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"Heresy is any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs or customs. A heretic is a proponent of such claims or beliefs"

You can see why we call him The Heretic. Evil and powerful prophet of Panzer arisen from the dead by the Great Dark One. He, like many, do not follow our belief that Panzer should stay frozen in time.


The Heretic is an odd being to many of the tanks who witness it in action, because it is scarily similar to the Archprophet. And it's backstory, an old, powerful, and evil prophet of Panzer arisen from the dead? Many who have lived through The Old Era and still believe in past traditions... they are certain that this is the future... of He Who Laughs In The Tower himself.

This boss used to spawn as the second of three bosses in the gamemode, Tower of Gladii. It is currently in search of a new spawn location. The second boss of Tower of Gladii is now Belisarius.


The Heretic looks... similar to Abaddon?... in that he is a giant skull. However, he is draped in a black cloak, and his right eye has a purple light pupil in it. He has not two hands, but white cracked circles that sort of hover next to him, in a sense. His entire body has purple fire embers swirling about it. Similar to Nostradamus, both of these disconnected hands have five fingers, of which are each made of two long thin white barrels connected to each other and can bend.


A giant stone-like octagonal arena surrounded in a ring of purple lava tiles. A stone bridge leads to the arena platform in the middle. When the boss fight begins, lava washes over the stone bridge, making it impossible to escape. In the middle of the arena before The Heretic spawns, are five Fanatics of Panzer standing at the points of a purple pentagram. See below for more info on that.

Attacks and Abilities

Phase 1

When first entering the boss room, there will be five Invincible 'Fanatics of Panzer' will be standing in a pentagon shape, the purple pentagram's points connecting them. Once the first player enters the room, all players have 30 seconds to get in before the doors close. Afterwards, five more seconds will pass, and The Heretic will ascend from the center of the pentagram, rotating (3-dimensionally, as he rotates, his eyes will go around and not be seen because his back is turned), before finishing his complete 360. Afterwards, the Fanatics will run off and chase players while he goes half transparent, all bullets passing through him.

Fanatics of Panzer are black Basic Tanks with purple flames lazily drifting around them. They flash and pulsate purple while summoning The Heretic. They stop flashing and pulsating when running off to chase players. Fanatics of Panzers are more annoying than threatening. Their bullets can do a good chunk of damage, and they switch positions with the player they hit, which may drop them right in the middle of the four other Fanatics, or next to The Heretic, who will occasionally fire purple flaming Destroyer bullets from his mouth while keeping a distance from players, and teleporting in a cloud of purple smoke if surrounded. After all five Fanatics are killed, The Heretic enters Phase 2.

Phase 2

After all Fanatics of Panzer have been killed, he will enter Phase 2, acting normal and selecting random attacks to do from the pool below.

  • Demon Breath: Will aim a direction, and sweep back and forth, releasing a spray of flaming purple bullets that travel outward and inflict Burning on contact. Lasts about 4 seconds.
  • Seize: Will raise both of his detached hands a tiny bit while his fingers are curled upward and consumed in purple flames. Each times he does his hand lifting motion, purple Lava Tiles will replace some of the floor, slowly building up, until the ability ends, before all disappearing at once. Obviously, uses this more than once in succession, but never more than five times.
  • Haze: His purple eye will flash white, before purple smoke will begin clouding over the screen. This lasts 12 seconds, and he can use other abilities alongside it.
  • Cough: Will make a coughing animation, and release a purple Destroyer bullet from his mouth that explodes and deals area damage on contact. From its bombing place, four bullets will be fired outward in the cardinal directions, and four Tears of Panzer will spawn.
  • Fire Ring: Will close his skull mouth and his right eye fire will go out as if he closed his eyes (which he can't, because they're sockets), and curl his fingers into a meditating position. Eight purple Destroyer bullets will slowly build up in a rotating ring around him while he has Armored, and then once they hit eight, they will all fire out. Happens more than once in a row, each time the charge rate quickening.
  • Gateway: Will open his mouth largely, as a black and purple wormhole effect show within it, as he laughs. From his mouth, various enemies will spawn, any of the ones that can be found in the Tower of Gladii game mode, including more of the Fanatics from earlier.
  • Inhale: Will do the same effect as Gateway, but instead of summoning enemies, it pulls them toward his mouth. Should players get within five tiles of him, they will die instantly.
  • Dry Mouth: After Gateway or Inhale, he will sputter and cough for a bit from holding his mouth open for too long, and his jaw will unhinge slightly. From his mouth, a spray of randomly sized bullets moving at random speeds will fire out, and wherever they land will leave a tile of purple Lava there. Lava will vanish after 30 seconds.
  • Tainted Slash: Will summon five lances in a half circle shape, and then fire them outward in a shotgun. The lances have purple tipped points, and tanks hit suffer from Broken and Poisoned for 6 seconds.
  • Vindication: His eyes will flash purple and chain lightning strikes connecting up to five players within 20 tiles of each other, will be fired out. Chain lightning does minimal damage in comparison of his other attacks, but applies Broken and Slowed for 3 seconds.
  • Genesis: All Traps, Bullets, and Drones will go half transparent, stop moving, then be absorbed into his body, and soon after he will release all of their added damage as a purple bullet from his mouth. The more damage it deals, the larger and slower it is. Is Invulnerable while inhaling everything.
  • Incorporeal: Passive effect. If too much damage is sustained too fast, The Heretic will go transparent for 10 seconds, meaning bullets will pass through him during this time (rendering him pretty much Invincible). 2000 damage must be taken over the course of 4 seconds for this to activate, however (seeing as there are easily hundreds of players allied to kill him, its not as hard as you think).
  • Heresy: Upon reaching 500 health, he will go transparent, and release a bullet hell for the next 30 seconds that goes through many stages of attack patterns. Ultimately, afterwards, he will die. This is similar to the Archprophet's final resort 'Last Hurrah'.


  • Proud of this one for the atmosphere.
  • Despite its title, difficulty, and placement, is classified as a Event Boss.
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