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The tablets always told of a nightmare awaiting us. Not specifically, what kind, but many assume it was this Son, due to his mastery in the art of pure control. That is to say, he never falters. He's the terrible and maddening kind of persistent. The legends tell that so long as his puppets would protect him night and day, this sleeping giant and could never die. None who go ever return.


The Puppetmaster is one of the many Sons of Panzer that spawn in Fortresses. It is the Boss Tank version of the Factory. Created by Zathsu. Art by Diepmon.


Battle Track:

<soundcloud url="https://soundcloud.com/zathsu/storm-the-castle" height="" auto_play="false"></soundcloud>

Death Animation Track:

<soundcloud url="https://soundcloud.com/zathsu/a-hero-falls-1" height="" auto_play="false"></soundcloud>

Note that all Sons of Panzer share these two tracks amongst all of them.


The Puppetmaster looks like a Factory, save for its reflective shine, and spawner on the opposite side. It also has an Auto Turret with three evenly spaced barrels with a yellow dot. The Puppetmaster pulses with light.


Phase 1

When initially entering, the Puppetmaster sits idly in the middle, staring to the bottom-right. Eight brown Minions circle it and shoot in sync at all who dare approach. These Minions are as large as a Level 15 Basic Tank. The Puppetmaster is Invulnerable during this period of the battle. You must kill all Minions within the span of eight seconds, or more will spawn. They have quite the number of health as well.

Phase 2

Once Phase 1 has been passed, the Puppetmaster will activate and the fight will truly begin.

  • Division: Six Minions will come in a line out of each spawner, and begin circling him in that line while shooting in their rotation direction, which is counter-clockwise.
  • Sweet Dreams: The Puppetmaster will deactivate and initiate an easier version of Phase 1. When surpassed, he returns to the fight with Frenzy and Strength.
  • Emaciate: Will strip all tanks in a 20-tile radius of half their health each, and heal himself for that much.
  • Disassemble: Will take control of a player tank for 6 seconds, which acts as a Minion that circles him. This player is Invulnerable during this time, however.
  • Harmony: All players in the Fortress will become Minions and have Unfocused, all for 10 seconds, however no Invulnerability, so your life is in The Puppetmaster's hands...
  • Whiplock: Will fire a purple bullet surrounded in smaller rotating bullets. It homes in on players, and moves decently quickly. When a player has been touched or when it is destroyed, a small purple Gunner bullet that does light damage and inflicts Blinded for 3 seconds, will be fired at every player very quickly and unavoidably.
  • Choke: The closest player will be Paralyzed and Stunned for 2 seconds, and have a yellow aura. The Puppetmaster will also glow yellow while in effect.
  • Blood Magic: When a player dies, whatever tank they were, all Minions alive and will be spawned, will become that tank type. This occurs every time a player dies as the fight goes on (except Phase 1). When this happens, a deep laugh will sound, the screen will go almost black, and the Puppetmaster will glow red.

Death Animation

The Puppetmaster will freeze in place, and begin shaking. Exclamation points will begin appearing and disappearing, and all the puppets remaining will huddle closer to The Puppetmaster, as cracks will slowly spread from the rims of the body to the center. Instead of white light consuming the screen, instead a bright white line will slash through the body of The Puppetmaster vertically, and ripple outward as he crumbles to dust.


  • I would like to say this was based on the Puppetmaster from RotMG, but that's actually not true in this case.
  • If a Factory happens to die while fighting the Puppetmaster, the minions WILL create their own tank minions.
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