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Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

Tharea the Shattered is a Realm Boss that spawns in Wintercrest, mostly near the Sierran Purlieus, especially deep into its northern section. She begins relatively passive, until either attacked or after certain conditions are met.


Tharea the Shattered is an ambitious student of magic from the Tank Empire. She began her journey near the beginning of The Middle Era to the western land of Wintercrest. She had heard legends of a powerful sorcerer who traveled the world during The Old Era, marking their name in history by contributing a lot to the world magically, politically, and physically. They became so powerful in fact, they ascended mortality and became a somewhat lesser deity, suspended in a state of slumber in a subrealm... This figure's last lair of magic was in Wintercrest. Tharea now dedicates her life to discovering this old mage's powerful secrets, unearthing their lair and the relics within, and eventually joining them in seemingly eternal life.


Tharea is a rather small (by boss standards) pale blue tank with a white "coat" like design covering the lower body, with cyan as a secondary color. From the sides of this come out two rather thin shoulder-sleeve like extensions, covering the arms of Tharea as well. From this, slightly grayer "gloves" come out. They are still pretty much just circles, with a bit of detail like the gauntlet of Belisarius to indicate that they're separate from the arms and give that glove look extending onto the arm behind them. A bit of Tharea's body has sort of a red color like that from being outside, where cheeks would be if the tank body was a face (as it usually is). Tharea's winter hat resembles both a snow hat and stereotypical hat, blending the lines between the two. It is sort of a cyan color.

The Fight


When first encountered, Tharea will most likely be docile. She will be most likely be moving around, casting spells against other Wintercrest entities that are not the player, such as members of the Forgotten Kingdom or even Altar of Unsure Fate spawns (which she will very actively target). Tharea will not usually attack the player immediately, with some exceptions. Her main attacks

Tharea can be provoked and the fight will begin in one of many ways:

  • If the player is a magic-using tank, combat will begin immediately! Tharea is out to consume and absorb all the magical energy and knowledge she can!
  • If she is damaged by a player, she will become hostile to all players nearby and any that join mid-combat. If she re-enters her idle state (all players die, escape to Imperium, or run away) and new players encounter her, she will not be immediately hostile to them.
  • Non-mage tanks standing around or following Tharea (within 50 tiles of her) has a 1/200 chance of angering her. If the player is carrying Teleportation Amulets, this will increase the chance per second by 2 per total Teleportation Amulets within 50 tiles of her. She wants ALL MAGIC, even the amulets.
    • If the player has no Teleportation Amulets and this occurs, she will not enter battle and will just use a single Flurry Bolt attack against the player group, as more of a signal for them to go away. She will not actually begin fighting in her battle state unless attacked. If the player does have Teleportation Amulets and this happens, the battle will immediately begin with a Flurry Bolt attack.


"I will absorb your magic potential to be as strong as Elzic!" (If battle begins due to the player being magic-based)

"Jeez... you're just asking to be shattered to pieces!" (If battle begins by other means)

Tharea will jump back from all players a bit and immediately begin with a Flurry Bolt attack, described below. After that, she will begin selecting from the abilities below. During this phase, every six attacks OR 3000 health that she loses, Tharea will put up a shield of ice around her, surrounding her in ice-like armor plating, where she will switch to a different attack set until its destroyed. The ice armor health pool is separate from Tharea's health pool, with 3000 health and activation of the Armored buff.

