Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

The Realm consists of and encompasses the entire everything that is the world of The Tale of Diep. The Realm is the setting of the game, being created by Panzer at the dawn of The Panzer Era. It is divided into multiple regions as a good world should be, all accessible by players in this massive open world area. The Realm is where players will spend majority of their time in the game, having access to majority of the game's content from here.

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A map of The Realm, including some important locations. The cyan is the Tank Empire, Light Green is Melancholy Forest, Pale Blue is Somber Falls, Orange is Toil Ridge, Dark Green is Vallard Wastes, Sandy color is Paradigm Dunes, White is Wintercrest, Pale Gray is Shattered Coast, Dark Gray is Neverest Mountains, and Maroon is the Desolate Plains. This will not be the final version, more of a conceptional idea of what it should look like.

The Realm is split into ten different areas, each with their own setpieces, Fortresses, enemy types, meeting areas, 'towns' as one would call them, hazards, obstacles, and so much more. Certain areas are noticeably harder than others, while some are relatively the same difficulty. Unlike every other area in the entire game, when a player exits The Realm without dying, their tank will be saved for re-entry later, bound to their profile in the form of Characters.

Fortresses spawn in The Realm, not being completely wiped from Arena modes, but heavily decreasing their spawn rate within them. Multiple Polygon Nests of every type can be found around The Realm, generally basing around the locations of the Polygon Disciples. They do not generally follow the increasing difficulty when approaching Desolate Plains - the area with the highest difficulty in The Realm. Camps of enemies, random spawning entities, polygons, and so much more can be discovered as players wander the massive world of The Tale of Diep.

Note that while many locations featured in their own special game modes such as Tower of Gladii and Mad Science (Dr. Lacus' laboratory) can be seen, they cannot be accessed from outside their game modes, which will only be accessible from the Realm Map when their events trigger. High Prophets, the prominent leaders of the Cult of Panzer, are housed in only 5 areas of the Realm: Toil Ridge, Paradigm Dunes, Wintercrest, Shattered Coasts, and Neverest Mountains. Some of their fortress locations are within Outlands.

Polygon Disciples are residents of most zones within the Realm, being within the bounds of their massive edifice far greater than the Sons themselves. Depending on the kind of polygon the disciple is based on, like-polygons can spawn within that area. Each area has one Disciple, only exceptions are the Imperium, Vallard Wastes, and Desolate Plains. The Neverest mountain range is unique in that there are two resident disciples, however they are located in different regions of it and are far apart from each other.

Paramarchs, like Disciples, also exist in their own fortresses. They are much inferior to the edifices that house the Disciples. They follow the similar rule in how they are located depending on which type. The big difference is that Paramarch Fortresses can exist in Outlands.

Realm Enemies, Fanboys of Panzer, General Enemies, and as players approach the Desolate Plains, Dungeon Crawlers, will spawn throughout the many lands of The Realm. "Towns" as one would call them, can also appear throughout the many areas of The Realm. Enemy spawns will usually be decreased around towns, and AI-tanks will typically guard them from hostile intruders. They can serve as safe grounds to recover, have a few on-the-go wares for traveling Tank Imperials, and other things.

The map is massive, so large that a minimap is futile. It will help, but no tank, not even the Navigator branch can possibly wish to see this entire world in one go. It is impossible to compare in size to anything else in the entire game, save for the endless Void. Entire regions of the map can span hundreds of what we consider 'FFA maps' in current Diep.io. Different environmental obstacles such as structures akin to nature in our world appear, like trees, lakes, and even multi-layer areas, where a certain path must be taken to scale an ascended platform such as a hill overlooking a cliff face (after all the game will have a 2.5D-esque depth to it), and so much more. Players can look at their position on the full map by opening a menu accessed from an undecided button mid-game, but a minimap in the bottom right also gives them an oversight of their general area. Within The Realm, players use Characters, so as long as the player doesn't die, their character and progress on it is saved. Players cannot hurt each other in the Realm, as that is what The Arena is for, instead encouraged to work together to fight off followers of the Archprophet and destroy his minions hold control of all across the world.

Areas of the Realm

Melancholy Forest

Somber Falls.

Toil Ridge.

The Realm is divided into multiple areas, all based on different typical major environment types in the world. These areas all have different 'difficulties' associated with them, and different hazards as well. They are listed in order of general vicinity to the Desolate Plains located in the far west, beginning at the spawn zone and ending there. Note that despite being in a difficulty range doesn't necessitate being equally as difficult throughout, partially due to the presence of Outlands, which is explained in the next section below. Each area will eventually get its own page and enemies.

