Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

For a long time we have taken for granted the many shapes spread across the land. We destroyed them... harvested them... abused them. Little did we know the reason they existed. It was just like every day when all it all began. We didn't know what was coming. That was... until the storms came. It started with a quake as the world tore, and the sky collapsed. It was nothing we had seen, nor prepared for... And on the edge of our plane of existence, the eye of the hurricane began to form, a living breathing entity sheathed in our past mistakes. Her roar was thunder, and the rain alive. We knew what day had come. It was time for the Polygon Mother to take her revenge.


The Storm of Fragments is a massive collection of polygons that have formed... The Polygon Mother has broken through the barrier of her realm and manifests herself to avenge her fallen children, the many polygons spread across the realm. It is an Event Boss, as she spawns in the Imperium during the steps to accessing the Polygon Mother's sub-realm - The Ascension.

This terrifying creature takes many traits from each of the Polygon Disciples.

Created by Zathsu, recreated by Graviatar.

BGM Inspiration: Matricide

The Call of Those In Need

his piece was written by Graviatar).

Squares: Help us! The Summoner isn't enough to destroy the tanks! We've been abused and converted into mindless zombies for those Necromancers... We need saving!

Triangles: We can't stop the fearless tanks. They have destroyed us and our land for too long. Not even the Defender can stop all of them...

Pentagons: We thought our Guardian and the other magnificent protectors we asked for along with the fellow Crashers will protect our home from obliteration, yet we failed. Our noble Alphas are constantly slain, and we have seen countless genocides in our nests. They have fought over us, but we have to fight them back in another way... Can you help us?

Hexagons: The tanks depend on us as resource...

Heptagons: We try our defenses but ultimately failed...

Octagons: We can't hide for any longer...

Nonagons: No matter how much we try...

Decagons: Even with our greatest advances...

All Polygons: Save us! We can't let this happen any longer...


The Storm of Fragments takes the appearance of a giant black 16-sided shape (about 2x larger than an Arena Closer), with two Alpha Pentagons for hands, each one having a spawner on each side. The Pentagonal hands also have an inward pentagon pattern within. Arms made of various polygons connect them to the head, wrapping around it near the top. The head has two giant angry red eyes on it. There are many small polygon prints on the head, each representing one of the 8 major polygon breeds found throughout the realm.

As soon as the Storm of Fragments spawn, an animation of many polygons within a swirling disc combines together as the sky darkens and a portal-like formation is created near the top. Lightning strikes as more and more polygons accrete together as a black object arises from the shadows. Shortly the eyes from and glows brightly in a flash that covers the entire screen. She appears in the center of the arena, ready to take on the tanks.


The original design, made by Graviatar.

Note: Once her arms get destroyed for the first time, the health pool is considered depleted. Arms will come back 1 minute after destruction but are not necessary to kill a second time each or more for the fight to end. So long as each arm is killed once and the head's health is depleted, the fight ends. Also note, should the head somehow be "destroyed" first, it will stay but will no longer take damage. Arms must then be killed.

  • Summon Polygons: Will spawn 50-100 Squares/Triangles/Pentagons or other Frequent Polygons into the arena. Can be any number of any of these types (for example, 24 Squares, 45 Triangles, and 31 Pentagons. Etc.)
  • Polygon Shield: Will move both fists in front of her, and all nearby shapes will form a wall there. The length and health of the wall are determined by how many shapes are in it. Every polygon included adds that shape's health to it. The wall is counted as one entity, and when shot, the entire thing shares a health bar.
  • Forward Punch: Will punch one of her fists forward, and leaves a trail of bullets behind it. If a tank is hit, a bunch of random frequent Polygons will fire out from the impact zone. Polygons created from the impact will only last for 5 seconds.
  • Swipe Punch: Swings one of her fists in an arc in front of her body. Tanks hit have the same effect as Forward Punch.
  • Ground Slam: She raises one of her fists (can be either one) up very high and forcefully throws it onto the ground, sending out a rippling shockwave in the ground in a radial pattern (like when you throw a rock into a pond.) Tanks hit by the shock wave, which dissipates after 85 background tiles in radius, are dealt damage scaling from how close they are to her when she pounds the ground. It's very high up close and low far away. Tanks that are unfortunately under her fist while she pounds will be knocked back forcefully while suffering massive damage, sometimes fatal.
  • Meteor: She raises one of her fists (can be either one) up very high and glows brightly. During that, a Beta Decagon gets summoned in and flies directly towards her. She then uses one of her fists to knock the polygon directly into a group of tanks. Upon hitting any of the ammunition created by a tank or after 2 seconds being flung out, the Beta Decagon will explode into 20-45 White Destroyer Crashers. There is a 8% chance for each White Destroyer Crasher spawned to spawn as the Gunship, however, there can't be more than one created.
  • Collateral: Will summon 35 normal Octagons, and controls them like drones through moving her arms around. Controlled octagons have the same health and body damage values, and move as fast as a Large Crasher. During this attack, her head is Armored. There is a 8% chance for each octagon spawned to spawn as the Spreader, however, there can't be more than one created.
  • What the head appears when the Cyclone attack is in effect.

