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The Panzer Era goes back to the earliest recorded archives of all Tank history. No dates come before it. The Panzer Era begins when Panzer himself creates the realm and all its inhabitants, and ends when the tank slaves escape and overcame their demigod overlords, ultimately becoming an independent society. For almost the entire Panzer Era, tanks were a slave species to the creatures Panzer considered superior to them. No Era precedes the Panzer Era, and The Old Era succeeds it. The Panzer Era begins in the 1st recorded millennium, and ends in the 15th millennium.


At the beginning of the time, all was blackness. The Void consumed all, and magical energy, the essence of which all is created from, drifted about aimlessly in the vast nothing. In a random instance before time existed, large quantities of magical energy formed together into a being and force now known as “Panzer”.

Panzer was, technically, the first living being. He used excess magical energy in The Void to create the world known as The Realm. Nobody knew the exact process. Stone and Water were as ancient as the ideas that occurred to Panzer. The Realm was created with quite a few landscapes in mind. A grand magical plain and a great jungle to the west, guarded by a mountain range that spanned the entire Realm vertically. A vast desert bordered by a rich coastal landscape with remote isles. Forests, mesas, savannas, and great rocky landscapes covered the south east. Countless of other unknown and unseen landscapes served as natural borders between the mainlands. Over time, the Realm would slowly change from this vision as events boonful and catastrophic alike hit it. The residual magic within the Realm had formed concentrated crystalline structures, otherwise known as Illumina Crystals. They will play an important role later on.

Due to this action and his rule over the early universe, he was seen as a god by all future living creatures that he would be responsible for creating. Panzer, after building his world slowly over time, began to inhabit it with creatures, namely before anything else, 28 descendants, entities with the power of demigods. They began animalistic and rather alien, as there was no standard by which life was meant to be created yet, but as time passed the later ones began to be more intelligent, civil, and more organized in body structure.

One of Panzer’s descendants, the Polygon Mother as she’d soon be known, created the first intelligent race of the creatures in the jungles of the west, the Polygons. They would soon spread across the Realm and form their own unique cities. Polygons were not only just another inhabitant, but are physically connected to the Realm’s residual magic. The Polygon Mother and her spawn were created around the time the smarter and more formed Sons were being made, as she had the knowledge to even do so. In similar means, the later Sons began creating their own species as well.

The “Civil Sons” as they became known, took vast portions of land in the eastern Realm beyond Neverest Mountains, and built powerful cities across The Realm in them. But what good did controlling this land and these cities have if there was no one to reside in them? So each of the Civil Sons took after the Polygon Mother (who decided to stay in the western jungle) and created their own species in their images over the course of centuries, millennia, and long expanses of time.

The Civil Sons (of which 15 of the 28 original descendants were) sometimes got into conflicts with one another, or requested things of their “all-powerful father” Panzer. For all of his power, Panzer was not omnipotent, omnipresent, or all-knowing. He was not a god in the traditional sense, just the strongest being magic-wise. Regardless, some Sons formed alliances, others grudges. To see more of the vast Realm, they set up systems of governing each other’s territories for small portions of time. This would eventually be their downfall.

Panzer held an outpost in the southern ethereal plains to the west of the Neverest Mountains, known as the Tower of Gladii. From this structure he oversaw the world and all of its knowledge. His physical form would be present here, and the Sons could come see him on matters themselves. This structure was the center of all, and it held within it archives of ancient knowledge and tablets of old that Panzer kept to record his universe.

Fatefully, sometime during the latter half of this beginning Era, known as The Panzer Era for his absolute domination during it, a band of his descendants came to his tower in the west with a request. They wished to reduce the work and complaints of their citizens, who were growing restless due to the endless same system. They wanted a lesser race that they could force to do things for them, a slave species. And Panzer saw it so, creating a species known as the Tanks.

This came under scrutiny, however. Several of the many Sons were lenient and even against this. Even the Polygon Mother had been pleading to Panzer to not create the lesser slave species, knowing the implications that would rise. The growing demand for them was too high. Many Sons were bringing in threats about war against each other. Panzer didn’t listen to the concerns that were presented to him.

This would have a future impact greater than any in the past. They were transported across the Realm into the territories of the Sons, growing disdain for them, watching as the citizens of their cities could do as they pleased while they were forced to labor for nothing. Panzer, perhaps, made them too intelligent for their own good. He didn’t know better, as it was a trait he had been applying to his creations since halfway through his own descendants. However, the new system held strong for a couple more millennia.

That was, until, in the eastern city of Imperium, Tanks revolted against their masters. They successfully escaped the city in the dead of night unifying as was planned. They gathered arms from the city, and attacked a weaker city-state in the east held by a rather incompetent Son known as The Veil. He lost his city, unprepared for the Tank attacks, and was thrown out of it in a panic. He ran to nearby Sons in the coming years for assistance, not wishing to tell his father Panzer out of humiliation. The Tanks were strong however, as they gathered the old slaves in The Veil’s city of Arena and held off all forms of assaults using the resources of Imperium and Arena to their advantage. This was the end of an era, where it was realized that Tanks would no longer have to listen to their demigod-like masters and that there was hope. History is written by the victors, and the Tanks would come to call the day Imperium and Arena fell the marking of the end of The Panzer Era itself thus entering a new age, now known as The Old Era. Having controlled two cities, and most of the area around them, this portion of the northeastern Realm became the fledgling Tank Empire.

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