  • Tank Empire: The spawn zone and central hub of the Tank Empire in The Realm is Imperium. Imperium is the main hub, and all players will spawn here when re-entering the game. Players can safely communicate within the walls of this city, do stuff with their Panzer Tokens like provide little upgrades to themselves, access the Panzergram and any other services, and generally enjoy the peace as enemies cannot spawn here, and most will be held off by AI-controlled city guards. Other than that, is the only true safe haven in The Realm, and nothing else eventful happens here. In the far northeast of The Realm.
  • Melancholy Forest: A peaceful area of The Realm that surrounds Imperium. It is the last of the great forests that used to cover most of The Realm, others were burned away or frozen permanently. Home to a band of thieves and a lot of other outlaws and wildlife, Melancholy Forest is usually the start of many heroic adventures. Do not underestimate this relatively easygoing area of The Realm, as deep in it lies ancient temples and dark secrets that best be left unknown. A large area that spreads from the northeast almost inward to the center-right of the Realm. Recommended Level: 1-7.
  • Somber Falls: To the far south, below the Melancholy Forest lies a mysterious landscape where magic reigns over physics. Chunks of land float and create vast caverns, cliff faces, and beautiful waterfalls amidst the scenery always caught in an endless sunset. The mystical aura of Somber Falls have brought life to many mysterious and inherently magical entities. Somber Falls encompasses the southeast area of The Realm. Recommended Level: 8-15.
  • Toil Ridge: To the west of Melancholy Forest and Somber Falls, dividing them from the rest of the west, is a barren and tough mesa full of canyons, ridges, and series of rough hills. At Toil Ridge's core is a massive trench that extends east to west, and far below any distance a tank has seen. This is known as the Mantle Fissure. It is impossible to cross without bridges or magic, and there are structures set up around the Toil Ridge devoted to transporting adventurers from one side to the other, be it bridges or teleportation shrines. Recommended Level: 16-23.
  • Vallard Wastes: To the northeast of Toil Ridge and the northwest of Melancholy Forest lies a land left terribly in ruin by the acid rain that falls in the area due to the eruption of Mt. Vallard. The Vallard Wastes are often described as a volcanic blackened rock landscape with toxic pools of bubbling acid and around Mt. Vallard, the fiery heart of this deserted wasteland, burning ash and lava. Both burn terribly, so the inhabitants of the land have adapted. Very few live in the Vallard Wastes, and all that remains are destroyed structures and any left mutated or raised again by the toxic atmosphere. Recommended Level: 16-23.
  • Paradigm Dunes: The Paradigm Dunes are an expansive desert to the west of the Toil Ridge. The sands of time have covered and left sand ridden many of the structures built here during The Panzer Era. Some can still be left uncovered, and many of those buried and killed here during those times have been preserved so well they're coming back. A lot about this area of The Realm is still left in a largely clouded haze. May you be the adventurer to uncover the next big mystery that Paradigm Dunes has to offer? Recommended Level: 24-31.
  • Wintercrest: This famous land to the west of the Vallard Wastes and north of Toil Ridge was an area that had to be crossed by the Cult of Panzer in their journey to the Desolate Plains. It is freezing, and as the name implies, is that way year round. It was once a land with warmer climates but since the sudden outburst of activity from Mt. Vallard, it was shrouded in a nonperishable cloud of high-altitude ash. This blocked the sun's vital warmth and quickly caused the land to freeze. Wintercrest once housed an ancient kingdom now left frozen over. It is said that even today this kingdom still rules despite their state. Wintercrest is a dangerous land to tread to many. Recommended Level: 24-31.
  • Shattered Coast: Running along the south coast of The Realm to the west of Somber Falls is the Shattered Coast, a wartorn and battleborn area that spans the almost the entire west to east of the southern border of The Realm, with Somber Falls to its west and Neverest Mountains to its northeast. Shattered Coast has been fought over for its control since as far back as The Old Era. Pirate-like inhabitants have conquered the area for themselves in recent time, throwing a new wrench into the war effort among other great factions. Recommended Level: 32-44.
  • Neverest Mountains: A large mountain range that cuts off the Desolate Plains in the far west from the rest of The Realm. This once impassable mountain range runs all the way from the top of the world at the west of Wintercrest, to the bottom, bordering the Shattered Coast. It is the home of the nefarious Dr. Lacus, who has established full control over the region with his army of mechanical warriors. It is the bulwark of the Cult of Panzer, as the mountains are very hard to cross with any sort of organized army. Recommended Level: 32-44.
  • Desolate Plains: The heart of the darkness in this world, the wretched Desolate Plains house the Cult of Panzer scourge itself, with the Tower of Gladii, its evil seed. An area left in irreparable damage by the Dormancy Period, the blackened fields, dead landscape, and blood red sky a result of it all. The Desolate Plains was Panzer's old area of control before his sealing. It only makes the sense the hell on earth brought on by his locking into The Void made this land feel the worst of it. Its why the Plains are well... Desolate. Recommended Level: 45.


