Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

Teleportation Amulets are a central game mechanic of The Tale of Diep. Within the game, there is a vast Realm to explore, full of danger, hazards, and the threat of the Cult or any other of the Empire's enemies right around the corner. As Tale of Diep includes a permadeath mechanic, and so many hazards a foolish Tank Imperial could easily wade into, it comes to mind a means of escape to safety in a pinch.

Teleportation Amulets are a device that can be found dropping from majority of entities throughout The Realm. They are ornate golden medallions with a chain, and a large orange crystal fragment in the center. These are the same crystal fragments used in the Teleportation Shrines scattered throughout The Realm, centralized in Toil Ridge and created by the Sect of Andromeda there. The Teleportation Shrines allow fast travel from fixed points throughout The Realm to other fixed points throughout The Realm. The Teleportation Amulets serve a different purpose.



Lore-wise, the magic of Teleportation Amulets allow them to sense where the wearer feels safest, and warp them there in time of need or danger. All sorts of sentient entities use them throughout the world, from Paramarchs, to High Prophets, and even some enemies.

It is believed that Elzic the Archromancer was the one who discovered the nature of the crystals from the Sect of Andromeda in their traveling of The Realm following their turn to chaos. Being the powerful force Elzic was, they were believed to have harnessed the energy from the crystals used in the Teleportation Shrines, and form them to magical Amulets that could save the wearer from death if activated. Elzic used this to persist much longer, but in the end would meet their vile fate, not in death, but elsewhere...


When players use Teleportation Amulets, they will return to Imperium and to safety. Teleportation Amulets must be used wisely, as when used to return to safety, they break. So the collection of Teleportation Amulets, while not mandatory to survival, is heavily encouraged. They drop at higher rates the further the player is from Imperium, discouraging players from just sticking near the border of Melancholy Forest and farming enemies until they attain them. They are very central to survival in the world, other than sticking with a group of friends, or working towards a Teleportation Shrine to return to Imperium that way, which can be done an infinite number of times for free. When a player uses an Amulet, they vanish from the location in an orange glow, returning to Imperium when the screen snaps to black. Amulets are not used automatically, and must be manually activated via either clicking them in the Inventory, or setting a hotkey and pressing it. Pressing the hotkey while an Amulet is in the player's inventory will consume it.

The "Amulet Keeper" Ancestral Upgrade on the Panzergram allows all future used Amulets to have a 20% chance of not breaking on use, which can be a very useful and nifty occurrence, allowing an additional free safety net.


Some enemies utilize Teleportation Amulets through other means. Enemies such as the Nomadic Summoner enemy in the Sect of Andromeda of Toil Ridge use it to actually summon in entities, the Star Orbitals. It is believed masters of the Teleportation Amulet's power can not just teleport themselves places, but also warp other entities to it. They may also be able to keep the Amulet from breaking by keeping the magic of the crystal within them stable.

High Prophets theoretically use Teleportation Amulets to escape their Cathedrals in the event of attack. This is on the occasions that the Archpuppet replaces their battle, which in its own right is a very interesting and hard to explain mechanic. It is known that these Amulets are not able to be held stable by the High Prophets, as the broken Amulet can be seen on the ground in the battle room when this is the case.

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