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Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

The Team Emperor is a tank exclusive to Fortress Mode. Much like the Mothership, it is attributed to the first four people to join the server, one for each team. They have a lot of power and responsibility.


A barrel-less tank that has a crown on top of it. The body itself is the color of the team its the emperor of. The Team Emperor is 4x larger than a Level 45 tank.


A lot of the other things Team Emperors can do are listed on the Fortress Mode page...

  • Is restricted to the team Castle, and cannot move outside of it.
  • Tanks near the Team Emperor of the same color recover health 25% faster.
  • Can buy Castle Defenses using Tankit.
  • Can temporarily boost every member of its team in various stats using Tankit.
  • The Team Emperor gets weapons when an enemy player enters the Castle.
  • When a Team Emperor dies, so does everyone of the same team.

Weapons Engaged

When all defenses have fallen, and an enemy team begins storming the Castle, the Team Emperor is warped to his Castle's End Room, where an epic battle will take place.

  • The Team Emperor will have 8000 health.
  • The left hand of the Team Emperor will receive two spawners, evenly spaced apart one on the front and one on the back. These can spawn up to 10 powerful Drones at a time each.
  • The right hand will grow a Dominator cannon, and the four side barrels of a Penta Shot alongside it.