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Can you define me what a polygon is again? The true meaning is still yet to be found. I know however that it not like what it used to be.

Look around yourself, I see a terrible being coming forth, one with the potential to bend space itself. I warned them about this fate. He created those altars for a reason, fools they are... the Empire has disturbed them...  I'm unable to fix this. It will be taking in the form of hyper-complexities that otherwise would cause them to collapse into oblivion. All I can do is worry about it, unable to convince them anymore. The simple idea of the fusion between themselves have tormented me for years, and now look what they have done... - Decratite, the Disciple of the Decagons.



The Prism is a mega boss composed of many individual parts, very much like the War Machine. This boss is comprised of nine individual parts, one of which is the central body. It takes the form of an extremely complex triangular body. The orbiting eight Quasar Gems defend the body. This boss is currently still being developed.


The Prism has a white complex triangular body, with internal formations surrounding a triangular crystal. Three mounted exposed Polygon Cores are visible on the three corners of the body. Each small core takes the form of a circular metallic disc with a central triangular figure. Each core has a different light color (red, blue, and yellow).

In the center is a giant glowing triangular crystal, which will pulsate occasionally usually during attacks. It rotates independently by itself than the core body. The crystal itself is still part of the core. White flashes of lightning strikes in between the crystal and the core body.

Surrounding the body are eight Quasar Gems. These are white star-like figures with a Quasar symbol etched onto a beveled glowing light-blue gem placed on top of the body. Each gem has a different Quasar symbol. The symbols all glow corresponding to its respective quasar type. The central core will not rotate at all, as the eight gems orbit the body. Many glowing white particles fly in a vortex around the core.

The Components

It is made of nine separate parts (10 if you consider the crystal in the center), each with their own individual health pool, but the entire collection shares one Health Bar at the top of the screen. The parts are:

Prism Body

A large hyper polygonal figure in the form of a triangle, it has three exposed Polygon Cores on the furthermost three vertices. There are three kinds of laser that it fires. The Pulsating laser is the blue, the Lock-on laser is the red, and the Orbital laser is the yellow. Each core may switch states from the three. Depending on the bosses ability, it may use all three of one kind of laser. The Prism body has 48,000 HP and will deal 80 HP of body damage per hit. The central core is invulnerable until all the Quasar Gems are destroyed, thus will start Phase Two. Despite being invulnerable during the first phase, it can still be hit by ammunition and thus resetting certain things like lock-on lasers.

Lock-On lasers are solid red lasers that increases damage over time, making them dangerous if you are targeted for a while. It has 80 tile radius for range. It will initially start off with 1 HP of damage, but increases by 5% every 0.2 seconds. However the stacking will be reset back to 1 HP if the core gets hit. This laser will glide past ammunition and other entities. It will change focus onto another target if the boss gets hit too many times from a different enemy tank with more DPS, if a target goes out of range, or if it destroys that target.

Pulsating lasers are bright blue lasers that act more like ammunition. Each laser moves extremely fast, almost unavoidable. Each laser beam deals 10-20 HP of damage. Unlike bullets, pulsating laser beams has no penetration, thus they only deal one hit and vanish. Pulsating lasers will glide pass traps and other ground-based ammunition. Tanks or other entities that are cloaked will not be hit by them. They aren't too dangerous unless a mass amount of them constantly strikes. They move 15 tiles per second.

Orbital lasers are light yellow lasers that takes form of a glowing orb. These orbs will have passive targeting, but will slowly turn. Each orb has 1 HP but will deal 35 HP of damage. They move as slightly slower than large crashers. These aren't too dangerous as they can be easily destroyed by ammunition, however during chaotic moments they can be frustrating.

The center gem in the core part is composed of an unknown substance. This crystal gem will spin separately yet maintaining its position. It will pulsate when the boss does an ability. When the boss is below 25% HP, the central crystal will pulsate constantly. The center gem has one very volatile weapon, which is in a form of a white laser beam. It "targets" a tank by pointing one of its side at a target, then it will rapidly spin and shortly after a thin white blast fires out at an instant. This laser will go through anything, damaging every entity including polygons. It appears to the players a very long white line that lasts only for an instance. The center gem however takes two minutes for it to recharge and create another blast. This laser does 300 HP of damage if hit.


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