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Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

The Strategist is one of the MANY Sons of Panzer that can spawn in Fortresses. It is the Boss Tank version of the Overtrapper. Created by Zathsu.


Looks like an Overtrapper, but with one more Drone Spawner directly in the back, an Auto Turret on the top, and two lances placed slightly at an angle from its Trap Launcher. It also has a mechanical pattern on its body.


Battle Track:

Death Animation Track:

Note that all Sons of Panzer share these two tracks among all of them.

Attacks and Abilities

Note: This boss has three unkillable Drones that constantly orbit it (evenly spaced out), which only attack if you get too close and will retreat when you exit their short range. Very much like Base Guardians.

  • Rush!: Will release six actual Drones from its spawners, and have them chase down players. They can only move in straight lines, and have to abruptly turn in order to change direction.
  • Crasher Burst: Will vibrate and rapidly pump out 100 Crashers from its back barrels. (Crashers are the official new names of Pink Triangles for anyone that doesn't know yet)
  • Line Strip: The trapper barrel will flash red, and a straight line of traps will be ejected forward, forming a wall.
  • Coax: Spawns six actual Drones from its spawners, and they will begin circling a player, slowly shooting healing bullets that hardly do anything. Then a few seconds later, they will charge inward in an attempt to kill the player by surprise! What a strategy!
  • Rapid Slice: Its two Lances will triple in length, and go on opposite sides of the tank. They will then begin swiftly rotating as the Drones look like they're boosting The Strategist toward you. Lasts a decent while as well.
  • By Fire: Will start acting like a regular Overtrapper players would use. However; touching Traps fired out will ignite the player, giving them the Burning Debuff for 3 seconds.
  • Combat Mode Engage: At 1/4th health, it will enter Phase 2.

Phase 2!?


ZathusBoss StrategistP2Int..png

The Strategist opens up in the middle, as unprotected machinery extends from its center. The Auto Turret vanishes as a flashy yellow core is released. Three Lances extend from each break, and the back Spawner becomes a Trap Launcher.

BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVhk_6KUGQw (Forget the gameplay, its the music in the background that the link is for).

Attacks and Abilities

Note: In this phase, the Strategist has the Armored Buff the whole time, meaning he takes half damage from all attacks.

  • Spiral of Death: The Trap Launchers will become red, and the Strategist will rapidly spin, releasing a twin spiral of Traps that bounce off of the walls and move really fast. A real bullet hell to dodge.
  • Spark and Clank: Will flash and crackle with electricity, as a ring of bullets is released, and a chain lightning strike that hits three players is fired outward. Sacrifices a portion of health upon use.
  • Last Stand: The two Drone Spawners will flash red, and release 50 Crashers a second each for 3 seconds (creating 300 Crashers). These do not attack, and only serve as a thick defensive shield surrounding it.
  • Charge: Its front lance will extend outward, and it will zip forth at the closest player.
  • Consume: Will quickly release 8 Drones, and have them attack a player from every angle.
  • Battle Flag: The core of the Strategist will glow brighter as a Defensive Turret with no barrels is placed down on his location. All of his drones near it will move 20% faster.
  • Chop Chop!: Its three Lances will grow to 4x length and being rapidly spinning like a buzzsaw as The Strategist quickly begins picking up speed!

Death Animation

The machinery within The Strategist will quickly move to a grinding halt, as sparks begin flying out of the core. Electric arcs will begin dancing around the body, as the symbol underneath the Auto Turret becomes glowing white. The screen will then flash white as beeping sounds can be heard, increasing in frequency until the white fades and all that remains is a black spot in the shape of The Strategist embedded in the tile.

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