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Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.
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It began one fateful night. Mere days after the realm cleared from its hellish state following the seal of Panzer, strange things began happening. Eyes would watch viciously from the shadows, with fear, anger, and hunger. Yet when anyone approached these vanished into the night, never to be seen again. But for those who are unlucky and foolish, they fall victim to the feral and destructive bite of the Tear. Beware the horde, or come to feed it. Do not let the Great Dark One cry his wishes of devastation upon you...


Tears of Panzer are AI-Controlled General Enemies that can randomly spawn in tight packs. It is unknown how they come into the world or if they truly are the tears of the Great Dark One, but one thing for certain is that they are bloodthirsty for tanks.


The Tears of Panzer look like large black reversed Crashers with a chomping mouth that opens and closes in gnashes. They have one giant yellow glowing eye. They have a spiked carapace-like black and gray body, and a tail that swings back and forth rapidly as they move.


Tears of Panzer spawn throughout the world with seemingly no rhyme or reason, usually spawning in packs of 10-20 when not created alone. A pack of Tears of Panzer have a 1/1200 chance to replace a Crasher spawn and will appear somewhere on the accessible map.

Tears of Panzer act very similarly to Crashers, but are much more powerful. They have 200 health and will shift in and out of the Armored buff on a three-second interval, allowing them to sustain much more damage at certain times. This coupled with their pack mentality can be exceptionally dangerous. Tears of Panzer move at 5 tiles per second while in their idle state or between charges. If a Tear of Panzer goes undamaged for 3 seconds, it will begin rapidly recovering 15 HP per second. Tears of Panzer have an attack detection range of 30 tiles.

Tears of Panzer deal 20 contact damage a second (A max level player can have anywhere between 138-278 health depending on stat points), and have a charge ability like the Lancer tank. Every ten seconds, they will move at 150% speed (7.5 tiles per second) for 2 seconds and will deal 40 contact damage with this blow, followed by the usual 20 almost always. The bite of a Tear of Panzer will only inflict the Poisoned debuff for 3 seconds if contact is made with the Jaws, but know it can happen.

If a Tear of Panzer spawned through a random chance wanders too far from its group, it will return once that group leaves its attack detection range so long as no other players or Polygons are in this attack detection range, in which case it hunts them down for the slaughter. Tears of Panzer spawned by other enemies or bosses will act as if the spawner is the group, and return to them if no players are in its attack detection range, swarming around them as to protect the entity that created it. Tears of Panzer will actively attempt to dodge Drones, Traps, and Bullets if they can, usually retreating and putting more distance between them and the player, actually giving the player the advantage.

A Guardian under attack by five Tears of Panzer.

Tears of Panzer are hostile to players, Polygons, other non-Panzer related enemies, nothing else. However, players have the highest priority, and they will chase down the tanks until their demise. Tears of Panzer will actively protect Panzer-related tanks and enemies, such as Prophets, Cultist Polygons, Dungeon Crawlers, etc. One special relation is if Tears of Panzer spawn in Mad Science, where they will be hostile to the Trooper-type Lab Guards and flee from Trap-type Lab Guards. Another is if Tears of Panzer attack and kill a Guardian in The Realm, it has a 20% chance of turning into a Guardian X regardless of area of the world.

Upon death, a Tear of Panzer gives 300 Score to the killer and has a 1/200 (0.5%) chance to drop a Panzer Token. The rest of the pack will also become hostile to the player if one exists. If the player is already outside of the pack's attack detection range, however, they will not come back to kill the player and avenge their fallen.


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