Outlands are minor environment types that deviate from the major Realm Areas. They are also areas of The Realm that transition each major landscape to the next. Most Realm areas have these special environments. Outlands follow similar rules and share similarities of either the the lands it is located between or possess its own unique attributes.

List of Outlands

Arranged by estimated difficulty.

  • Imperial Woods: A transitional outland between Melancholy Forest and surrounds the regular flat landscape of the Imperium. A relatively small outland that features loosely connected groups of foliage and deciduous trees. Large and relatively flat hills cover the landscape with open fields covered in grass. This environment is decent and easy to navigate through. It is a great place for newer players and Boss fights due to the simple and open landscape. In addition, it is the safest area outside the Imperium. This area has its own music.
  • Mystic Meadows: A transitional outland that stretch around borders of Somber Falls all the way to the Amalgam Plains, which borders Shattered Coast and Paradigm Dunes. It abruptly stops the forest line with open, rocky hills that are mostly covered in grass. Isolated trees and boulders are occasionally spotted. Rarely are floating material seen here. This is also one of the few areas that has natural growing flowering plants. Certain area-exclusive enemies do occur here, as well as some enemies from Somber Falls like Fused Golems. The Freshwater Grovelers rarely go here as they prefer higher grounds, which is further in the peninsula of Somber Falls. Scorpios do not form colonies here, making this a somewhat of a pseudo-safe zone. Since it has similarities with the Imperial Woods, it also serves a decent area for fighting Bosses.
  • Alluvium Arids: A well-known outland that is located at the most eastern tip of Toil Ridge that meets Melancholy Forest. This dry landscape is filled with many exposed patches of gravel and other sediments believed to the the remains of a once great river that runs into Mantle Fissure. The terrain is depicted to have several dried up riverbeds that appear to flow towards the beginning of Mantle Fissure. Its soil was once the most prosperous place for any form of agriculture due to the rich sediments of Toil Ridge. Since the Dormancy Period, the river evaporated. Fields of foliage that used to flourish in these lands dried up and with them, the rich soil. It now is a semi-barren landscape with exposed rocky hills and patchy areas of dead shrubbery and gravel. Inhabitants do live here, but not any that are native to the two major Realm Areas. Even the Tank Empire could not find this land useful anymore.
  • Decaying Swamps: A rather unpleasant outland of the northwestern Melancholy Forest, which meets the volcanic landscapes of Vallard Wastes. It is a vile wetland that stretches within both major Realm Areas. The name suggests that this is a place of immense decay. The majority of the ground is filled with mud and decomposing foliage. Occasional areas of exposed stone or mounds of drier material. There are trees and shrubbery here, though half are dead or covered with thick mosses. Most of the mire ground seem to not retain a single hue. It shifts from dark gray to brown, purple, or green. It also has a unique effect on those that tread in it. Most entities would be slowed down by the thick layer of mud, however some grew accustomed and even use this for their advantage. Foul Burrowers are one example of this. They are worm-like creatures hunt beneath the surface and attacking though leaping out from the murky ground in attempts to devour its prey. Most entities including the Polygons wouldn't live here, while some do.... The Decaying Swamps acts as a buffer zone between Melancholy Forest and Vallard Wastes, providing a warning to newer Tank Empire soldiers upon entering it. This area has its own music.
  • Grasping Steppe: An Outland located between Melancholy Forest and Paradigm Dunes. A dusty and flat landscape littered in thorny shrubbery with a scarce amount of trees. Most said trees are withered away into husks of bark. Civilization here is as deserted as this landscape. Inhabitants do live here however. Outposts of the Dune Raiders and a species of Scorpio dwells here. In addition, the hazards created by the serrated bushes that cover swaths of land can pose a threat to newcomers.
  • Ashen Divide: This Outland marks the transitional area between Toil Ridge and Vallard Wastes. A landscape that is stained permanently by the ash created by Mt. Vallard. Several canyons are found cutting through the landscape. No inhabitants from the mainlands would live here, but it doesn't mean this landscape is completely desolate. For the evergrowing power of Septuar's Institution, this place surprisingly is populated by a specialized group of workers that harvest the ashen rock and extract the substance from it to fuel the many furnaces that power this institution. As a result, it now became the most heavily industrialized region in the Realm. Facilities litter the entire area, spewing caustic smoke into the sky. In addition, Septuar's solution to the waste created by his industry is to place it in the biggest wasteland of all: Vallard Wastes. The area nearby Ashen Divide is filled with all sorts of depleted material and useless scrap-metal. Some believe that within Ashen Divide, it is also the catacomb for the lost lives of many. With the excess material thrown out into Vallard Wastes, the residence that inhabit it are disturbed and angered by this careless act. This area has its own music.
  • Amalgam Plains: A small and special Outland located directly within the proximity of four different main Realm Areas: Melancholy Forest, Somber Falls, Paradigm Dunes, and Shattered Coast. It has one of the most unusual terrain that exists in the Realm. Cone-shaped stone spires, circular craters, and a multi-colored conglomerate mixture of grass, sand, and stone. Spiral-shaped lakes are also another feature of this bizarre landscape. Somber Fall's magic is notably supreme in this area, which could be the reason why it has such unique terrain. Because of its location, the Amalgam Plains is often the place where the factions of each area meet. This could either lead to bloodshed or complete neutrality. The four groups are the Freshwater Grovelers from the southeast, the Band of Thieves from the northeast, the Dune Raiders from the northwest, and Chromehook's Crew from the southwest. Be weary when entering this land.
  • Sodded Badlands: A rugged Outland located in the transitional boundaries of Toil Ridge and Paradigm Dunes. Most of it actually is cutting a portion within Paradigm dunes. The Sodded Badlands is described as a stony landscape with rolling hills that have exposed patches of its rocky interior. Any form of vegetation is rare, and only the dire grasses remain here. Civilization here is uncommon, and those that do dwell here are accustomed to the environment. Due to its difficult terrain, it acts like a buffer zone between Toil Ridge and Paradigm Dunes.
  • Detestable Taiga: WIP
  • Tumultian Jungle: WIP
  • Seam of Impassage: WIP
  • Mt. Vallard: WIP
  • The Shallows: WIP
  • Abyssal Depths: WIP
  • Carven Purlieus: WIP
  • Sierran Purlieus: WIP
  • Ravine of Rancor: WIP
  • Stormcleft Gateway: WIP
  • Hadean Divergence: WIP

