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The Prince is one of Zathus' many Sons of Panzer. It spawns inside of Fortresses, just like all of them. It is the Boss Tank version of the Fighter. Created by Zathsu.


The Prince is the most glorified and prestigious son of Panzer, and as such, he poses a threat. The Prince looks like a golden tank with a gold helmet face mask on the front of it. There is one smaller tank CONNECTED at its side with a lance on it. The lance is set on a Ranger barrel trapezioidal base. On the back of the tank are three barrels, laid out like a Triple Shot. So it's awkward.


Battle Track:

<soundcloud url="https://soundcloud.com/zathsu/storm-the-castle" height="" auto_play="false"></soundcloud>

Death Animation Track:

<soundcloud url="https://soundcloud.com/zathsu/a-hero-falls-1" height="" auto_play="false"></soundcloud>

Note that all Sons of Panzer share these two tracks among all of them.


  • Charge: Launches itself at a player. This is done by marking a player with a red target. If the player moves, the target stays behind. A second later, The Prince will charge in a blur with an after-effect to that location.
  • Decimate: Will charge at players. During this ability, its lance flashes purple. Players hit during this ability will get the Broken Debuff for 2 seconds.
  • Slash: Usually used right after a person is Decimated. Will swing his lance sideways into the player, and because they are Broken, they will take 2x damage if not dodged.
  • Bullet Beam: Stops moving, its lance flashes yellow, and then three seconds later, a stream of bullets will fire out of his lance. Do not take this attack lightly, as the bullets do incredible damage for their size.
  • Parry: If hit by a player using Body Damage, there is a small chance every frame of damage he will deflect the damage back at them, and the player will be knocked back across the room.
  • Impale: Will start slowly moving forward before breaking into a charge while holding his lance in front of him. A trio of trumpet blasts will sound as this occurs. Tanks hit suffer massive damage.
  • Royale Combo: His lance will grow in size during this attack. First he'll swipe it left to right, stab it forward, then spin in a full 360. Tanks hit suffer massive damage. All three moves are used in quick succession.
  • At Arms!: 20-30 Drones will come in and swarm the area. Simple as it sounds.

Death Animation

The Prince will fall, stabbing his sword down and closing his eyes. A few seconds later, he will open them wide, as his helmet cracks and white rays of light begin shooting out of his body. Following this, the screen will be consumed in white light as he crumbles to dust.


  • Inspired by Teamerz, and his hierarchy system.
  • Is not in any way related to the Wicked Prince.
  • He himself has double the chance to drop a Panzer Token than a normal Son of Panzer does.
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