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Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.
DISCLAIMER: This is the Tale of Diep version of this particular Boss; if you want to go visit the one currently found in the .io game, go here.

In the early part of the Old Era, the Polygons had little defenses to protect themselves against the imminent threat of the Tank Empire. As Pentavian lead his army of newborn Crashers to support his nests, Perpendiculus needed his own. With his very high population of Squares in the area, he selected a large portion of them to become his own noble warriors through conversion - a dark magic that is now forbidden of use for any Disciple. He begins to build up an exceptionally large army of them, with the intent to run them through with an imperishable swarm. After the Guardian's release, it was time for another protector. Equipped with four mounted spawners on each edge, each one producing at a rapid rate...

---The Summoner has spawned...

No average Square can compare to the magnificent embodiment of a swarm like this! - Perpendiculus


The Summoner is one of the various Polygon Boss that can occur in the Realm. It is one of the spawn from Perpendiculus, the second oldest of the ancient trio. It is the first of its kind to directly come the origin polygon - Squares.

Similarly to the Guardian, the Summoner has drone spawning capabilities. The Summoner uses its own for a different purpose than the Guardian. Rather than taking advantage of its spawner recoil (as it has none), it focuses directly on its easily replenished barrage of yellow-orange squares. It can control them to collect into various patterns directly to protect itself or to overwhelm its enemies. It too has changed its attack styles over time, now having more of an unpredictable means of attack. Summoners were the backup warrior of the trio, being behind the Guardians and sending its droves of squares to run down their enemy which has been weakened from the Guardian's attacks.

It was observed by others as a potential weapon... and to some a great victim. The Summoner has a strong use of its powers to command its swarm, and when going to the wrong hands - like The Lich, it becomes a powerhouse for its influential master... Meanwhile the Mad Doctor sees opportunity for improvement and testing his new laser technology, which the Summoner met his prerequisites and became Summoner Mk. II. Both situations have angered Perpendiculus...

The Summoner can appear in many locations of The Realm, being most frequent in Paradigm Dunes. It can also be seen in Northwest Somber Falls, Southwest Melancholy Forest, lower portions of Toil Ridge, and northern Shattered Coasts.


The Summoner features a large light yellow square body, identical to alpha Squares. Four trapezoidal spawners are placed on each side.



The Summoner can reach a maximum of 32 square drones, each having 50 HP buttressed with 8 HP of body damage and moving as fast as the crasher variant found in Square Nests. They appear exactly like them in addition. The Summoner can command its swarm to do various tasks such as surrounding enemies or protecting itself.

Each spawner can produce 4 squares per second, multiplied by four individual spawners can regenerate its swarm in a matter of seconds. Each spawner has a limit of eight squares in total. There is in fact recoil for each spawner, however its negligible and doesn't affect the boss's movement overall.

During some attacks, the Summoner may produce a smaller version of its drones specifically called "Swarm Squares", like the polygon type found in Square nests. They each have 8 HP and deals only 6 HP of body damage, they also are noticeably faster. The Summoner has no limit on these and produces them twice as fast, however they each lasts only for 4 seconds. The boss spawns them during a particular attack.


The Summoner, along with all Polygon Bosses, pursues its task of protecting the Squares.

While idle, the Summoner wanders around nearby polygon nests, preferably Squares. It has all of its square drones spawned, following it around in a big cluster surrounding the boss.

During battle, the Summoner's "normal" state involves sending all of its squares directly at the target. If many are around however, it will occasionally shift its drones to the most powerful targets or concentrated groups of players to prevent luring. The boss itself will keep its distance away from tanks if approached too closely with a speed of 3.5 tiles per second. While fighting, it will cycle through many random attacks that stirs up the pattern.


Between attacks, it will revert to its normal behavior for 10-50 seconds. These attacks usually brief and are unpredictable.

  • Command: Any square currently chasing enemies will return and begin rapidly rotating around the Summoner. It releases in a ring pattern, as if a Drone user bunched up all their drones on themselves and right-clicked. The squares will return after travelling thirty tiles away from the Summoner. They move twice as fast than usual when the ring expands. Any square drone that has been destroyed during this attack will be respawn and chase its enemies independently.
  • Square Crush: The Summoner gathers its drones around itself and sends exactly 8 of them in a straight line from the direction of each spawner. Once it reaches a considerable distance, it the drones forms a ring that shrinks in twice as fast towards the boss, often striking tanks from behind. Any square drone that has been destroyed during this attack will be respawn and chase its enemies independently.
  • Drone Collapse: The Summoner gathers all of its drones in one area, repels them out in a large ring pattern and directs them towards a target, causing every single drone to condense on that target. Escape is possible, as the drones do not change their target location, so the trapped player can destroy several drones to escape the ring of death. It also leaves the Summoner wide open to attack from all sides, as it uses all of its drones in this attack.
  • Swarm Storm: The Summoner begins to produce Swarm Squares instead of its normal drones for the next 10 seconds. All four of its spawners will create these twice as fast but with half the recoil. The small drones created will charge into the nearest enemy. Any preexisting drone will pursue their targets for the duration of the attack.
  • Swarm Chase: The Summoner targets an enemy and sends all of its drones directly towards it. During this attack, it gains the Frenzy buff, causing drones to move faster and spawn more frequent. This lasts for as long as the player is alive or for 5 seconds. Any square drone that has been destroyed during this attack will be respawn and chase its enemies independently. Used below 1/2 of max HP.

Death Animation

Upon reaching 0 HP, the Summoner will form white cracks that increasingly forms around its body. Shortly after, it stops in place and explodes into 15-20 Summoner Squares. Any Summoner Squares that were created by the Summoner and witnessed its death (including those spawned upon its death) will migrate to the nearest nest, retreating away from any tank in sight. Its spawners, which are visibly worn out, will lay on the ground in a pile for 12 seconds after the boss dies until they disappear.

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