Subterranean Zones

Naturally formed locations within the Realm that are mostly underground. They are only found within major Realm Areas. These usually are the caverns, tunnel systems, or other cave-like entrances. There are five Subterranean Zones within the Realm.

  • Somber Cavern: WIP
  • Tunnel Systems: WIP
  • Veins of Vallard: WIP
  • Flicorian Hollows: WIP
  • Apertures of Aeroba: WIP


Since players spend their time in The Realm and in other story gamemodes on Characters, leveling is slow, but rewarding. Characters are permanent, in that you can leave the game and they'll stick around saved. This is explained on their page.

However, characters, when killed, are also permanently dead, including everything they had on them. Items, Teleportation Amulets, etc. are lost, the hard work and time put into the character, just gone forever. So players must be cautious, but it also shows how much of an investment and adventure each Character created in the game are, and how epic their adventures are as they wander this massive land. Character leveling will be explained on the Characters page.


  • Players will spend probably 80% of their time in the Realm doing things. A lot of old content from things that happened in arena game modes now happen here to show a true divide.
  • Sets the true barrier between 'what is Diep.io' and 'what is Tale of Diep'. Diep.io was killing each other on gray tiles. But you came for some other reason as well, so if just Diep.io was what you wanted, the Arena is still a viable option. But all story stuff is gonna happen here and in story event gamemodes.
  • Will also have a 'quest' system in the near future that keeps players going to prolong and promote exploration.
  • Really allows the Graviatar Polygon AU to be tied in, as all that space allows huge all kinds of nests, Polygons, enemies, and more to spawn.
    • Now most of Graviatar's contributions are canon.
  • Before The Realm, 'The Tale of Diep' was just a mismash of completely different game modes appearing for different reasons, loosely connected by story within the game. Now with The Realm, all of these events and game modes can be traced back to a reason either findable, triggerable, or just in general connection to the world it all happens in. Makes the world VERY ALIVE!
  • Setpieces are a main feature of The Realm, alongside Fortresses.
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