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The storm struck for the first time last week. We heard the screaming, the shouting. But we weren't unfamiliar to it. It was him, The Torrent. Son of storms, idol of fear, demon of screams. Wherever he roamed, storms followed. Any area under his control was in a constant state of drizzling rain, if not worse. One of the baddest of the lot if he was to come rule over your district in The Panzer Era. Other than that, he's all guns and no brains...


The Torrent is a Son of Panzer that has a chance to spawn in Fortresses. He is the Boss Tank variant of the Spreadshot. Created by Zathsu.


Battle Track:

<soundcloud url="https://soundcloud.com/zathsu/storm-the-castle" height="" auto_play="false"></soundcloud>

Death Animation Track:

<soundcloud url="https://soundcloud.com/zathsu/a-hero-falls-1" height="" auto_play="false"></soundcloud>

Note that all Sons of Panzer share these two tracks among all of them.


The Torrent looks kind of like a Spreadshot, but two regular barrels are sticking out of the front, in Twin formation. They come up from behind the Spreadshot barrels, so it looks like those are 'in front' of these Twin ones. There is the simple symbol of a white skull clouded by storm clouds on his body, and bright yellow crack symbols illuminate on each of his barrels. Is weak from behind. Takes 2x damage if hit in the back half, but most of the time he won't let players get on that side of him. Is almost the size of The Titan he's so large, but not quite.


  • Storm Warning: Passive effect. The Torrent passively spawns Gunner bullets around it that travel from top-left tiles around him to somewhere in the bottom right, to simulate raindrops falling and swirling around him.
  • Strifle and Rifle: Will release two Destroyer bullets, one from each Twin cannon, as well as a wave of Spreadshot bullets.
  • Overcast: The Fortress goes a bit dark, as The Torrent goes invisible, and bullets will begin raining in from random patterns off screen. Due to their numbers, each individual one doesn't do much damage. At the end of the ability, it re-brightens and he becomes visible once more.
  • Gauss Gun: Both of his twin Destroyer barrels will glow green while electricity begins crackling in front of them. Three seconds later, a giant solid spreading green laser of damage will blast forward. Deals incredible damage, but has a long warning sign.
  • Accelerate: Will begin blasting wave after wave of Spreadshot rounds, each progressively firing earlier than the last until its a monsoon of bullets. Lasts varying amounts of time, but no more than twenty waves.
  • Overkill: Each of the barrel symbols and the eyes of his skull symbol will begin glowing and crackling a golden yellow, before releasing Streamliner-like beams straight forward all at once (creating like a web of bullet lines). Ends a few seconds later. He cannot move during this time.
  • Bullet Wrap: Will fire purple homing shots for eight seconds, that sort of lightly bend toward the player, but not with so much effort its unavoidable. These bullets also do less damage.

Death Animation

The eyes of the skull on his body will become white, and glow with energy. The already yellow cracks on his barrels will all simultaneously go white and emit powerful beams of light in all directions. The body will then splinter into hundreds of pieces, as the screen is consumed in white light.


  • I would be lying if I didn't say the Bullet Wrap bullets were purple because of The Binding of Isaac. When you get an item that allows your tears to 'auto-aim' slightly, they become purple.
  • The Torrent is one of the largest Sons of Panzer in size, slightly smaller than The Titan.
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