Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

Tankit is a currency found within The Tale of Diep. It is the universal currency of The Realm as decided near the dawn of The Middle Era when tanks successfully took almost full control of it.

Tankit is the very basic common currency collected throughout a player's adventures by killing enemies and bosses, completing quests, basic adventuring, and much more. It is used in various shops scattered throughout The Realm and its many villages and cities to buy items and accessories for the player. Tankit can also be used in trading to other players.

Tankit looks very similar to a Panzer Token but made of a gold instead, with a circular cutout in the center in contrast to a square, and with a thick bronze-looking outline. Tankit does not take up an inventory space, and has its own bar near the top of the screen at the right. Therefore, Tankit is not lost upon the death of a Character. Only Characters used outside of The Arena can collect Tankit. The Arena instead has its own variation and use of the currency in certain game modes.

A player can have up to 999,999,999 Tankit. There is no reason Tankit should ever get this high, and it is nigh impossible to even collect this much Tankit. No items cost anything remotely close to it, but it is nice to know the limit, of which is very high.

Arena Gamemodes

Tankit has its own strange variant found only in a select few now "Arena Gamemodes". Tankit used in these game modes is not related to Tankit collected in Story Gamemodes, and none of the Tankit gotten in these game modes will have any translation to Tankit collected outside of the Arena. It's sole purpose is the role set by it in the game mode.

Fortress Mode

  • Tankit is used by the Team Emperor to buy Castle Defenses to defend their team's Castle.
  • Tankit is earned by the other players out in the world, and sent directly back to the Team Emperor for use.
    • Everyone on the team can see their team's Tankit amount, and be notified when the Team Emperor spends it on something.
  • Tankit is earned in Fortress Mode like this:
    • Every enemy player killed gives the killer's team 100 Tankit FROM the enemy's total. If the enemy team of the member killed has less than 100 Tankit, they go in debt and have negative numbers which take longer to get into the positives and buy stuff again.
    • For every Dungeon Crawler you kill, you get 50 Tankit x It's Status. Statuses are listed on the Fortress Mode page. Basically, every AI enemy killed can give 50 to 250 Tankit depending on their rank.
    • For every Dungeon conquered, the team that conquered it gets 200 Tankit x It's Status. Dungeon Statuses are listed on the Dungeons page. Basically, every dungeon conquered can give 250 to 750 Tankit depending on its rank.
    • If you remove an enemy team of players from the game, the team that killed their Team Emperor gets all of the destroyed Team's Tankit added to theirs.

Laboratory Mode

  • Arena Tankit makes a return in this game mode.
    • How Tankit works is listed there. Check it out for more detail! Here is a brief rundown.
  • Instead of upgrading to a new tank every 15 Levels using an upgrade tree, you build your own tank in the Tank Editor by buying barrels, pieces, and specials with Tankit.
  • Tankit is earned in Laboratory Mode like this:
    • Every level you get 50 Tankit.
    • Every 15 levels, you get 100 Tankit.
    • Every time you kill an enemy player, you get half the Tankit they spent, and a third of the Tankit they didn't spend.
    • With this system, even if you kill no players, you will have 2400 Tankit by Level 45.


  • The first currency type on the fanon wiki before the merge.
  • Didn't become a universal currency until after the creation of The Realm.
    • Prior to the Realm, it was only used in two actual gamemode's mechanics, and were only aesthetic design pieces in other ones. Now it acts as the basic currency of The Tale of Diep.
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