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The Octagon is one of the many Sons of Panzer that can spawn in Fortresses. It is the Boss Tank variant of the Octo Tank. Created by Zathsu.


The Octagon is a giant gray octagon shape with eight barrels, one on each side. A black circle with a small red pupil is present on the center, representing an eye. Because it is directly in the center, as the Octagon rotates, the eye doesn't move. The eye will occasionally blink, squint angrily, and look over at players with its pupil.

Each side is so big, the barrels don't even fill up one side of it. Not to mention the barrels are BIGGER than usual on top of that. It is basically a giant octagon-shaped Son of Panzer in robotic armor created by Dr. Lacus.


Battle Track:

Death Animation Track:

Note that all Sons of Panzer share these two tracks among all of them.


First, Some Notes

Despite it being the boss version of the OCTO TANK we're talking about here... this guy has a lot of unique tricks. Another note, this boss cannot move. It is a giant system sitting in the middle of the Fortress. The exits to the room will close once the fight begins.

Actual Attacks

  • Spinning Counter: Will begin rotating and rapidly firing bullets in streams that you need to move with or be hit. Is Invulnerable during this attack. Can be used in any barrel type. Especially dangerous in Trapper and Destroyer forms.
  • Gunner Swap: Whatever barrel type it is using, all eight will all retract into the Octagon, and 16 Gunner barrels will come out, two on each side. Can now use attacks labelled 'Gunner #' until it switches to a different weapon type.
    • Gunner 1: The Gunner barrels will now be mounted on the same half circles as Auto Tank guns, and therefore can shoot and aim at players close to them. There are eight mounts, as each side gets one with the two barrels on it.
    • Gunner 2: If Gunner 1 was just used, the mounts will retract, and he will begin spinning and slowly shooting out Gunner bullets. The catch? They bounce off the walls and the Octagon, making for a nasty bullet hell.
  • Destroyer Swap: Whatever barrel type it is using, all eight will retract into the Octagon, and four Destroyer barrels will come out. Only four sides, evenly spaced will get them however. With Destroyer barrels, it can use attacks labelled as 'Destroyer #'.
    • Destroyer 1: Will fire four Destroyer bullets (making sure at least one is aiming at a player), then retract the barrels and have them appear on the four sides that didn't have them and re-doing the attack many times over.
    • Destroyer 2: All barrels will retract, and a giant barrel the size of the Octagon's side will appear, and one massive bullet will be fired. It moves slowly but it is INCREDIBLY deadly.
    • Destroyer 3: Destroyer 1, but a lot faster and not directly aiming. Just firing fast and hoping.
  • Trapper Swap: All barrels it is currently using will retract, and eight Trapper barrels will come out, one to each side. Can use attacks labelled 'Trapper #' in this phase.
    • Trapper 1: Rapidly fires out traps from all eight barrels as it slowly rotates, forming a shield of sorts around it. Then, slowly, all Traps will begin homing players like Drones, and must be destroyed.
    • Trapper 2: All the Trapper barrels will retract, and Mega Trapper barrels will come out. Fires out a Mega Trap from one barrel at a time. Then they will move into lines that span from the edge of the walls to the Octagon, and the three rings will begin rotating in random directions, so that you need to weave your way through all the orbiting Traps going different directions at different distances.

Which barrel and when he uses them are selected randomly at the end of an ability. Hell, he could use one Trapper attack, then switch to Destroyer, use one attack there, then switch back to Trapper. Its all RNG. In the end, this is a test of endurance. You need to outlive The Octagon by learning its patterns. You cant run away either...

Death Animation

The Octagon will use its pupil to look slowly around, before the eye closes. The various patterns on the body will begin tearing apart followed by different sparks all around the robotic hull of the body. The armor will then crack in two, splitting down the middle as white light consumes the screen, and The Octagon fades into dust, leaving the robotic armor behind.

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