Without Ice Armor:

  • Flurry Bolt: Will leap back a bit from players and fire a cone-shaped gust of icy wind from her hands, held together in the direction she's firing it. This cone pushes back players, fires small ice-shard like projectiles within its arc that do light damage, and persists for a few seconds. Tharea doesn't move while this occurs.
  • Frostburst: She will motion her right or left arm upward and them quickly move it downward. In front of her, depending on which hand she motioned the attack with, a large burst of icy particles in a circular shape will either occur right in front of her or a bit further in front of her (left indicates close range, right indicates longer range). This area is rather large, deals some pretty hefty damage, and inflicts Paralyzed to the player for 3 seconds, as icy shards rain outward as a visual effect.
  • Frigid Beam: Tharea will twirl one of her hands above her head for a second before lowering it straight outward into a direction, as it pulses cyan and bluish energy swirls around it. Depending on which hand she used to motion the attack, the beam fired will behave one of two ways. If she motioned with her left hand, she will sweep the pulsing blue beam from left to right, dealing damage to a 120 degree angle to players, and inflicting Panic and Cursed onto them for 12 seconds. If she motioned with her right hand, a single beam will target into the closest player, tracking them. Over the course of 5 seconds they will take some pretty severe damage, before freezing, being applied with Stunned, Paralyzed, but also Armored for 8 seconds. During the first variant, Tharea will stop moving during the laser sweep. During the second variant, she will move if players approach, albeit slowly.
  • Cryo Seekers: Will raise both her arms, as four blue frosty orbitals with cyan spikes on them (forming a sort of snowflake-looking shape) begin rotating around them. After this happens, they will one a time quickly begin chasing after players with a cyan trail behind them. This trail persists for 6 seconds, and inflicts Slowed for 1.6 seconds when walked through. If a Cryo Seeker makes contact with a player, they will take damage and be inflicted with Broken for 3 seconds. Tharea will meanwhile be releasing rings of icy shots with increasing intensity, slowly moving toward players. The first ring consists of 8 shots, the next 16, and the last 32. As the shot number increases, their individual damage decreases.

With Ice Armor:

  • Frostbite: Will dash quickly at a player, and attempt to punch them with both sharp icy fists. If contact is made with Tharea's hands, the player will suffer heavy damage, and be pushed backward. Any icy shockwave will also emanate from the contact zone, inflicting Dazed to players nearby for 3 seconds. She will leave a twin trail of ice shots behind her in the pattern of the original Skimmer as she travels.
  • Cool Down: Tharea will put both of her arms straight out, and begin rapidly becoming a blur, an icy tornado-like entity. She will then begin rapidly dashing around the arena, and must be avoided. After 10 seconds, if she doesn't hit a player, she will become Broken and Stunned for 3 seconds. Her movements are erratic, not directly targeting players, and are more to be avoided as she spins around the battlefield. If she does hit a player, she will stop spinning, bounce back to the initial starting position, and laugh. On impact, the player will suffer heavy damage, as quick moving, almost unavoidable light damage shots that inflict Fatigued for 6 seconds are fired into all other nearby players.
  • Tundra Terror: Will slam her icy gauntlets below, as 3-5 waves of ice crystals are sent one at a time rising from the ground in waving paths that will sometimes cross, in the general direction of the slam. They will slowly sink back into the ground as they go as well. These spikes do hefty damage on their own, and being pushed along the waves can be fatal, as they do damage quickly, but otherwise they inflict no debuff, and standing clear of Tharea should make it easy to dodge.
  • Bitter Break: Will form an icy spear from snow particles above her, and have it fall into her hands. She will swing this javelin numerous times and in numerous patterns, sending out waves of ice crystals in the patterns of the swings. Sometimes she will point it outward, firing a line of them. When she is done with the spear, she will throw it in the direction of a random player. If it connects, the spear will be lodged into them for 3 seconds, doing additional damage, before exploding into a minor AoE burst, dealing additional damage to all nearby players. All icicle shots from the spear inflict Bleeding for 4 seconds. She can use anywhere from 1-4 javelins in quick succession.


  • Tharea has a listed health of 12,000, but due to her use of ice armor three additional times throughout the battle guaranteed, it is in actuality at minimum 21,000, taking that into account. Not to mention additional chances she gets to put up the 3,000 health armor due to using enough attacks.
  • Tharea may also seem she like she doesn't have many attacks in either of her forms, but she does rapidly switch between them. In her non-armored form, some her attacks have variants as well based on what telegraph she uses.
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