    Cyclone: The arms will detach, becoming a mesh of varied unkillable Polygons (which will not deal body damage, however) that begin rapidly rotating around the now separate and immobile hands. The Alpha Pentagon hands will begin rotating in place and replace the spawners with Destroyer cannons on each side, firing every 1.5 seconds. After about 12 seconds, the hands will fly back toward the head and all the Polygons will merge together to reform the arms. During this attack, the head will back up and be Armored.
  • Polygon Prison: Surrounds many players in a circle of 10 Blue Pentagons, each one having 260 HP and each dealing 12 HP of body damage. The Pentagons are connected together in a ring formation surrounding the player. Various pink Crashers will spawn nearby and charge into the ring. When one of the pentagons gets destroyed, the ring breaks apart and Crashers stop spawning.
  • Fist Armor: Will surround her fists with 20 orbiting Squares, some are Summoner Squares while others are normal. The squares will continue to orbit her fist even when they get destroyed. If a Summoner Square gets destroyed, they break off and chase the players. Each Square that is a part of the ring has 100 HP and will deal 9 HP in body damage.
  • Polygon Missile: Will release eight large, missile-like Red Triangles that home into players and leave a trail of bullets as they move. If a tank collides into such or should it collide with something else, it will explode into a blast of 25 Red Triangles and 10-30 Swarm Seekers. There is a 1/40 chance of that a Red Triangle produced from the missile explosion will spawn as the Defender, however, there can't be more than one created.
  • Crasher Swarm: Will stop moving, close her eyes, and release a swarm of 200 Crashers of various sizes from all around her body. There is a 1/40 chance that a Crasher spawned will be a Guardian, however, there can't be more than one created.
  • Square Wave: Will stop moving, close her eyes, and release a swarm of 200 Summoner Squares from all around her body, there is a 1/40 chance that one of them will spawn as the Summoner, however, there can't be more than one created.
  • Let There Be Cyan: Will stop moving, close her eyes, and release a swarm of 50-80 random Phage types.
  • The Eye of Quasars: Will stop moving, close her eyes, and release a swarm of 20 random Quasar types.
  • Trapezoid Rain: Her fists forms a ring of five very large orange Trapezoids. They each have 2,400 HP and will reflect bullets shot by players as her own. As the attack progresses, 90 Splitter Hexagons spawn within her presence. There is a 1/30 chance that one of the Splitter Hexagons may spawn as Trapperzoid or Heptazoid, however, there can't be more than either one created. After 80 of the Splitter Hexagons are destroyed, the massive shields retract and the Polygon Mother continues her attacks.
  • Green Thumb: The Storm of Fragments forms an outline of a Green Hexagon around her body. Suddenly, 100-200 Green Runners/Leechers/Hexagons spawn. Can be any number of any of these types.There is a 1/60 chance for Hexagons or Leechers to spawn as the Demolishor or Dreadnought. 1/40 chance of a Green Runner to spawn as the Slider, however, there can't be more than either one created.
  • Pentagonal Strike: A large holographic blue pentagon outline will form around her, rapidly dealing 5-10 HP to all players standing inside of it over the course of 3 seconds. Players inside will also be inflicted with stunned for 5 seconds.
  • Chop Chop!: The hands will begin rotating extremely quickly, as the arms extend slightly longer, as to smash into players with her slow-moving, lethal hands. Players hit get knocked back pretty far and suffer severe damage.
  • Hallowed Ground: Will summon a Pentagon Nest. Pentagons and Crashers types spawned will be extra aggressive and have more health and damage. More Crasher types can also spawn, such as Crushers, Phasers, Green Runners, Semi-Crushers, etc. While in this Pentagon Nest and the Storm of Fragments is alive, players will be inflicted with the Broken Effect.
  • The Crasher Hurricane: Tons of really quick moving tiny pink Crashers will begin swarming out of her hands and rapidly orbiting around them like an angry swarm of bees. A few seconds later, she will slam her fists together as the two individual swarms get let loose and begin moving in various patterns together to form attacks. Crashers summoned for this attack will vanish 20 seconds later if not killed. The Storm of Fragments is Armored while Crashers from this attack survive.
  • Parry: Will quickly move her arm to deflect shots fired from that side back at the tanks. Bullets reflected by the Storm of Fragments will become yellow, move faster, and deal 2x damage. Done in a really wide swipe animation for the side she will deflect shots from, and an angry scowl accompanies it.


  • The original idea was the second boss created for the Boss Frenzy gamemode.
    • For a LONG time on the Fan Ideas Page before this wiki, the War Machine was the only boss in Boss Frenzy until just two days before this wiki's creation.
    • As of 9/18/17, The Storm of Fragments is now considered an Event Boss.
  • This boss used to be the original Polygon Mother before the massive polygon update of 6/14/17 has occurred. Now she is a much more powerful being as this is just her in-realm form...
    • The name origin was actually an achievement name for defeating her before the Ascension took place.
  • Originally she used (and was composed of) Squares, Triangles, Pentagons, and Crashers.
  • Grav: Honestly I remade the design of this boss way too many times to realize that her original design was pretty good to start with, so I decided to bring back that through her arms, yet keeping the new head prints etc. It was experimentation within a day, so... yeah....
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