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To idealize the power of the quadrilateral square shape, Dr. Lacus invented an even more powerful Summoner.


Summoner Mk. II is one of four Mechagon Bosses found in Neverest Mountains. It is a Summoner that has been modified heavily by Dr. Lacus. This boss has many more weapons than the original Summoner. It can summon more squares at a time, and will even bring in Prototype Squares, like Square Sprinklers and more. This boss does not possess many attacks due to having many strong weaponry. It is classified as a Polygon Boss.

Summoner Mk. II was an experimental boss to test lock-on laser technology, and the prime target for the experiment was the Tanks. He couldn't find a better name for it. This creation was thought to be one of the first to use such weapons, other than the War Machine.


Summoner Mk II takes on appearance of a normal Summoner, however it has small Auto Turrets positioned on each corner, and a laser pod akin to the War Machine's in the middle of it. This will fire lasers just like the War Machine. Metal plating can be seen among the edges of the boss and some connecting to the central Pod.


Summoner Mk II has 15,000 HP. It will periodically phase into Armored during battle. It has 10% additional resistance to enemy ammunition due to having armor around its sides. It regenerates 5 HP per second, and if left unharmed for 2 minutes it will increase regeneration by 200%. It moves slightly faster than the normal Summoner. Summoner Mk II will deal 35 HP of body damage per hit. Upon destruction, it will reward 80,000 EXP to any tank who deals the final blow.

The drones created by the Summoner Mk II have 50 HP and will deal 18 HP of body damage per hit. They move as quickly as normal small Crashers.


Summoner Mk II has four spawners on the four sides just like its normal variant. The spawners in total can create a max of 40 Summoner Square drones, and up to 8 Prototype Squares. The spawner reloads just as quickly as the Summoner can, however it will increase production during certain attacks.

Laser Pod

Summoner Mk II has one laser pod positioned in the center of the body. It fires a solid lock-on laser beam akin to the War Machine. When targeted, the laser increases its damage over time, making them dangerous if you are targeted for a while. It has the same range of a level 30 Sniper. It will initially start off with 1 HP of damage, but increases by 5% every 0.2 seconds. However the stacking will be reset back to 1 HP if the body gets hit. This laser will glide past ammunition and other entities. It will change focus onto another target if the boss gets hit too many times from a different enemy tank with more DPS, if a target goes out of range, or if it destroys that target.

During the Sweeper attack, the lasers will not stack up damage, instead it will act like a solid damaging beam. These lasers will deal 10 HP of damage every 0.2 seconds. Ammunition and other entities can block the path of the laser however.

Auto Cannons

Diep.io.Weapon AutoCannon.png

Summoner Mk II has four Auto Cannons placed evenly on four corners. They fire at the same rate as a normal tank with 5 points of reload. The bullets move moderately fast. The bullets possess mild damage and high penetration. Each cannon has a 360 degree area of rotation. All four may target one enemy. These cannons have the same range as a level 10 tank.


  • Command: All squares will return and begin rapidly rotating around the Summoner Mk. II, and then be released in a ring pattern as if a Drone user bunched up all their drones on themselves, and then right-clicked. Drones will return after travelling thirty tiles away from the Summoner Mk. II. Drones move 2x faster than a Crasher during this time.
  • Promote: From the laser pod, red beams will be fired into two to five active non-Prototype square drones. These will become a random Prototype Square. The Summoner Mk. II using Promote allows it to exceed the usual 8 limit, but it cannot summon more Prototype Squares on its own or through Promote unless the number of active Prototype Squares is below 8.
  • Sweeper: Its laser pod will charge up, and then sweep a beam at a 60 degree angle instead of focusing on a player. As the Summoner Mk. II loses health, the number of lasers added will be increased. Lasers summoned by Sweeper are spaced evenly apart (two lasers will be across from each other, three into evenly spaced thirds, etc.). One more laser is added every 5000 health lost, capping at five once the health pool dips below 5000.
  • Infest: Up to 20 non-Drone squares in an 80 tile radius around the Summoner Mk. II will be transformed into regular square drones and move to its position. This allows it to exceed the usual 40 drone limit, but not above 60. Like Promote, the Summoner Mk. II will not be able to summon more square drones or use Infest again until the number of active regular square drones drops below 40. Is marked by the laser pod flashing once and a red shockwave being released a short eight tile distance.
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