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The Middle Era is the time period in which The Tale of Diep occurs. It is the middle of the five eras of recorded tank history and future. The Old Era precedes it and the Reanimation Era will supposedly proceed it. The Middle Era started around the 28th millennium, and is yet to end.


The Middle Era begins at the end of the Old Era, when Panzer was sealed away by a group of nine powerful ritualists. For the first century of the Middle Era, the skies burned and The Realm remained uninhabitable by mortals. The Sons of Panzer, being demigods, used this time to recoup and reassemble while the lesser beings hid in the shadow... This time soon to be came known as the Dormancy Period.

When the fallout passed and the storm cleared, things were relatively normal, save for the presence of Panzer's eyes having been gone at last. People were free to do what they wanted without fear. Tanks quickly socialized and formed civilizations, and quickly became a dominant across the western portion of the realm. They had grips on of course, the Tank Empire, most of Melancholy Forest, portions of Toil Ridge and Vallard Wastes, and even a bit of Somber Falls at this time. Over time they slowly lost most of this land to the Cult and Polygons, being cornered into the northeast section of The Realm.

The Polygon Disciples after the clearing from the devastation of the Dormancy Period had eventually returned from their time within their sub-realm, the Ascension. They knew by then the Tanks have captured almost all of their lost territory and are immediately met with resistance. However, they were not alone. Millions of polygons held captive in their safety within the Ascension were released in droves, storming the outposts with incredible numbers. The exact location where the disciples descended is unknown, but speculations suggests that they have returned in the northern part of the Neverest mountains, where from there they lead massive migratory movements outward to reclaim their emptied fortresses. Some had to rebuild theirs completely like Ennealis, as her previous location was eradicated during the violent eruptions of MT Vallard, which plagued the land around it permanently. Hexen had came to be the most dominating force of the polygons during the early parts of the Middle Era, where he lead himself along with thousands to push back the Empire enough to reach his designated fortress, which to this day he remains close to their borders...

Fortresses began being erected by the Cult of Panzer across The Realm. Fortresses house the Sons of Panzer, whom are indirect affiliates with the Cult. However, one Son actively works with them on behalf of the Great Dark One himself, supposedly.

Of worth, what was attributed to the true start of the Middle Era was the discovery of Panzer Tokens, silver disks with testaments to death etched into them. These tokens are said to be made of the essence of the evil god himself. When mortals emerged again when the ash of Panzer's sealing cleared, these tokens were found strewn anywhere people traveled. Most were hoarded and collected by the Cult in their prime, and the rest were never seen again. No one knows the coins' true purpose, but whenever one of the Cult's elite dies, a few of these are always left behind...

The Archprophet discovered the Tower of Gladii only days after The Realm was habitable again. He was well educated, but many only heard of the Tower from ancient stories passed on by ancient tanks who lived through The Panzer Era. The Tower of Gladii holds all the records and tablets kept by Panzer's kin in the Old and Panzer Era. Here, just as Panzer had, the Archprophet now decides the fate of the world. The Archprophet was previously one of the nine ritualists who sealed the Great Dark One away. And now... he was his voice to the world. He started the Cult of Panzer just weeks prior in a mountain cave now known as Sanctuary, and through blood and sword they spread the word of Panzer ever since.

Not too long after he amassed a huge wealth from his wars, the Archprophet had constructed for him a magical vault that could only be opened by him. Many have tried to get in, but all who enter never escape. Nostradamus, the Vault's defender, guards it with cold blood. Unless the Archprophet falls enough times, Nostradamus shant ever be conquered.

After an affiliation was made with Dr. Lacus, many new terrors began emerging from the Cult. Engineered Sons not belonging of Panzer like The Automaton came first, followed by the War Machine. That was the first great threat tanks faced after the smoke cleared. Next came The Frigate, a device used by Panzer-supporting Polygons to fight back. And lastly, was the worst experiment of them all, the Leaping Warmind... Dr. Lacus hasn't touched the laboratory since, and hopefully never again. We shall see...

Now, still stuck in this age of struggle and terror, the future will be only determined whoever wins out in this fight for power: The nefarious Archprophet and his terrible Cult... or us, the Tank Empire But as we've always said... in a time of darkness and hate, swords must swing and blood must bleed.

The Month of Panzer


In the month of February, somewhere deep in the 30th millennium, the Archprophet officially announced a message they all feared: Panzer was on his way. Until the date of March 21st, 2017 M.E, every new day the Archprophet and an affiliate of his would reveal new information, new forces, and secrets.

It was around this time that tanks discovered infiltration methods to the now much more heavily reinforced Tower of Gladii. It resolved in killing plenty of his most elite followers over the span of weeks, discovering various new intel about many more operations planned by the Cult, namely the machination of the Polygons, an ambush of epic proportions, and the entire truth behind the plans, including the Archprophet sacrificing his body to use as a vessel for Panzer while he tries to enter an immaculate form. Tanks found this the best time to strike, the day of Panzer's arrival, and raided the tower...

At the end, in the battle with the Archprophet himself, hiding deep in the Sanctum, the masses of the Tank Empire and many cultists did battle, resulting in a Tank Empire victory. Or so they thought...

Without warning, the weakened Archprophet retreats to a secret corridor in the back of the Sanctum. When the first of the imperials arrive, all that is seen is a massive, shifting black arch doorway, spilling blinding white light into the halls of the Sanctum. The tanks look up above through the now crumbling roof of the Tower, gazing deep into the pulsating black mass above, The Chamber. They knew now that the anomaly passage would bring them to its heart... the depths of The Void...

The chroniclers themselves could not tell what of what the fearless Tank Imperials saw in the heart of the sub-realm Panzer was locked in. All that they know is that the warriors lived on supposedly victorious... and even with his plans flustered, the Archprophet still lives on meaning Panzer is still out there... with the Realm never safe...

Despite this supposed revolutionary event, the Archprophet is still alive and doing just the same as before, and Panzer can never die. Whether this overcoming and showing the god can be held back constitutes a change in Eras is debated to this day.

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