol.
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