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The Spreader is an octagonal boss that has a unique auto-cannon on top that has eight barrels that protrude out each direction. There are four side auto cannons, and four drone spawners. This boss sprays bullets at every direction. There are a max of 8 drones, 2 per spawner.

This boss is based on a polygon idea, Octagons.

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This boss is slightly larger than an Alpha Pentagon. It has a purple octagon body, and a Spreader Auto Cannon at the middle. There are four spawners and Auto Cannons on the sides, each alternating.

The Profile








Boss Stats

The Spreader has 4,500 HP, which is slightly more than an alpha pentagon. It deals 50 HP of body damage and will also take 33% less damage from enemies. The boss moves fairly slow, comparable to the Defender. It regenerates 5 HP per second, but will quickly regenerate if left unharmed for 1 minute. The spreader's range is the same as a level 30 assassin tank. Rammers are probably going to not be able to get near this boss due to the large amount of bullets pushing the bodies away. This boss will reward any tank who deals the final blow 45,000 EXP and points.


Diep.io.Polygons SemiCrusherSmall.png

Semi-Crushers are a purple crasher that is closely resembling a Crusher. Unlike crushers, they deal less damage per hit, are slightly faster, and will not break apart into fragments. However these spawned from the boss don't drop any exp when they are destroyed. They have 40 HP, they deal 1.2 HP of damage per hit. The spawners summon these drones at the same rate an un-upgraded overlord. The spawning pattern is identical to the Overlord. The behavior of these crashers are similar to the ones spawned from the Guardian of the Pentagons.

Auto Spreader Cannon

Auto Spreader Canon.png

This weapon fires eight bullets at eight different directions. The bullets are about the size of a regular tank's at level 30. The color of the bullet is the yellow color like the bullets shot from the defender. The bullets move fairly quickly, it has moderate penetration and moderate damage. This spreader cannon rotates automatically, and fire bullets in all directions. The firing pattern is identical to the Octo-Tank's.

Auto Cannons

Diep.io.Weapon AutoCannon.png

These auto cannons will target the closest strongest tanks. They can rotate 40 degrees in both sides, and will not face the interior of the body. The bullets fired from these cannons have 6 points of penetration and 4 points of damage. The bullets move as fast as a sniper's bullet stats with 3 points. The cannons have the same reload as a normal Auto-5 tank class. These cannons have the same range as a level 1 sniper.


The Spreader will fallow a circular path around the map, avoiding any close proximity to bases. The boss will constantly fire its top cannon when a tank is in its view. Approaching this boss will provoke its cannons and immediately begin firing. If tanks are directly in front of the boss, it will slightly alter its path way to charge into that particular tank, unless it gets too close to bases. The shower of bullets will certainly make this a tough fight. Be wary about the semi-crusher drones created by the Spreader, they will deal a large amount of damage. When no more tanks are in sight, the Spreader will return to its idle state. If low in HP, the Spreader will still fight as normally.


My predictions:

  • Strong Against: Weak tanks, Ramming Builds, Spread DPS tanks, Most Trappers
  • Weak Against: Snipers, Overseer Classes, Focus Fire DPS, Destroyers, High Penetration
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