Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.
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In times so lost, our warning heed.

A struggle for power, to sate their greed.

Pick a side or drown your pleads.

Who will live to see the dark one freed?

Because in a time of darkness and hate,

swords must swing and blood must bleed.


The Tale of Diep is a fan-made game idea with its roots in, created in concept by Zathsu, art and music for the most part done by Graviatar (as well as designing the entire Polygon-side of the game), and with additional assistance from Diepmon in a number of places. The Tale of Diep includes hundreds of new achievements, complex AI patterns including bosses with attack pools they can choose from, an interactive story with unique characters such as the nefarious Archprophet, tons of new tanks, and multiple new Enemies. The Realm is the setting of the world, and is full of unique natives, societies, beasts, treasures, and foes to explore. And while sometimes tanks fight against each other, all must stand together to bring down the Cult of Panzer, and prevent the freeing of Panzer.


Curtain Of Steel

The three main villains of the Tale of Diep. The Archprophet, the big bad in the front. Dr. Lacus, the head scientist of the Cult to the left. And Belisarius, the head of the Archprophet's personal guard to the right.

It is deep now into The Middle Era, defined from the rest by a lack of the great creator of the realm, Panzer, who was sealed away by the tanks at the end of The Old Era for what he did to them. Near its dawn, the world was fire, and tanks were left to hide in caverns and construct labyrinths to hide from the uninhabitable Realm outside. And near this time's end, the Archprophet as we know him today, founded the doctrine of the Cult of Panzer, created to free the god of the realm from the chains of the sub-realm tanks locked him in.

The fire cleared, the world was to be explored once more. And instantly the two factions, the old Tank Empire and the Cult of Panzer fought. Heading his operations in the Tower of Gladii, the focal point of the world where Panzer once oversaw everything, the Archprophet now commands millions in his ranks against the nearly endless and indestructible Tank Empire, who even in small numbers can hold out like cockroaches. Whose side will you be on as you battle your way through this time of darkness and hate, and will you live to see the dark one freed?

That is to be found out as you explore the Realm and dive deeper and deeper into this symbolic story where it just goes to show what can be learned... from a bunch of shapes. What lessons will you take in, and what morals will you draw from this epic narrative of conflicting ideals and the foundations of religion?


Zathus Buffs Icons Large

A few Buff symbols.

  • Hundreds of new Achievements to earn!
  • 80+ new bosses to overcome and take down with friends!
  • Battle your way through mighty Fortresses and take out the Sons of Panzer!
  • Learn the new meaning of pain by inflicting and receiving potent status effects!
  • Play the tens of new tanks and branches added, including the expansive Lancer branch, and more!
  • Over 100 new enemies to slay and catalog in a new Bestiary feature.
  • Collect elusive Panzer Tokens, to progress and unlock new gamemodes and more!
  • Find, save, and bring to battle 20+ collectible Companions!
  • A unique and powerful upgrade tree, both temporary and permanent.
  • Create a profile and make friends with fellow players you meet throughout The Realm!
  • A brand new chat function for players to communicate both in-game and out!
  • Annoy and attempt to bring down the nefarious Archprophet and his Cult of Panzer!
  • And so... much... more!

cue even more epic music as the logo rises on screen


(That's probably all gonna be in a trailer/preview if I make one with gameplay footage behind it, ha ha)

Progression and Gameplay

Zathsu Enemies Scorpio Battle

Two beginner players fighting off Scorpio enemies, which spawn in Melancholy Forest.

The Tale of Diep is a cooperative MMORPG with its roots in what once was an expansion idea for the game In it, players must work together to battle the foes of the Tank Empire within The Realm, with the ultimate goal being to stop the Archprophet and the Cult of Panzer in the far west. The game has a Character system for all non-Arena game modes (where the game is basically with more modes and a rank system), where players create their tank and are dropped into The Realm. From The Realm, players will level up slowly, progressing from area to area, ranging from Melancholy Forest to the Desolate Plains.

In regards to this Character, it levels up like a tank would, being able to choose one of five upgrades at Level 15, and then branching out from there at 30 and 45 of course. Tale of Diep also has a perma-death feature, where once a story gamemode character dies, it and everything in its inventory is gone for good. A new tank, starting from Level 1 with few exceptions, must be created. Also within the game are items, accessories, currency, and an inventory for players. Bosses and enemies can drop both Tankit and items for certain tank classes to use and wield, both permanently and temporarily. A few things remain between deaths, and multiple tank Characters can be had at a time, starting at five slots, and more being unlocked for either Tank, or doing certain actions, with a maximum of twenty. Tankit, Companions, Panzergram upgrades and a few special items are preserved between deaths, with these special items returning to a place only the player can access in Imperium, the haven and main Tank Empire city within The Realm.

Within The Realm are ten areas, including the safe Tank Empire, with nine hostile lands to explore. There are numerous enemy groups that can spawn, some appearing in multiple areas, but mostly restricted to one. The most bountiful enemy of the Tank Empire in the Realm is the Cult of Panzer, the main adversary power in the game, whose leader, the maniacal Archprophet, wishes to return an old god and 'evil' creator of the world to The Realm following his sealing millennia before. Within The Realm are Fortresses, towns, societies of Polygons, Cultist outposts, landscape puzzles, dungeons, area setpieces, and more to overcome.

Occasionally, special limited time game modes can appear both in The Realm and The Arena. Within The Realm and its exclusive periodic game modes, players must use their Characters, who risk death at any time. Game modes such as Club Panzer, Mad Science, Fortress Mode, and more. The most special, however, is the Tower of Gladii, the main base of operations for the Cult of Panzer. It is basically a massive dungeon with a nearly identical layout every run, but with some random differences on loading. It requires a large team or a small coordinated one to complete, and slaying the Archprophet at the end is no simple task, as his health scales with players, a mechanic shared by many other bosses.


  • First truly fleshed out story on the wiki, unless I am mistaken.
  • The Archprophet coincidentally started this all. One random day I decided I needed a final boss a fateful day in August, and BAM!, I just happened to type in Archprophet as the page name and work from there. And ever since, I have been planning the events of the story.
    • With this event came the creation of Panzer and the change of name for the original 'Boss Tanks' to 'Sons of Panzer'. Mwa ha ha!
    • Of course, little did I know at the time the Archprophet was not going to be the final boss. Oh no no...
  • The themes and morals that are meant to be taken from this story are massive and important, but no one has tried to look... ha ha ha...
  • The Extended Tale of Diep is a conception expansion/community project to the Tale of Diep created by Diepmon, where aspects of the Tale of Diep are built up in places or new storylines have been created entirely, as sort of a fanon to a fanon.
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