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Then I saw when the Lamb broke one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, "Come."


The Pestilent is one of the Final Sons that can spawn in Mega Fortresses. Being a Final Son, he is based on one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The Pestilent representing Pestilence/Conquest from the Book of Revelations. The two are generally seen as interchangeable, and The Pestilent represents them both.

His Mega Fortress is dead and littered with poisonous waste. The ground is dirt and riddled with signs of ruin, the walls are weak and leak green liquid, and lava pools are replaced by green poisonous liquid. The enemies that spawn in his Mega Fortress include Badflies, Hosts, and Plague Doctors. The battle is split into two phases, like the other Final Sons.

Along with the other Final Sons, The Pestilent was created in the last hours of The Old Era by Panzer and put into dormancy, set to awake when the Great Dark One's liberation began.


The Pestilent is a large green tank with a stone mask and mud brown hood. The mask is kind of rectangular, with three large black circular holes in the shape of a face (two on top next to each other and a larger one beneath them in the middle). Though the mouth looks more like a half circle frown. Depending on if he is moving left or right, his 'face' will be centralized in that direction. The Pestilent has a large Auto Turret on his left side that looks like a Ballista. On his right is a large Auto Turret that looks like an Overseer spawner.

Because of his mask, some shots will only do half damage, but not all of them.

The Fight

Phase 1

  • Duke: Will aim his Overseer barrel outward slowly, and fire out a line of ten Badflies.
  • Pestilence: Will vibrate as he begins charging in a direction, leaving a trail of green poison tiles behind him. Poison tiles vanish after 10 seconds.
  • Conquest: Will begin rapidly firing arrow-like bullets that pierce multiple players from his Ballista gun. They have light homing but give up easily.
  • Coarse: His mask will fly out 30 tiles in the direction he's facing, and his hood will droop down over the place it once stood. The mask will fly back to him after it reaches the end of its path, like a boomerang. Players struck get thrown backward, suffer moderate damage, and get Stunned for 4 seconds.
  • Leakage: Will face slightly downward getting shadows on his face, and a large pool of green poison tiles will appear beneath him. After he raises his head again, a storm of randomly sized green bullets at randomly moving speeds will be fired out in all directions and explode in a 8x8 tile radius on contact with anything. The poison tiles vanish after 10 seconds.
  • Ring of Flies: Will raise his Ballista and Spawner as a ring of 32 Badflies will pour out of the holes in his mask, forming a barrier around him. After 12 seconds, any remaining Badflies will go out and seek players.
  • Load Stock: His Ballista will flash red thrice, point quickly in a random direction, and release a shotgun of 12 arrow bullets. Remember that 'arrow bullets' look like triangles and pierce infinitely.
  • Cloud: Will fire out Destroyer bullets in random directions that have an arc to them to give depth. Upon 'landing' they deal explosion damage and inflict Poisoned in an 8x8 tile radius, and leave green poison tiles for 10 seconds.

Phase 2

Upon hitting 12000 health, the mask will crack and break into pieces, vanishing. This reveals his rotting face, two black empty eye sockets and a droopy mouth of rotting teeth. He loses both Auto Turrets, becoming a vibrating head with a hood.

  • Vector: His mouth will cough, and release a swarm of 12-30 Badflies that will seek after players.
  • Remnants: Like Leakage, he will leave a large area of green poison tiles around him. This covers a much larger area, and they don't vanish for another 15 seconds.
  • Cough: Will fire random shotguns of three to six bullets from his mouth. Happens four times in quick succession.
  • Cloak: Will release a spray of five bullets, but the one in the middle is larger and flashing. After two seconds, the large bullet will stop and explode into eight smaller bullets in all directions.
  • Outsight: Will go invisible as Hosts and Badflies enter from around the arena. Will come back when all have been killed.
  • Grimace: Will fire out a spray of randomly sized bullets moving at random speeds in a direction. All of these bullets explode into a ?x? tile area corresponding to their size and leave green poison tiles for 10 seconds. Smaller bullets will travel farther than larger ones but speeds, as stated, are random.
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