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The Monstrosity is a Realm Boss that spawns in Vallard Wastes in The Realm. It spawns randomly throughout the Vallard Wastes, though usually closer to Mt. Vallard in the center. It was created as a result of the terrible radioactive land, and cursed by some... evil magic it would seem... it is the Monstrosity. Created by Diepmon.


The Monstrosity is a constantly shifting and moving blob of dark green, blue, and red. Various tank weapons can be seen in and out on the edges, while the entire thing oozes back and forth revealing different weapons at different times. It's mostly dark green, but blue toward the very edges and red at the center. Speaking of which, there's also some black there... and what seems to be a dark face howling in pain.

Abilities and Attacks

The Monstrosity's health varies. It starts off with only 14,000 health, but the more polygons and other things it sucks up, including tanks and other types of enemies, it grows. All polygons increase its max health by 50 (though they don't spawn in the Vallard Wastes), tanks by 200, and enemies by 300. It also moves fairly fast, as fast as a Guardian while it's producing Crashers due to its recoil. It has a max increasable health of 28,000. As it loses health, it becomes progressively faster but not faster than a Small Crasher. Anything that comes in contact with it will be absorbed and be destroyed instantly. It will steer clear of Realm Bosses and Polygon Bosses if it is lured outside of the Vallard Wastes (which it can be.) If combat is unavoidable, it will try to encapsulate the boss. If upon contact with the Monstrosity the boss's current health is less than it, the Monstrosity will heal itself for that amount of health. Otherwise, the Monstrosity will attack until either it or the boss is destroyed. Bosses receive 200 damage per second while they are in contact with it. All things absorbed by The Monstrosity add to its total point bounty when destroyed.

  • Grasp: It moves toward a player, sucking up as much as it can. It sucks in the player and expels them out, inflicting Poisoned for 15 seconds and dealing minor damage.
  • Internal Conflict: It swishes back and forth, before rotating quickly, then releases a random field of bullets all around it with a blur and tornado effect. This lasts a couple of seconds and various bullet patterns will be released.
  • Haughty: The face's "mouth" turns into an evil smile-like image and releases 36 lasers that sweep the surrounding area at 10-degree increments. Lasers do medium damage and do not specifically target anything. Lasers last two seconds and deal damage for every second they're stood in. Lasers all inflict Burning for a second after exiting.
  • Expulsion: Several globs of ooze (3-6) are expelled from the main body and they go off on their own to fight for about 125 seconds before dissipating. The main Monstrosity is not affected in any way by expelling the globs. The globs have 1200-1900 health, and more cannot be spawned until all are killed. They are of varying sizes, depending on health.
  • Mega Burst: A globby tank emerges from the ooze and explodes, scattering ooze everywhere. These ooze globs become smaller versions of the ones expelled in Expulsion, but these guys last for as long as needed and have 350-500 health. Also vary in size depending on health.
  • Burst Fire: Will release several globs of ooze similar to Expulsion but in three rounds of four to eight. These will splatter randomly across the immediate area, inflicting Slowed to those within them, and after leaving for 2 seconds. Goo blobs will disappear after 12 seconds.
  • Charge Set: Used at 1% health. The Monstrosity collapses in on itself, exploding into a bunch of blobs of goo similar to those in Burst Fire. These pools not just Slow while in them and for 2 seconds after leaving but deal light damage every second as well. These goo blobs last 40 seconds before vanishing.


  • Despite the looks, it does not come from the Void. It's not a Portal, either. It's the Monstrosity.
  • Began as a part of the Extended Tale of Diep, and was promoted to Tale of Diep as a Realm Boss on September 27th, 2017.
  • It took a full year and two days for this conception and its art to fufill Gravi's original intention, of which it was to become part of the Tale of Diep.
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